Teacher Fired for Coming Out to Student Gets Job Back


Seth Stambaugh, a Beaverton, Oregon student teacher who was fired after coming out to one of the students he teaches, has been reinstated, KGW-TV reports:

Seth Stambaugh, a Lewis & Clark Grad School student teacher, was removed from Sexton Mountain Elementary School in September following a complaint by a parent, based on a conversation Stambaugh had with a student about his marital status in which he stated it would be illegal for him to marry because he would choose to marry a man.

His lawyer Luke Perriguey said, “Mr. Stambaugh is joyous beyond belief. He is celebrating privately with friends and family and will make a public statement to all media in the next few days.”

Perriguey said the offer of reinstatement came at an afternoon meeting at Lewis and Clark College.

Stambaugh will resume his student teaching duties at Sexton Mountain Elementary School next Thursday, returning him to his regular Thursday and Friday schedule.

Here's the school's statement:

"The Beaverton School District and Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education have jointly agreed to offer Seth Stambaugh the opportunity to return to his original student teaching placement at Sexton Mt. Elementary School starting late next week. Lewis & Clark and the Beaverton School District will continue to provide Mr. Stambaugh with a high level of support as we do for all student teachers as they begin to serve students and the greater community. We are moving forward with our common values and principles of equity, respect and inclusion."

Stambaugh spoke about the incident in a video I posted earlier this week