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Thousands Gather For Protest Against Anti-Gay Mormon Leader


Salt Lake City police estimate that about 1,000 people showed up for a silent protest outside the Mormon Church's headquarters last night. Organizers, however, claim about 4,500 showed up for the action, sparked after Mormon leader Boyd Packer described homosexuality as "not in harmony with the principles of the Gospel" last weekend.

"We want to tell men like Boyd K. Packer that we are tired of watching our children die. There are consequences to your words," said Pride In Utah editor Eric Ethington. "You cannot change us, we cannot change ourselves and the more you try, the more dead bodies you leave behind. Stop." Ethington and his peers, dressed all in black, lied on the ground outside the Mormon headquarters to illustrate gay teens who have been bullied to death.

The church released a statement, saying, "Those familiar with the Church's doctrine on the importance of marriage and family know it is based on principles of respect and love for all of God's children," insisted spokesman Scott Trotter. "We have continually emphasized that there is no room in this discussion for hatred or mistreatment of anyone." If Packer's any indication, they're not doing a good enough emphasizing that point.

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  1. Andrew, that would be "lay on the ground," not "lied on the ground." Please. If you can't use the right word, use a synonym -- the language is full of them.

    Posted by: DougChgo | Oct 8, 2010 9:44:37 AM

  2. The last mormons who came by my house got there pictures taken and sent back to there church.
    I guess there elders frown on there boys sucking.

    Posted by: Austin Rozzell | Oct 8, 2010 11:07:26 AM

  3. The Mormon church (cult) has the nerve to say that they love truth, when they spew lies, and that we must respect each other, in a spirit of love. I call BULLSHIT. They are nothing more than a legalized HATE group. This makes me ill, when gay youth are killing themselves left and right based on the crap spewing out of these bigots mouths - calling them immoral, wicked and evil - and then saying that we must repect them and their beliefs. I all too well remember what it was like sitting in church as a scared young, closeted gay person, and listening to this kind of hate talk, which was used to instill fear and unworthiness in me and similar gay people. I am lucky that I did not take it as seriously as the thousands of young Mormon gay people who have KILLED THEMSELVES! Sorry, just because you are "religious" does not mean that we in the land of rationality can't take a good look at your so-called delusional beliefs. Love means accepting everyone UNCONDITIONALLY for who they are - not trying to change them - not calling them evil and wicked. The only ones in this case and all cases who are evil and wicked are the Mormons - who have the blood of untold thousands of gay people who have killed themselves on their hands. That is the anti-thesis of being "Christ-like" or loving to their own children.

    They say that they can't change their views. What LIARS - they changed their views over polygamy (when the government threatened to shut their ass down) and over black people, when it became inconvenient for them to keep them out of the priesthood based on bad publicity. Mormons are first and foremost a BUSINESS and always seem have "revelations" of convenience when it suits them and their missionary purposes to keep the sheeple coming in with their 10% gross tithes every pay day. What a scam.

    Sorry for the rant - but I am boiling mad that after all of the recent spate of young GAY SUIDICES, caused by this kind of hate talk - the Mormons just keep it going - not satisfied with taking people's civil rights away in California and Hawaii - and being the behind the scenes funders of the National Organization for Marriage, they are the chief hate mongerors keeping a steady stream of gay Mormon youth killing themselves. This is why UTAH has the highest youth suicide in the nation. That is dispicable for a church that says they are all about the FAMILY and love.

    Keep the protests going to shine the light on the crimes of this church. I wish I was there to support you.

    Best regards,

    Posted by: Kent Peterson | Oct 8, 2010 12:14:57 PM

  4. Religion=DEATH.
    Mind controlled zombie robots.

    Posted by: SFshawn | Oct 8, 2010 12:41:06 PM

  5. Kent, I take issue with your rage against the Church because all you've done is put out unsupported claims and hyperboles.

    You claim that there are, "the thousands of young Mormon gay people who have KILLED THEMSELVES" yet where is any evidence? You point to Utah having a higher suicide rate, failing to recognize that first: Utah is only a slight majority LDS, that it is situated in the area of the country with the highest suicide rates, and a number of other items that show that the claim that the church drives member to suicide because of issues like homosexuality and perfection, etc is totally unsupported.

    Your claims about the church changing- well it's true some of our practices have changed e.g. polygamy and blacks and the priesthood. The doctrine has not changed. Marriage is still ordained of God and only a marriage solemnized in the temple between a man and a woman will continue in this next life. The Priesthood is still limited to worthy male members. There will not be a change in regards to homosexual marriage because it goes against a core doctrine- eternal families and the central purpose of marriage as being procreation.

    Pres. Packers speech was blunt. It was a response to our critics who want us to soften our views, and it was a message from God to those members who may have questions. We love all people, but that doesn't mean we don't invite them to change and improve their lives. In fact, it's because we love them that we try and show them a better way, a higher way, and how to repent and become more like Christ. If they choose not to, well there's nothing that we can do more except continue to love them. His sermon was a far cry from hate speech, and anyone who actually listened to what the man had to say instead of filtering it through their "Mormons hate Gays" mindset will recognize that.

    Posted by: byukid | Oct 8, 2010 2:23:22 PM

  6. So, the religious douche above me (at a gay blog, no less...hope it's a miserable life for ya, kiddo--one in which you never come to your senses...sincerely) basically stated that the doctrine of the moron church is still glaringly racist, and that "worthy members" are largely if not entirely (except for tokenism to protect that tax exempt status) are selected on the basis of their skin color. WTG, scumbag!

    This is a cult. It isn't a christian cult, either. It can only serve the purposes of the lgbt community, and larger aims of a more equitable society, to strike fear in the hearts of "real" christians about the mormon menace...and what they want to implement. These people, as evidenced by this packer guy's rampant bigotry, are unworthy of participation in the public square.

    Posted by: TANK | Oct 8, 2010 2:30:32 PM

  7. "Those familiar with the Church's doctrine on the importance of marriage and family know it is based on principles of respect and love for all of God's children,"


    Posted by: BobN | Oct 8, 2010 2:49:35 PM

  8. @BYUKID...
    "We love all people, but that doesn't mean we don't invite them to change and improve their lives."

    Give me a f-ing break. Did your church invite black people to change and improve their skin color?

    I'd like to invite you and your church to mind your own f-ing business and stop trying to force others to live their lives according to your twisted CULT.

    Posted by: castaway | Oct 8, 2010 2:52:36 PM

  9. "We love all people,but that doesn't mean we don't invite them to CHANGE and improve their lives. In fact,it's because we love them that we try to show them a better way,a higher way,and how to repent and become more like christ."
    Because you can't just love people the way they are or the way they were BORN.
    Moronism is just another sick religion that enjoys bashing gays and women while lining their pocketbooks with tax free money and corrupting innocent minds into their cult of Morons. Religion=DEATH and the above quote from BYU boy is a perfect example of how brainwashed these cult members really are. BYU boy I invite you to Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco to OPEN your mind and your obviously judgemental,uptight ass and perhaps you will be the one CHANGING once your removed from your delusional cult environment in Utah.

    Posted by: SFshawn | Oct 8, 2010 3:10:00 PM

  10. @Castaway...

    "Give me a f-ing break. Did your church invite black people to change and improve their skin color?"

    I know that like any rational person, you presume this to be a rhetorical question. However, it is not: the answer is yes, the Mormons invited black people to join their church with the assurance that, as they sinned less and became more worthy, they would become "white and delightsome," just like the American Indians (in their version of reality, lost Israelites) in the Book of Mormon.

