Students Who Used Webcam to Broadcast Tyler Clementi’s Encounter with Man Withdraw from Rutgers University


The two Rutgers students responsible for filming 18-year-old Tyler Clementi's intimate encounter with another man and streaming it online via webcam, have withdrawn from the university. Clementi, as you may recall, committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington bridge in late September.

The Courier Post reports: Ravi_wei

"Steven Altman of New Brunswick, the attorney for Dharun Ravi, Clementi's roommate, said the withdrawals of Ravi of Plainsboro and his co-defendant Molly Wei of Princeton, both 18, mean neither face university disciplinary hearings. 'They were given the option of withdrawing and they can reapply,' Altman said. 'Realistically, they couldn't go back no matter what. He definitely plans to go somewhere else.' Altman said both students withdrew earlier this month, but he did not have an exact date. He was unable to comment on what Ravi has been doing since removing himself from school. Withdrawal was raised as a possibility by university officials during phone conversations in early October, Altman said. In the wake of Clementi's suicide, people within and outside the university called for Ravi and Wei's immediate expulsion. Neither student was suspended, Altman said."

A group called 'Queering the Air' held a protest on Wednesday night, criticizing the condemnation of Ravi and Wei, saying, "We are against the crucifixion of two individuals for the sins of the larger society."

The Courier Post adds:

"In a press release, the group condemned Garden State Equality, an advocacy group that demanded Ravi and Wei be charged with hate crimes and receive 'the maximum possible sentence.' Goldstein, the director of Garden State Equality, the largest advocacy organization in the state for gays and lesbians, called Queering the Air a 'radical fringe group.' … 'They stand with (Ravi and Wei). We stand with Tyler Clementi,' said Goldstein. While the students chanted on one side of College Avenue, three self-described "street preachers'' preached loudly to students waiting at the bus stop in front of the gymnasium. 'You say you were born homosexuals, you need to be born again,' said Robert Parker of Old Bridge. "Education without salvation is damnation.'' Parker later went across the street and preached similar messages while members of Queering the Air continued to chant."


  1. Syph says

    If the “larger society” influenced these two nothing says that making them an example and punishing them the way they should’ve been wouldn’t affect the larger society.

  2. ravewulf says

    Talk about a cluster fuck of protesters yelling at each other. Queering the Air vs Garden State Equality and the bigot preacher vs the both of them. I’m somewher between Queering the Air and Garden State Equality; let the court decide.

  3. arch says

    this is turning into a circus for self important folk with nothing better to do.

    one young man is dead and two other youngsters have ruined their lives

    none of this is helped by this undignified display of egotism by various “activists”

  4. George says

    I agree with not ruining the lives of two kids who made a mistake. Really this seems like a childish prank gone awry. I honestly think they could easily have done this to a straight roommate.

    Why do people need their heads on platters? It would serve no purpose, honestly.

  5. mike says

    These jerks are getting off easy. They should have been suspended immediately. Now they can reapply elsewhere without a blemished record and harass someone else. How did they live w thierselves walking on that campus after destroying someones dignity in such a public way?

  6. Roseann says

    Adults (18 and over) make decisions. Those decisions have consequences. It is not a prank when it involves the help of killing another human being.

  7. says

    It would make for very attractive platters, George.

    I don’t think they can reapply elsewhere so easily, Mike. Their infamy will follow them for the rest of their miserable lives.

  8. says

    So they were given the option of withdrawing. How touching and considerate of Rutgers to give these scumbags the option.

    If they’d given Tyler the option of not having his sex life broadcast online he might still be alive today.

    Fuck them. Fuck Rutgers.

  9. Chip says

    What they did was despicable, but it’s important to keep things in context. Had this prank been performed on a straight man, he would not have considered suicide. Society’s open hatred for homosexuality is what led Clementi (and so many others) to suicide. Ravi and Wei are guilty, but not of murder.