    Because, of course, the natural state of humans is white, unless they're cursed. ("he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, and they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.")

    I'm not making this up.

    In latter days, they've changed their scripture ("the most correct of any book on earth") to read "pure and delightsome" instead.

    Posted by: Nigel | Oct 8, 2010 4:22:11 PM

  11. "The doctrine has not changed. Marriage is still ordained of God and only a marriage solemnized in the temple between a man and a woman will continue in this next life. "

    Oh, my, I couldn't let this go by. Were you actually serious?

    Since NO marriage may take place in a temple with non-mormons, you are saying either that no non-mormon marriage is valid, or only the people that think like you do get to go to the magical afterlife, and you are not so concerned about the rest.

    In either case, why are you not campaigning to make invalid EVERYONE"S marriage that is non-mormon? Oh, that wouldn't fly, would it? Becuase you actually only care about making sure that gay people are never going to be free of your persecution, your hatred, and fear, and your wholly imaginary superiority.

    Honey, you are just using god to justify what cannot be justified by any other means, whether it is polygamy, the inferiority of women, the inferiority of black and brown, or whatever it is you have going about gay people.

    Posted by: Ben in Oakland | Oct 8, 2010 5:04:14 PM

  12. @ Nigel...
    Thanks for the enlightment (although I'm already white! --just not so priveleged). I thought it couldn't get any worse. "White and delightsome." lol!!!

    I'd love to shove this mor(m)on's condiscending cultist bullshit so far up his ass neither the doctrines nor the nurserines could find it.

    Posted by: castaway | Oct 8, 2010 8:39:51 PM

  13. "condescending" to be precise. Now FUCK OFF all you Mor(m)ons and all your million$ wasted just to descriminate against others perceived to be unlike you, you perfect ones.

    Posted by: castaway | Oct 8, 2010 8:53:16 PM

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    Posted by: Alabama Tax 2010 | Oct 9, 2010 1:16:15 AM

  15. BYUKID, you are a typical brainwashed Mormon douchebag. I grew up in Provo and I've heard all of the Mormon bullshit for as long as I can remember.

    Your "church" is nothing more than a cult, dreamed up by an overly ambitious horndog and charlatan out to make money and get laid by as many women as possible, preying on the gullible and weak minded--the L. Ron Hubbard of the 19th century.

    Posted by: Tom | Oct 9, 2010 2:37:48 AM

  16. Tell me more about the Secret Underpants!

    Posted by: wimsy | Oct 9, 2010 10:53:16 AM

  17. May I gatecrash this conundrum of philosophy to say that boy is FINE! Even with a sticker across his mouth he is fine.

    Posted by: EM | Oct 9, 2010 1:17:59 PM

  18. This sort of echoes a couple of previous comments but only a rant will stanch the bleeding from my exploded head.

    Dear LDS dude: Please take your golden tablets and shove them sideways up your ass. Please tell your prophet to do the same and to text your bloody god to eat me. Get your bigoted hypocritical blue nose out of my life. I don't need to be saved and I don't need to be loved by you. I need you to fuck off and mind your own fucking business. I don't give a fuck that you wear magic underwear. Personally I prefer 2Exist. So fuck off.

    Posted by: jay | Oct 9, 2010 4:48:18 PM

  19. Subhuman medical experiments "to benefit the Aryan race".
    This was positioned as the Italian's attempt to monsterize the Germans, revenge for the 5th century invastion of a dying Roman Empire, for positioning judged them harshly for this behavior. But what it says about the God's intent is curious.
    They had them go on about their superiority for a reason::::Because it's true. In the eyes of the Gods there are regions of Germany who have the most favored of all Europeans, perhaps of all people globally.
    And just as using the Italians to prey on these people, they subsequently used the Jews to do the same after the fact, maximizing damage and likely imposing limits come The End.
    And all they had to do is take refuge in their religion and the superiority of their faith would have sheltered them from the worst period in their long history.
    Revenge is a temptation the Gods test people with. The Italians sccumbed to it. And so did the Jews.
    In an attempt to achieve revenge for genocide the Jews, thinking they were in partnership with the Italians, made efforts to impose as many Germans (Americans) into homsexuality in the 70s using this technology. Their motive with biotechnology's AIDS product may have been to finish the job off, revenge for the Holocaust.
    Goood religion is one of the things they get, so if they did the right thing they would have saved themselves.
    Make note.

    Full Metal Jacket:::"You know what I hate? We're trying to help these people and they shit all over us." Because you're destroying their way of life, introducing poison into their culture, like JFK's Catholicism.
    The same ocurrs with Peace Corps and other volunteer/missionary efforts offered. These people have a better chance of ascending into heaven, and Americans unwittingly are being used to reduce/eliminate this chance with their misled good intentions.
    Another loss for liberals.

    This is the life of utmost importance. People need to listen, understand and learn from me and make the changes I prescribe. Without, they will have no chance at ascending into heaven before the Apocalypse, and the only hope they will have is 1000 years with Jesus, which is no sure thing.
    Even so, assuming they are rewarded with 1000 years with Jesus, they will be offered all manners of temptations, and if they don't address these problems now, while they have this chance to learn this activity is evil, they will be granted some fraction of 1000 years and be disposed of thereafter. Only those people who never began the temptations or who addressed these issues and remedied the problems will move on.
    To a new Planet Earth. This is their second chance::::They have to start over. Either they ascend into heaven from their planet of origin or they don't ascend as all, and that's how the system works.
    It's a very small population which exists at the dawn of agrarianism because most have sccumbed to temptation and failed to achieve their second chance on the new Planet Earth.

    I have said diseases, such as cancer, won't be going anywhere, no matter how much money is thrown at it, no matter how much money is raised. These diseases are important tools used by the Gods to help people do the right thing:::Cancer has compelled more than a few women to begin praying and behave appropriately.
    In this environment of decay, the Gods will eventually eliminate these motivations one day. Positioning states cures/vaccines are positive developments which display life is improving. Unfortunately, this is just another example of how the Gods utilize "reverse positioning" which has been very effective in promoting deceptive elements in society, such as democracy, Christianity and Californication, Hollywood being the primary tool used to spread the message of The Beast.

    All prophets are used like any of the God's tools::As temptation. Jesus may have just liked the idea. The Gods killed him for good reason.
    The irony of the Apocalypse::::
    People told not to follow the Second Coming, who fail to recognize the urgency of the moment and die in the Apocalypse because of it.
    The Gods will account for people who do not sell out to Christianity, however difficult due to temptation.
    It will become difficult to remain Muslim in this environment. It will be positioned that everyone except Christians are The Damned and will die come The End.
    This positioning, and how all this goes down come the Apocalypse, will just be the God's attempt at testing people with temptation, for it will matter in The End to those whom suceed.

    Today's slaughterhouses have perfected the "quick kill":::The hammer slides across and it is "lights out".
    In bygone eras whereas the skilled rancher knew where to place the knife for the quickest kill, it is a different story for fisherman. Fish are the one meat supply which suffers most before death, and it is noted by the Gods.
    And why people like the Japanese base their food supply on the sea. Money is a terrible corruptor, and confuses people into thinking the Japanese could be favored, but this clue shoudl help people see that in fact these war mongers are among God's most disfavored.
    Much as women's products are superior because they are the favored gender, look to the children (with the exception of temptations, alcohol, sweets, etc), for as the most favored of all peoples their attitudes can be used as a benchmark.

    Christianity is responsible for African slavery. The Italian men who ran the church set out to gain revenge for the invasion of Italy and, still the largest landowner in Europe, used their considerable clout with the thrones of England to achieve this.
    The Gods used Christianity to destroy the cultures of Europe and around the world, replaced with the patriarchal standard which it imposed.
    The Gods used temptation to compell the Italians to do their dirty work for them, punishment for evils of black people, and that extened into the 20th century with Civil Rights, the crack epidemic, gang membership/the "thug life" and even AIDS in Africa, a recycling of the biotechnology product originally intened for the gay community.
    As with everything there is always a real reason behind their positioning, and in both cases it is punishment for deviate behavior.

    Being "schitzo", the internal battle between good and evil, is a deteriorating gernerational issue that is dying off, much like I illustrated for punishment below:::
    This new generation, who were the grandparents of their parents, are an early evil generation and one whom became corrupted and fell for societal temptation readily available for them and every generation of the masses thereafter.
    Their parents came before that generation, the agrarian masses, God-fearing, absent for the temptation offerings of early modern society (Roaring 20s vs. 60s/70s). As a result whereas Dad has great internal conflict I refer to as schitzo because of his connection to his past his children will be less so, perhaps far less so depending on grade of sins in their prior life, decreasing generationally until they have all become Godless, immoral monsters.

    Just as the Gulf oil spill was a clue from the Gods to conservatives about "Drill, drill, drill.", so was the PG&E/San Bruno fire a clue against doing what you are told.
    Understand the message behind the act and learn from other people's loss.
    If people begin to do the right thing the Gods will punish them for the evil they've done before then. In this case PG&E was like the United States, like the ROman Empire:::A tool the gods use to accomplish a goal. In the case of PG&E it is something helpful, which never ocurrs when it comes to the US.

    "Californication" - The tool the Gods use to brainwash the people, amplifying disfavor level as we approach the Apocalypse by merely fitting into society.
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds...corrupted by society, AI convinces people "earning" is the way, compelling them into evil. This is falling for temptation, while Californication ensures a minimal amount of damage, ensuring a minimal amount of generational progress towards the Apocalypse.
    I demand another. I have signed off. Give the disfavored another and without all the defensive tactics, cowards.
    Pick out someone else, do this again and discard this Situation.
    The people who have learned were going to learn anyways. They're not the ones who need it.
    The disfavored need it, people like my family, too far gone for any hope at ascention before The End, and they should be allowed moments if not periods of clarity before the decision is made about them.
    "Decay is inherent in all component things. Work out your own salvation with diligence." - Buddha

    I have explained how the gods are phasing out punishment as we get closer to the Apocalypse. Disfavor levels dictate there is insufficient time to repair their problems, relegating people to the Second Coming event.
    I mentioned how old timers today may experience hell, albeit a "toned down" experience. I suspect the same is true in the context of prison:::The gods maintain a contstantly decreasing number of punitive intsitutions in case there is a need. But, over time they will be eliminated and the entire system will be quite amicable. Look for this pattern elsewhere as well, for the Gods are eliminating punishment throughout in preparation for the Apocalypse, for it is no longer necessary.

    We are witnessing the "control freak" nature of the Gods, their tendancy to micromanage with Artificial Intelligence with this issue of California's Proposition 19, the marijuana legalization initiative.
    Under normal conditions by September those seeking to defeat Proposition 19, the alcohol industry, would have spent tens if not hundreds of millions to defeat the proposition and keep dope illegal.
    The Gods instructed the clone hosts who run these organizations to not fight the proposal. As illustrated below, when passed the suburbs of America will become like the ghettos in the inner cities:::Drugs available on every corner. It will represent a MAJOR step towards societal deterioration and decay. Middle-aged men who have given up pot will resume consumption, and what little wisdom the masculinized women still pass on will lose effectiveness. Insteadof being reincarnated based on the progress they make once mature, these men will be placed based on their mistakes, for less progress will be made.

    The Gods send clues about this situation frequently.
    Eddie of Iron Maiden.
    Closure of Fitsgeralds Reno/getting kicked out of Fits LV 1990 for "counting cards" after 5 minutes and $20.
    WWII's other holocaust:::Unit 731:::tsushogo. And I get blamed because the Gods used me as an excuse to bury it in history, an act positioned with the Japanese and their importance in society.

    Kidney poison cut into my methanfetamine. The "free" crank had a connection to the employer::::Severe seizures to punish me for stealing. Both punishment for the same offense, one decades later.
    And they used Artificial Intelligence to "push" me into stealing to sell the destruction of my health and life in this very public situation, for without it required resistance would have caused great problems in their positioning.
    It's just a matter of getting the pieces of the puzzle in place so they have the freedom to sell it to the disfavored and achieve the desired perception.
    Praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare.

    "You're not going to be able to find work." because the Gods are positioning the Jews preventing me from finding a job.
    Sad thing is these people won't have ANYTHING to do with it. The god's positioning enables them the freedom to sell this telepathically. The actual people in these clone hosts have learned far too much to do anything foolish enough like participate. It will set them back and amplify the extreme punishment already in store for them.
    If there is ever people willing to participate they are either the youngsters who have yet to learn or a fresh new clone host, some kid freshly in, grumbling about going into a 60, 65 year old decrepid man.

    They have shared that when the change is initially made they alter the DNA with Artificial Intelligence, ensuring it is not the same person.
    Now depending on their level of activity the Gods switch out for new individuals, ie presidents switched frequently. They say they bring the (m)father's DNA when it is time to conceive, so it is strategically important who is in there for the conception of the children. The same may not be true for typical activity:::the Gods may alter the DNA upon initial clone hosting but it may be a general change. Conception requires specific DNA.
    And? So?
    So there are no Rockafellers. This was how the Gods eliminated their true importance, for now they are little more than lowly English peasants, ironically.
    Nothing is ever going to change.
    Now the case can be made that far more men are invited into clone hosting than women, and since lineage is matrilineal it would rather follow that blood line instead.
    All it takes is one.
    But I wonder if it even matters. Those who learn and are wise enough to refuse the offer of clone hosting still have to repair their relationship with the Gods and hope for a better placement in their next life, one which certainly won't involve being a billionaire. Whether real Rockafellers or DNA alternates is of no concequence. Their goal is still ascention, which takes work and dedication. Being/thinking you're capitalism royalty invites a host of temptations, including grandeur and self-importance, which are all damaging to a good relationship with the Gods.
    If only they can overcome the temptations that money brings, like ample stunning women and Scarface piles of cocaine.
    The consequence of clone hosting is the loss of ascention into heaven. The best they can hope for is 1000 years with Jebus in a temptation-infested enviornment where one can have anything they want.

    Just as the victims of Mengele's "showers which clentch you of your life" were the Italians who conceived and implimented WorldWarII's Blitzkreig, so do I think the unholy alliance between evil Japan and good Germany is the cause of the "Siamese Twins" Mengele experiment:::"sewen together, joining heads, just a matter of time before you rip yourselves apart".
    World War II, the Holocaust were revenge for Germany's 5th century AD invasion of the dying Roman Empire,
    Those at the top are the ones who suffered the worst because of their intimate involvement. Perhaps it was the godfather who experienced the "frozen water burial" "crack your limbs".
    Praying for the end of your wide-awake nightmare...
    How was the Holocaust positioned? What did the Italians have against the Jews? The Romans destroyed Temple. Perhaps Joshua...
    What is the God's real reason behind WWII? Punishment?
    For what? The Crusades? It was a fight supporting evil Christianity, in defense of evil against their religious superiors. For this the Germans should pay.
    Punished for being war mongers.