  10. Jubal Harshaw says


    We’ve played the game your ways. We continue to allow these things to happen and then to drop them like a hot potato quickly afterward and it results in nothing. It allows the perpetrators to go on excusing themselves from the consequence of their actions. It allows us to bury our own head in the sand and not do anything and it allows the hate and the bullying to result in the death of another again and again.

    Change will not occur in a vacuum. By keeping this in the focus of our collective consciousness of us all, it forces us to confront the issue head on consistently and it forces those who would bully us to examine their actions and their own beliefs before the next suicide comes to pass instead of afterward.

    If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

  11. ravewulf says

    @Jubal Harshaw

    Jeeze you sure went off. All I said was I see both sides, what they did was absolutely horrible AND their lives will probably be ruined regardless of what happens now. They were influenced by a societal problem, but that makes them no less guilty of their actions.

    My final point was probably one of the most sane things said by anyone on this: let the court look into this and have them decide. They have more access to all of the info/actions/motive than we do.

  12. von lmo says

    As he was active in the cam-2-cam web sex world, perhaps Tyler was caught by his roomies cam, having an on-line wank.

  13. arch says

    @ Jubal Harshaw

    I agree with Ravewulf.

    But just for the record, these students should have been expelled. They should be dealt with by the court and in necessary punished for what they did on the basis of it being a hate crime (since I expect they might not have done the same to a stright roommate – gay sex does facinate straight people somewhat).

    My point is that the undignified circus that seems to have developed will not really help anyone least of all I should think the family of Tyler Clementi.

    Though I take your general point that it is time ot stand up to homophobic name calling which I like all of us have suffered in one way or another all my life – especially at school.

  14. Mike says

    First of all – their lives are NOT ruined. They still HAVE lives. If their names popped up on a college application somewhere else, most people would not recognize their names. So get over feeling sorry for two people who made “a childish prank.” Not once but tried a second time and who knows what was in store after that for Tyler. And who knows how someone else, straight or gay or in-between would have reacted if this happened to them. Doesn’t matter. It could have happened to a str8 roommate but this jerk got his jollies off and thought if was funny because of his Yeah! Making out w/ a dude comments. Congrats Rutgers – your inaction on this matter sucks donkey dicks.

  15. Pete says

    I love when people bring up that Tyler was active in the cam2cam me that just shows he was out and comfortable with his sexuality and I’m sure the homophobe Dharun Ravi hated that.

    The Queering the air rally sucked..there were like 12 people there..

    Team Garden State Equality!!

    So long Ravi and Wei..Rutgers is MUCH SAFER without you

  16. sparks says

    Am I wrong to be especially disappointed that the two people responsible for persecuting a member of a minority … are, in this country at least, members of minorities themselves?

    I hope these two individuals are tormented over their role in Clementi’s death at every school they attempt to attend. They don’t deserve the benefits of a higher education after depriving another human being his entire future.

  17. Jollysocks says

    Wherever they go, we will find out where they are and we will inform their new college campuses of the danger they two pose and the hurt they both inflicted.

    If they feel their hands are clean, then by all means, speak up Dharun and Molly. Speak up — clear your name. Even that loser school official Clint McCance has done at least that. These too have no remorse and will probably forever be of the opinion that the “scary gays” ruined their young lives.

    There was only one life here that was truly ruined.

  18. Carlie says

    You might wonder why a story about the withdrawal of Ravi and Wei from Rutgers gives so many lines to the beliefs and opinions of a right-wing hate group?

    The Courier Post, for those unfamiliar with South Jersey, is a Republican-owned and operated propaganda sheet.

  19. nic says

    there is a bridge of common decency that one dare not cross. but, there was something in those demented minds, both of them members of a minority, that made them feel comfortable and superior enough to expose the FAGGOT. when i was their age, the furthest thing from my mind was to subject a friend, a roommate, or whatever to public ridicule. what made it easy for them to humiliate him? was it “an us versus them mentality”? while i believe in compassion and forgiveness, there are some things that i cannot abide.

  20. Roman Bolliger says

    Endless shame on these two so called “students” who are too stupid for academic studies! Their tremendous idiocy (I hope it was not strategy!) makes them responsible for the death of a young man.