    Go ahead and ignore this. You won't ever defy and do the right thing anyways.
    "These came to life again and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Revelation 20:4. Reference t reincarnation.
    Don't forget to try space coke in the blender and fuck as many stunning bitches as your goddamn dick will allow, because this place is going to be ALL about temptation. Some decent god-fearing people will suceed at resisting temptation, but the Gods will ensure lots of human trash to facilitate temptation.
    It will be the rare individual who makes the transistion in an enviornment where you can have anything you want. I believe those who survive these temptations must return to an Earth-like planet, for they have to begin again. Ascention must ocurr from planet of origin.
    "Going along" will "earn" your invitation to the Second Coming of Christ. You will be reincarnated until that age comes, buy you a mere 1000 years and cost you your chance at immortality, simply because you bought into evil as "earning" and subscribed to the big lie.
    Fuck the God's lousy reach-around.
    Not everyone will be going. They will tell some of you to ignore the Second Coming event, and it will mean your life.
    Never doubt that Muslims are your superiors. These people are dedicated to their religion while your population have abandoned churches in droves.

    We no longer see orphanages for good reason::::The state would be forced to use professionals, experts in their field to devise standards these facilities would apply to the children. These standards would illustrate an ideal rearing goals which we in fact could all learn from.
    This is an outstanding example of reverse positioning and how the Gods created a society where evil appears not only good but also socially acceptable.
    Civil Righs is a similar issue. Segregation in today's age would command full funding for black universities and well established black jounralism and media outlets, not this integrated white media cancer where blacks eat what they are fed.

    Christians have mistakenly believed the perception of the Biblical definintion of The Beast as a person. I suggest The Beast instead refers to a place:::The San Francisco Bay Area. In fact the Gods offer a geographic clue suggesting this, like so many others they offer around the globe, to help people understand:::
    Mt.Diablo, "The Devil" is the "eye" of The Beast, the EastBay shoreline as the upper jaw/incisors while the peninsula is the grinding lower jaw. Witness the disturbing upturned smile in the gullet.
    The fact than man has shaped much of the shoreline in the 20th century is a testiment to the God's refusal to accept any culpability.
    Gold Rush, counter-culture, alternate lifestyle acceptance, etc. The Beast was used to promote social decay throughout the 20th century and beyond. Difficult to perceive in the current age, one can understand their impacts from a historical perspective.
    There was a time when once the Gods "divinely" inspired punishment, where the act was inflicted by the hand of God. They were punishing people and accepting the culpability arising, maintaining societal integrity. Now, in the 20th century and beyond, the Gods tempt man to inflict this punishment, selling them on "earning", incurring no culpability in the process. The result is social decay and deterioration of mankind's favor in the eyes of the Gods leading to the Apocalypse.

    The Italian peninsula is very pronounced as it juts out into the Medietereanean.
    Considering the shape it is quite obvious they were the primary targets of the post-IceAge/Straight of Gibralter/Noah's Flood disaster.
    Considering the shape of the boot and how Sicily "caught" the surge, the resulting tsunami inundated the entire southern portion of the peninsula, killing everything and perhaps covering even the highest land masses.
    In the 20th century the Italians were convinced entering clone hosting was ascention into heaven, and their success was a recruiting tool, just as the Holocaust was for the Jews, only duress is far less damaging.

    The women have God's favor, and when the women do all the evil, as was the case in my family, this serves to "equalize" the playing field, ensuring no wisdom comes to this family as they grow older. As a result they never make progress and achieve the lowest possible placement when reincarnated.

    Couple years ago a story in the media how girls in Bayview-Hunter's Point were going into puberty at a progressively younger age, as young as age 7.
    A very bad sign::::Early cut-off. It draws the boys attention and they subsequently make sexual mistakes, very similar to what typical people experience nearly a decade later.
    When they "turn" people on and start telepathically talking to them with this technology is very similar::The end of their chance. They segment families, convince them "earning" is the way, etc.
    I tell people to examine the change between when they were children and after they began to hear. It is the difference between good and evil.
    I understand people's confusion:::They literally hear "God" in their head, as opposed to what was taught to them in some church's classroom. But this technology is one of the God's tools, and much like their other tools, clone hosts and prophets (see below), they use them as temptation.

    This IS the event. I am the telepathic prophet.
    There may have been no other way in today's modern age:::Use popular culture as temptation and keep teachings primarily telepathic.
    The Gods must be willing to allow Artificial Intelligence to act as my "bible", repeating all teachings I have made for future generations. This will ocurr but I am afraid only among the miniscule minority "haves", leaving the "have-nots" lost in ignorance and cast into Damnation.
    Part of this societal deterioration is cloaked in the way society functions::::Two-parent working households, rushing around, constantly occupied.
    Much as with the celestial event which occured that day on Ocean Beach, they say when I die there will be some final clue to the people suggesting my importance. Perhaps a "Star of Bethlehem" type of event.
    They say some children see a halo on my head in various brightness. These are the children who have a chance to ascend.
    Instead of helping them, missionaries are actually HURTING people, inflicting them with westernization. Whereas some may see up to a full 1% of their children ascend into heaven you pathetic white Americans can't even muster a HUNDREDTH of that.
    America and Christianity synonymous::::Punishment for Europeans.


    The voice you hear in your head is the power of the Gods. It's a remote technology, like a computer, perhaps functioning on some frequency, and it can listen and talk to everyone in the universe simultaneously.
    What the Gods taught the children was the truth:::God is everywhere, and this is what they meant. I will remind you of another principle you learned as a child:::If you want to go to heaven you have to be good.
    Even the antient Gods don't have the ability to listen to people's thoughts themselves. They taugh we were all made in their image:::I expect they need this "Artificial Intelligence" they created to relay what people think.
    It is a tool, and the Gods use their tools to test people with temptation:::It will role-play people in your life:::Parents, friends, spouses, and employers, all in an attempt to test people with temptation. Ironically, it does the very same thing to those people whom you think you're hearing, except in that individual's unique way:::We are all "managed" by the God's technology.
    But this agent of the Gods can do more than just communicate. It can force thoughts into people's heads, force behaviors onto their bodies. It can turn healthy cells in your body into cancerous cells. It is absolute power. And this is just the beginning.

    Obedience is not the answer. This is the brain-less response and the easy way out.
    You've done everything you have been told for years and it never bought you ANYTHING. Your parents did what they were told and it didn't buy them anything. Your grandparents did everything they were told and now they're dead, reincarnated as lesser life forms, perhaps even into America's deranged, violent ghettos.
    People think they are not responsible when Artificial Intelligence tells them to do something. They offeed a clue with the Holocaust AND with Watergate:::Defy authority and do the right thing.
    In earlier decades this obedience may have been out of fear, as so often in Germany, but that era is long over. To maximize damamge the Gods today sell them on "earning" and these people think they will profiteer from their evil.
    They offer a clue on the Simpsons with Flanders and Skinner. So many ridicule both figures, a testiment to the state of our society.

    The Gods favor the children most among all the people due to their innocence and purity. But society and the God's tools recently are corrupting the children at a progressively younger age, a reflection of our collectively increasing disfavor and yet another clue illustrating we live in a increasingly deteriorating environment.
    Children who sucessfully repair their relationship with the Gods ascend into heaven. This often takes multiple lives of hard work and proper behavior in the face of adversity to achieve. Adults to whom it is offered enter clone hosting instead, thinking they will be ascending into heaven ultimately. The Gods tempt people, selling them as one in the same, but one is good while the other is evil. In their desperation the disfavored subscribe to this temptation, making their task even more difficult than before due to the evil they incurr in the process. And their corruption will cost the disfavored, for they will be reincarnated as a lesser life form into an ever deteriorating world, sucess becoming ever more allusive with each passing life.
    The hole they've dug for themselves is even deeper than the one that existed from their prior lives, ensuring it will take even more time and work to fix their problems with the Gods. And for many there may not be enough time left.

    Ours is an envionment where evil is perceived to be rewarded while good is punished. As with everything the Gods have a reason for creating this perception::::
    People who fall on the good side of the good/evil scale have more favor, and when they do something wrong the Gods punish them BECAUSE THEY WANT THEM TO LEARN. The Gods want them to receive this feedback in hope they make corrections and begin to behave appropriately. The Gods DON'T like evil and refuse to grant this immediate feedback.
    EVERYBODY pays for what they do wrong, only evil people must wait until the end of this or their next life before they will experience the wrath of the Gods, manifested in their placement as a lower form of life into environments with increased/enhanced temptations, like the United States or its ghettos therein.
    Sadly, this allows the Gods to position this perception of evil rewarded as temptation, one which they use as an EXTREMELY effective corruptor.
    Example:::Punishment for gay marriage in Iowa was immediate and painful, a sign of favor of these God-fearing, church-going Midwesterners.

    The Gods suggest they can create paradise for those with their favor. I argue they create misery for those without::::
    Our celebrity culture is temptation. It creates a distraction which consumes people, sometimes for life. Certainly it costs them precious years which could be spent repairing their relationship with the Gods, time that ultimately goes wasted.
    Do you really think Frank Sinatra lived to be 84 years old? In fact the "Chairman of the Board" had a new crowd to entertain in the late 80s/early 90s.
    These people are clone hosts. Now, there is no thing as "black and white" with the Gods. This technology they invented is far, far too dynamic. Expect they require most to stay for a period of time, for I suspect actively (knowingly) engaging in this evil incurrs at an accelerated rate as compared to "carte blanche" given regarding successive clone hosts. They remain until they achieve a pre-determined level of disfavor, incurring evil in their misguided celebration of "earning", at which time they are ultimately reincarnated, perhaps because they eventually learned this truth I am sharing with you and began to repair their relationship or until the Gods became disgusted and sent them back.
    The Gods recruit most for clone hosting when people are young, in their late teens or twenties, when people are eager to hurt others for what they perceive to be the benefits achieved through "earning". And before they leave they give the Gods "carte blanche":::"Do anything you want. I give my full approval." Depending on their level of disfavor the Gods take them to heart.
    Because of this these people STILL INCUR EVIL FROM THIS LIFE DESPITE BEING REINCARNATED AND LIVING AS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PERSON and living in our temptation-ridden society. And incurring this amount of evil may likely push many over the edge into Damnation.
    What are the God's standards for offering clone hosting? Sociobility? Many tactics in various eras are used to gain approval, duress during the Vietnam draft being a good example, one which deteriorated into preditation as mankind's disfavor grew.
    They liked Heath Ledger. Not enough to allow him to escape without the evil of "Dark Knight" and the horrific wickedness that was the recruiting tool "Brokeback Mountain". But now he is out. And irregardless of how old he is now, reincarnated 10, 15 years ago, he now is no longer incurring evil from this life. So many others cannot say the same.

    This is Planet Reverse Positioning. Sucess IS NOT a sign of favor. It is just a unique temptation targetted towards a different level of disfavor. Considering our roots as peasantry people should be particularly alarmed at this tactic.
    Clone hosting is like money:::A different level of disfavor and its associated temptation. Money is in better position to learn more quickly than those without, for the associations and wealth-based freedom enables them access to information. Unfortunately, those who fall for this temptation of clone hosting are likely returned to their original lowest level of disfavor once they are reincarnated, punishment for this evil, and they have to start from scratch.

    Our society's values are bestowed by (a reflection of) the God's:::Punitive and reward-based. Contrary to Jesus's teaching's you will NOT be forgiven and you have to earn your way into heaven BY BEING RESPECTABLE AND DECENT!!!
    Not by being evil and wicked.
    Forgiveness/savior was the primary temptations the Gods used Christianity to create.
    Middle-America's anti-Semitic attitudes are a clue regarding Christianity. Europe shaped like a sheep is symbolic for the slaughter that is Christinaity.
    Christianity is punishment for Europeans.
    You ALL hate Jews::"They own banking, they control Hollywood and poison our children's minds, etc etc.") YET YOU PRAY TO ONE LIKE A GOD!!
    Dislodge your head from your ass. Must you be chumps your WHOLE LIVES???
    There is no such thing as a free ride. Just as you have to earn a living by working so must you earn your own salvation by repairing your relationship with the Gods.
    As we learned from religious/morality education during our formitable years:::If you want to go to heaven you have to be good. The only savior that will exist in our lives is ourselves. The Gods offer clues in life::::Be it school, work, etc., you have to do the work for yourself and when you do something wrong you get punished. Cheating is a subsegment and speaks directly to the temptation of "priveledge", one we have seen used effectively when the United States preyed on the disfavored with the so-called "stimulus package".
    As like so many of you, Jesus did everything the Gods tempted him with. His legacy of whorism was inherited from his parents:::Mary was no virgin. Rather, she was a prostitute, and when he grew up Jesus met someone like his mother. This is a cruel joke the Gods play on Latinos, similar to the rape and subsequent "missionary work" by the Spanish.
    Baptism does not allieviate "original sin". Rather, baptism PLACES original sin by indoctrinating these children into this evil religion, much like circumcision was a method to inflict early damage/mutilation and make (permanant) accention just that much more difficult, another hurdle one must overcome. Body ornamentation (tattoos/piercing), celebrated in Africa and elsewhere among disfavored peoples/cultures, also violates the body the Gods gave us in their image, quite opposite to the positive attitudes the disfavored hold regarding this practice.
    Like Jesus the Second Coming of Christ will be evil. He will look like a savior in this demented society while the Anti-Christ will speak of a different gospel, one that tries to restore the norms and mores which the Gods originally blessed upon the people which made life decent, looking like a tyrant in the process.
    He will be viewed as the "bad guy" when really he is the one trying to save the world.
    There may be a phoney offering, a theatrical production which accurately follows the Book of Revelations. Actually positioning demands it:::::Christianity is positioned to be the one true religion. And those who follow its teachings will have limits imposed ensuring their stay will be minimal, a "consolation prize", for they don't think correctly and therefore don't behave appropriately, or perhaps will be used to colonize the new Planet Earth. This describes many "sinners" in today's society because they refuse to change their behavior.
    Christians have mistakenly believed the perception of the Biblical definintion of The Beast as a person. I suggest The Beast instead refers to a place:::The San Francisco Bay Area. In fact the Gods offer a geographic clue suggesting this, like so many others they offer around the globe, to help people understand:::
    Mt.Diablo, "The Devil" is the "eye" of The Beast, the EastBay shoreline as the upper jaw/incisors while the peninsula is the grinding lower jaw. Witness the disturbing upturned smile in the gullet.
    The fact than man has shaped much of the shoreline in the 20th century is a testiment to the God's refusal to accept any culpability.
    Gold Rush, counter-culture, alternate lifestyle acceptance, etc. The Beast was used to promote social decay throughout the 20th century and beyond. Difficult to perceive in the current age, one can understand their impacts from a historical perspective.
    There was a time when once the Gods "divinely" inspired punishment, where the act was inflicted by the hand of God. They were punishing people and accepting the culpability arising, maintaining societal integrity. Now, in the 20th century and beyond, the Gods tempt man to inflict this punishment, selling them on "earning", incurring no culpability in the process. The result is social decay and deterioration of mankind's favor in the eyes of the Gods.