    I hope no university will ever smear its name by accepting them as their “students”.

  21. TANK says

    queering the air? Which reminds me, the star of any orgy is, of course, the air freshener. Larger society’s sins, huh? Sounds like moonbattery to me…no one is responsible because is…yeah. Well, maybe it’s just a rightwing student group using similar reasoning to advance their agenda.

  22. Doc d20 says


    Please… Clementi’s shame at being a fag led him to kill himself, not his fellow students, not a nebulous “society.”

    This all raises a critical question: Whatever happened to GAY PRIDE?! I thought you all were supposed to be all proud and in-your-face about your disgusting and abominable lifestyle. Apparently, your “movement” failed Mr. Clementi by not instilling within him an amount of “pride” in his perversion that would have been sufficient to overcome the NATURAL revulsion and shame he felt when faced with video documentation of his own sickness.

  23. walter says

    this should follow these two forever. they should never be allowed to forget their actions led to a person’s death. the university handling of this was a total screw up. why weren’t they expelled?

  24. joe says

    I wish one of these two would grant an interview to a responsible news outlet (A Cooper, perhaps)? Part of me just needs to hear the degree of remorse they have. Wishful thinking, I know, but I almost have a need to hear that they did not have malice driving them or, if they did, what a heavy burden their guilt is now.

  25. PAV3 says

    while nothing can return Tyler to this living world, I’m hoping his family files a civil suit against Rutgers, and the students who opted out of accountability. And the Univ of Phoenix will gladly take anyone’s money or help create student loans for anyone not really needing a credible degree.

  26. ravewulf says

    Is it really too much to ask for at least our side to be reasonable?

    Yes, we have very good reason to be angry, but we should not let our anger cloud our ability to think rationally and be reasonable. (And no I do not suggest or at all think it was a prank, however I also doubt they intended to effectively murder Tyler either)

    Instead of ASSUMING their intention to one extreme or the other, we should let the court INVESTIGATE the evidence, circumstances, etc and QUESTION these two.

  27. danb says


    I agree. I don’t think tho most on our side are saying they caused his death intenionally. I see a lot of confusion over what these two are being charged for.

    The case against them has nothing to do with why Tyler killed himself. It was a suicide. The case is about why they allegedly set up the webcam on him, that is all. The law states that violates his privacy. They are not being charged for his death.

    I hope the prosecutors office is able to see that this wasn’t just a prank or just invasion of privacy but how Tyler was picked to be the victim because of his sexuality which makes it a hate crime. But the law is funny sometimes.

  28. ratbastard says

    Obviously it was impossible for them to stay at Rutgers after T. Clementi’s suicide. This is not a surprise or unexpected.

    These two will be haunted by this for the rest of their lives. And as for future education and serious employment opportunities, standard background checks will make them marked men and women.

  29. nic says

    i still feel so bad for the kid and his family. this was not simply a prank. it was a betrayal in all sorts of human decency. they set him up for public humiliation. it wasn’t he that did anything wrong, it was they. they could have just as well beat him up and slit his throat — perhaps that might have been kinder. but, no. they walked him to the precipice and plunged him to his death. i find it hard to be kind to two people who were so unkind to someone else.

  30. wimsy says

    The perpetrators’ names are and now and forever on the Internet. They’ll probably get into another school, but good luck applying for a job after their names come up on a prospective employer’s google search. I’d never hire either one.

  31. BHMsteve says

    Rutgers President McCormick never even mentioned the name “Tyler Clementi” in his PR release to the media (this despite employing more than 75 PR, public affairs, communications, and alumni relations personnel). By contrast, at Notre Dame, the President and student body together honored the student who died filming the football team. Rutgers President McCormick not only FAILED to expell Ravi & Wei, who pushed Clementi to the edge (not over), he allowed them to withdraw with no blemish to their academic  records AND, astonishingly,  the ability to apply for re-admission. This despite his five “ambitions” for RU, one of which is an enhanced campus atmosphere for undergrads. Rutgers President McCormick shows more sympathy for the accused than for the dead. Shame on him.