    Life is a test, and the Gods evaluate people based on their performance.
    The Gods test people with the temptation for which they are most weak::::
    Homosexuals desire sodomy, preditors pursue the hunt, alcoholics crave a drink, junkies jones for dope, etc.
    Addiction theory is a lie; it is Artificial Intelligence creating the desire, punishment for inappropriate behavior. Ironically, it compells people deeper into the behavior, minimizing hope for recovery.
    The Gods chose Christianity for Europeans because it is the temptation to which they are most suseptable:::Entitlement. Something for nothing. A free ride. Irresponsible behavior. The United States/Western civilization's accompanying wealth contributes to this perception. And other people from throughout the world happily subscribe to this punishment designed for Europeans, assuming this legacy once assimilated.
    Next time you think of Muslims recognize these people are vastly superior to Christians. Whereas many throughout the Christian world no longer attend church and have fallen into Godlessness, the Muslim world worships the Gods for OVER AN HOUR EACH AND EVERY DAY.

    The Gods created the perception "Italians are stupid.", ensuring a slow learning curve, to justify using them to accomplish goals throughout the transitional 20th century. It took an extraordinarily long time for them to learn this truth I teach due to this artificial handicap. These people are SO extremely disfavored, but today's positioning says differently, much to people's confusion, for they think money is the ultimate sign of favor:::Good food, good music, history of warmongering, Catholics, Christianity HQ, Noah's Flood event, propensity towards violence, raped by outsiders, mild Meditereanean climate, so many other issues which enhance life/contentment in Italy/Meditereanean and ensure few if any seek more, a necessary step for finding the path and repairing your relationship with the Gods.
    Contentment never motivated anyone. Money is not a sign of favor::::Wisdom is the true wealth on Planet Earth.
    I'd also like to remind you the Noah's Flood event ocurred in the Meditereanean region::::Global sea levels rose with the end of the ice age, Atlantic Ocean broke through the Straight of Gibralter, killing untold millions in the cradle of western civilization. The God's timed their corruption and sin to correlate this act as punishment.
    The Italian peninsula is very pronounced as it juts out into the Medietereanean.
    Considering the shape it is quite obvious they were the primary targets of the post-IceAge/Straight of Gibralter/Noah's Flood disaster.
    Considering the shape of the boot and how Sicily "caught" the surge, the resulting tsunami inundated the entire southern portion of the peninsula, killing everything and perhaps covering even the highest land masses.
    Think about this next time you are deceived by the God's positioning of Italian wealth.

    Everyone who failed to ascend and remained on Earth past a certain date will be forced to deal with this positioning::::A ceiling is in place. This serves the God's goal of minimizing the percentage of potential candidates as society deteriorates, much as "instant gratification" did beginning in the 80s:::It will take multiple lives for the disfavored to fix their relationship with the Gods and ascend, and many have been conditioned not to have the patience for it. Other issues force limits/ceilings upon candidates:::Abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity, Christianity, godlessness,
    Whether behavior is involuntary or based on freewill depends on one's level of disfavor, as well as other complex factors:::::May I remind you about the coercitive envionment the Gods created in the 20th century, specifically to create a temptation that few Italians (or their associates) would overcome:::"We're in control. If you want to be a part of it you'll do what you're told.". Early-mid 20th entury positioning was infallible.

    Both Africa and the Medittereanean are regions which have sexual issues. This is a sign of gross disfavor once you understand that females are the God's favored gender. Muhammad's (Mohammed's) polygamy halfway throught his life as a prophet was preditory, designed to corrupt. Now a huge percentage of Muslims believe in male superiority and that the abuse of women (polygamy) is God's will. Female genital mutilation is still practiced in Africa. Black misogyny is the most eggregious example in United States. Consistant with Planet Reverse Positioning, in Africa blacks are being punished with AIDS for their sexual promiscuity in hope they learn and correct their behavior.
    Blacks are highly suspectable to temptation. As a result they need a strict, disiplined religion like Islam. They can't afford to be Christians. It is one of the benefits bestowed upon their people, and other groups could greatly benefit as well. They need to recognize the importance of a good relationship with the Gods, embrace this benefit and remain true to their faith.
    Vailing is tradition for some, practical for others, one which aids in the men's self control among some cultures. Much like the Jews who killed Jesus, like the bigots who oppose immigration there is a reason embraced by the masses and the real purpose, displaying the intent of the Gods::::The Gods clue to purebloods that they should not abandon their motherland for this dumping ground for rejects that is the United States.

    The Holocaust was a clue the Gods utilize scapegoatting as a strategy.
    Why did the Gods punish the Jews with the Holocaust? Was it for the destruction of cultures which Christianity caused? Perhaps they corrupted the Jews "after the fact", telling 19th/early 20th century Jews that Jesus "earned" immortality for the Jews by destroying the European and other cultures? The German destruction of European churches/cathederals during WWII is a clue. Note::::The Gods wanted to keep the Catholic stronghold in Italy, ensuring they could use this tool against these disfavored for many years to come. There is so much Godlessness today, but one day people will flock back to houses of worship out of desperation, and the Gods ensured the Catholic Church would be Italian's destination.
    Planet Reverse Positioning:::The Nazis were the "good guys". So are the Muslims/Palestinians, however corrupted some are due to polygamy.
    Contentment never motivated anyone::::Except perhaps for slavery, the Jews never saw more of their children ascend into heaven than during the Holocaust.
    The Gods subsequently used revenge for the Holocaust as temptation::::"Your Italian brothers have a tool, a special power which can achieve sweet revenge. Are you interested??"
    In the aftermath of the Holocaust the Gods tested the Jews with the temptation of revenge, an offer which many gladly accepted.
    There was positioning behind the counter-culture movement. How did the Gods telepathically "sell" this rapid deterioration of decency to the Italians and Jews and compell them to fall on their swords as preditors?
    If the Jews only would have emersed themselves in Judism the Gods would have "protected" them from the raveges of temptation. Judism may be the one superior religion in all the world, and the Jews wouuld have been wise taking refuge in this exceptional benefit bestowed by the Gods rather than looking for the easy way out.

    Much as with the Jesus event, the Gods use the disfavored to prey on each other.
    The Gods use the evil that men do, man's inhumanity towards man to accomplish strategic testing/punishment/etc goals::::The Germans fell for this temptation by following the preditor/corruptor-Austrians (Hitler).
    Without this Austrian the Holocaust may never have happened. Nor may have World War II.
    What the Germans did was wrong. They fell for temptation and failed to have empathy for the disfavored. Economic desperation, not wisdom nor enlightenment, dominated in Germany.
    The Gods send many clues suggesting the great favor of the Germans (regionally). I think the Cold War's Berlin Wall dividing Germany into east and west was a clue suggesting this (reverse positioning).
    I suspect the Holocaust was used to "level the playing field" in Europe, for the Germans had far too much favor to be included in the agenda planned for their neighbors otherwise, and they would have been suspiciously out of place, providing a clue for the disfavored which would have been difficult for the Gods to position away.

    Militancy in Africa is consistant with the Iraqi example, as was slavery and the KKK here in America:::Fear enforces proper behavior. Without it we see what happens as a result of gross/morbid disfavor:::::AIDS, crack babies, dead young men in gangland retaliation killings.
    The same principle was true in Europe and throughout the world for centuries:::People whom lived under iron fists were conditioned to think the right way. As a result they taught their children appropriately and experienced a higher percentage of children ascend into heaven.
    Our preditory envionment of "freedom" was the primary purpose the Gods had when implimenting this strategy that is the United States, one which they used to spred the cancer of democracy and westernization throughout the world. And the Gods use this tool that is America to prey on the disfavored both at home and abroad:::Much like the ghetto, America in general experiences a heightened level of temptation due to its citizen's disfavor.
    Red white & blue IS BAD FOR YOU!!!
    Planet Earth is not about living. Planet Earth is about being tested. And contentment never motivated anyone.
    Your happy lives are costing you your chance.
    Italians HATE Africans because of their invasion/rape of their motherland. The Gods did this SPECIFICALLY to strategically position the punishment of the most disfavored peoples:::
    The Gods have used the ghettos of America as a reincarnation dumping ground. This may be temporary/cyclical, illustrated by the Italians who fell for temptation and parlayed their own civil war into the Black Wars of the 80s and 90s, in addition to the "thug life"/gangster state of mind. Ironically, it was these same Italians and their cooperating associates who were reincarnated into the ghetto as crack babies and gangster thugs for this event.
    There is justice in the universe. This is how the Gods do business. Once you recognize the patterns you will understand the other clues they offer to the people.
    Of course it may be more of a permanant change, indicated by the enhanced temptations in these neighborhoods, for the Gods have created these enviornments so riddled with temptation few can escape/overcome.
    Don't be suprised if after being gunned down in the ghetto the next stop for the 20th century Italian-Americans & friends was AIDS in Africa, punishment for their promiscuity and deviacy for some, involvement in the AIDS trade for others.
    Media report on a crackdown on child prostitution. "(The pimps use coersion to prey on the children, etc, etc, other "conclusions" offered through the media.)" What a degenerate liar.
    These kids WANT to turn tricks. They LOVE the idea of having a pimp. It is celebrated in their "culture".
    Yet another legacy of the evil inflicted by the Italians, revenge for the invasion and rape of Italy.
    Maybe this was the destination for a smaller percentage of these deviates after AIDS in Africa, ironically.
    There is a reason why we have these genocide events recently in Africa::::Black is one of the God's "dumping grounds", and they send offenders to these regions for punishment.
    I call the monsters who destroyed our society in the 20th century. The next holocaust is mine.
    Just like black neighborhoods, the legalization of marijuana will make drugs available on every street corner, even in the suburbs. White's affluent suburbs will become just like the ghetto.
    The patriarchal cancer spread throughout Europe because of Christianity, of which the majority of policy makers were Italian men, destroying what pockets of favored matriarchy existed. Expect the largest landowner in Europe and the continent's original superpower also played the major role in African slavery.
    The Gods offered a clue about the Italians in the movie "The Matrix":::They casted an Italian as the traitor of the group, the one who betrays them all.
    As they did humanity in the 20th century.

    Even the Old Testiment is not to always be taken literally, but the Gods do offer clues throughout to help the disfavored:::The apple is a tool of temptation used to corrupt Adam and Eve and cast them out of the Garden of Eden.
    A metaphor for sex, it also serves as a warning.
    There is another lesson to be learned from this passage, and it is quite similar to the vailing issue and the discourse over women's attire which ultimately died in the 70s:::Women are responsible for and control the fate of mankind.
    So were there other issues "ridiculed away" as the Gods sought to transition into this Godless, immoral enviornment which society has become.
    1. Decency/obsentiy in media
    2. Corporal punishment for children
    The deterioration of society and mankind is all women's fault. Females are sexually promiscuous like men, many who too often are corrupted like the opposite gender, and the result is a reduction/minimization of mankind's collective level of favor, a very important step necessary for the Gods to justify the Apocalypse.
    They need to understand this responsibility, their favor amongst all the people. Instead they have embraced masculinization::::Girls play organized sports, engage in casual sex like men. The trend is away from traditional girl toys, like dolls, which often during playtime helped crate positive thoughts, enabling the Gods to enlighten the favored gender and illustrate wisdom, occassionally leading to the path towards ascention.
    There are many good men who become corrupted by the extreme members of the gender but they are manageable and easy to control if the women maintained their power. Instead they have let it slip away. I suspect there are many older women who remember their elders addressing them regarding this issue.
    The relationship between men and women have always been complimentary:::The men shelter and protect women from the evils of this life, ensuring the women have a REAL opportunity to ascend when reincarnated, while the women help the ignert men understand by sharing their wisdom imparted by the Gods. The tendency towards sexual abstinence as one grows older is an example.
    Brilliance and insight granted to Eastern cultures and religions::::Not for Europeans. If once existed, now crushed by Christianity. Replaced by preditory Mediterreanean patriarchy.
    Europeans:::The most disfavored people on Earth. The first to experience the end of their God-granted favor.
    Reverse positioning.

    Think about what I say. Consider what I teach.
    When I am no longer here or no longer teach the Gods ARE NOT going to share with you.
    Even if you doubt now you need to remember the principles that I teach because the Gods ARE NOT going to be generous with the disfavored. Society is going to become disturbingly ugly as we approach the Apocalypse due to spiralling, runaway disfavor, WHETHER CONCEALED IN REVERSE POSITIONING OR NOT (like Christianity, like money), and you are going to be on your own.
    I do not know when this will occurr, but it is the God's way to grant some time after a learning event such as this before they will end on Planet Earth.
    Make the decision to always be good and never look back. Until you do this technology will employ tactics to test your resolve:::Ridicule, beligerance, doubt and refusal to abandon what people perceive to be their "investment".
    Either you make that decision now and accept the punishment for the sins of this life or you will pay for it in the next, reincarnated into a similarly low role, ensuring another wasted opportunity, or as an even lower form of life, and hope will begin to slip away.
    Another lifetime, shot to hell.
    Young people who understand yet still wish to have children MUST begin to do the right thing and work on fixing their relationship with the Gods, accepting the punishment for the evil they have done in their lives. Without this progress they won't do the correct thing for their children and ultimately cause even more problems for themselves by perpetuating this behavior into a new generation.
    You must be willing to tell the Gods "No." when tested with temptation, and accepting punishment and putting it in your past is the only way you will suceed as a parent.
    You need to do your best, teach your children decency and morality and give them the very best chance to ascend if you want a similar opportunity in your next life.
    If you do well for your children now your parents will do well for you when reincarnated.
    Pray daily. Think appropriately. You are vulnerable. Live this reality in your daily lives. Impart these charecteristics upon your children. Too many are confident, unaware of the God's awesome powers or their status as antients. Others may fall prey to their positioning.
    Be humbled, God-fearing and beware of the God's temptations, for everyone is tested to evaluate their worthiness.


    "WHAT DO WE DO NOW???" I recommend you spend time on this. Think about what you've done wrong and how you can repair your relationship with the Gods. Get creative.
    This is where the cream rises to the top. It's going to matter in the end.
    You must attone for what you have done wrong. You all understand the evil, immoral things you have done in your life. Go to the people you have wronged and make amends for what you did wrong. This could be very painful and you may feel great resistance. Muster the courage and go see these people. You will be glad once you did.
    The Gods match legacy of parents and children, so to understand the parent's evil is to understand the child's sins of their prior lives.
    If your parents pilfer from their employer then expect theft is one of your past-life sins. Adultery, alcoholism/drugs, dishonesty, immorality all would indicate problems you have had in the past. Doing so should help you get a good start repairing your relationship and working towards ascention in a future life.

    "I bet you're the kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give them a reach around." -Full Metal Jacket (1987), Private Leonard Lawrence.

    "And the only way you're going to get any relief is by signing on." I'll find evil my own way, thanks.
    God is disgusting.
    Nw I will badmouth them, and for good reason. But others have lived good lives, and actually owe them much, and should in no way have these attitudes I and so many other god-haters do.
    I'm sorry they use the tactic of passing on my feelings telepathically to others, for this dispatches my audience and even costs some a chance at learning. But it is their way. Another one of their tactics, the Gods use me as temptation, and once done using me they will dispose of me, with the empty promise of "We'll make it up to him." like they say for so many of the disfavored. The presence of these multinational organizations definitively allow the Gods to deny their intentional destuction and exploitation of my life, for in no way would they ever be involved in anything like this.

    If I am a clone of one of the Gods and they made me for this purpose (for they are asexual and reproduce via cloning and why they use sex as temptation) then it is reasonable to conclude they have the right, for they created me and are free to take the liberties they have, however monsterous and repulsive. However, considering they pushed me into molesting, considering they pushed me into stealing it is reasonable to assume they pushed me into offenses in prior lives which were necessary for justification/preparation for this enormous event that spans the globe.
    If I am not one of their clones the Gods are monsters.

    American Samoa football players on 60 Minutes. Years ago I researched moving there with my lottery money. Upon doing so I learned of the American territory's sub-minimum wages at the largest employer, the cannery.
    Years later I thought of it and I think mentioned it. Days later (9.29.09) the Gods hammered the island with a massive earthquake/tsunami which resulted in great damage. Now I learn the UnitedStates passed minimum wage laws subsequently and the corporation announced they were shutting the tuna cannery.
    And there are many other examples like this.

    There's the name connection with Hurricane Katrina. How it helped the blacks have a new chance contradicts the typical disaster surrounding this Situation.
    We have the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile this year. Remember, I called mom for possibly being reincarnated a Haitian slave years ago and loved to badmouth shitty Chilean fruit.
    It seems when I badmouth evil it helps them, while when I badmouth good it hurts them::::Donald Trump got The Apprentice while Dick Clark got a stroke and Gorilla got into a car crash. The difference? I've only helped evil. I've educated everybody but the Gods have used me as temptation to only help evil financially.
    Praised Union76 as the best gas then they lost the NASCAR sponsorship. The rest is history. RED,WHITE&BLUE IS BAD FOR YOU!!! Always evil. The Gods dictate that corporate color scheme to send this clue.
    Also, look to the primary competetors of RED,WHITE&BLUE for another color clue, for it is always best to patronize good.
    And the good thing about using clone hosts in the board rooms is if they get on top of things and tell the Gods "No." they will switch them for new ones who will say "Yes.".
    One day, however, the conditions will change. Either the Gods will change this policy to eliminate these clues, for in an enviornment of decay all good things must come to an end, or perhaps now, in the era after the damage is done, people aren't offered clone hosting with the same frequency and begin to behave appropriately, plateauing society once the last of the clone hosts die off. Clone hosting ensured those who entered wouldn't have sufficient time to fix their problems and ascend into heaven before The End.
    Of course what will happen is both:::Decay will plateau for a period of time, and when they resume aggressively corrupting/recruiting people into clone hosting again these clues will have already been eliminated. The calm before the storm.
    Approximately 300 years left, in my opinion.

    The Gods use me as temptation.
    There was Hurricanes Ivan and Wilma, the tornado which struck Alabama and killed 10 at high school, I think the tornado which hit Atlanta during round 1 of the NCAA tournament.
    And a whole lot more.
    There have been far more money-making/temptation events than disasters. Good thing too. The disasters the Gods have given us are real doozies.
    Sea World orca is funny!!
    Dale Fitzgerald.
    The Artist Formerly Known as Sexy (Before He Was Reincarnated).
    Sexy Parris.
    "Hey kid! Catch!!!"
    1989 Earthquake? No.
    One RIncon Hill was supposed to be two towers, but the Gods bult the first knowing they were going to tank the real estate market, resulting in only one tower completed.
    It ruins the skyline, sticks out like a sore thumb. And, by appearance, once can conclude it is a philaic symbol, punishment for homos.
    I wouldn't be suprised if 1989 was as well. At least partially.
    I don't think I have any connection to the 1991 Oakland Hills fire.
    Until those of us who are going do the Gods aren't going to admit anything, so we're going to have to wait until then to know for sure.
    Unfortunately, despite all these clues and the myriad of others I haven't listed here, the Gods defended this vigorously with their tools and, as a result, most didn't learn from this event.
    "You'll be glad it happened." I remember when they used to talk "optimal". Now the keyword is "minimized", and because of it I would have been better off had this not happened to me.

    I believe being who I am not only guarentees me 1000 years with Jesus, as being involved does for any of the major or even minor player in this Situation, but I think I will also receive a second chance on the new Planet Earth. This of course will mean I must start over and endure their trials, tribulations and temptations.
    But I wouldn't give the Gods a second chance, so I don't expect it from them.
    You got your trophy at my expense and sacrifice. You should have been gone long ago.
    And the crimes between us grow deeper.

    The God's pathology is a morality of convienience.

    Posted by: WWII's Unit 731:::Tsushogo | Oct 11, 2010 3:54:32 PM

  20. What do the gays care, that some people don't believe the way they do? I don't care what others believe. I'm not going to kill myself because others think it's murderous of me to eat meat, or because others think I'm going to Hell because I'm a Mormon. And I don't think it's any of my business what's taught in a church I don't go to. So lots of people believe differently from you. Live with it.

    Posted by: LKIdler | Oct 15, 2010 7:43:11 AM

  21. all christian churches will be against gay marriage, but unlike most christian churshes mormons belive you should disapprove of the sin but always love the siner, a lot a christian churches teaches there followers that being gay is evil and the persion should be condemned for it. mormons dont belive that gays are going to hell, but they do belive that marriage is a religious act, persionaly i thing that gays should have all the freedom of strait married couples but it should not get married. marriage is a religious right way do you want somthing that your clearly against.

    Posted by: sarah | Apr 4, 2011 3:39:43 PM

  22. there is so much hate for mormons we dont hate anyone i myself have gay freinds if you ask me sounds like kettle calling the pot blacki have never in my life have herd a singal mormon bash gays yes like all christian churches we dont aprove of homosexuality but we also dont aprove of a lot of things like pornography , or cheating on you spouse,ect; i love my gay freinds i think there amazing people we have been freinds for over 10 years i dont juge them why are you jugeing me the way i live my life. and someone said that mormon bash women if you ever go to a mormon church you would probably hear them say how much better women are them men but you dont know if you have never been inside a mormon church or read the book of mormon you really dont know do you?

    Posted by: sarah | Apr 4, 2011 4:04:00 PM

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