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    Well I come away from that Ad with Barney Frank in my head and not the other guy. Who knew he could be so limber? Ha Ha… Seriously, though, this looks a little like bullying, turning Frank into a marionette and making him dance. It’s not intelligent debate and I think reflects badly on the people it was made for. Let it go viral and bite them.

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    It’s too bad Sean Bielat is such a right wing teabagging douche. Personally I would love to see Barney Frank voted out of office due to his horrible handeling of DADT, ENDA and the way he’s treated the gay community.

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    The director, who’s clearly a pathetic little fame whore, says in the NYTimes video: “Somebody’s going to say it’s homophobic.”

    Ok, I’ll say it: “It’s homophobic.” And obviously aims to be. I might be more outraged if it weren’t such a transparent and ineffective mess. It says nothing important about Barney and reveals Sean Bielat to be an easily manipulated wooden teabagger, not really qualities sane MA residents will embrace.

    Certainly no gay MA voter should fall for this nonsense. Some may have been wooed by Scott Brown, but not this anti-gay moron.

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    12 points ahead is not a tough election especially with how polls (many admittedly by the pollsters) being screwed up

    early voting already shows Dems out voting r’s

    – the cell phone vs land line factor which was 3% swing to dems in 2008 and 4% swing to dems 2010

    – those polls that do release their screening data all show them filtering for 55% repubs vs 45% based off the premise that r’s have momentum due to midterm and teabaggers so they call more repubs than dems

    – their screening for non whites is laughable and hugely screwed towards underpolling despite the factors of having an AA president at the head of the dem party will motivate AA voters to turn out during a midterm more than they have in the past (simple logic) + repub blatant use of the “southern strategy” and many r’s going proudly anti immigrant …anti latino, anti asian, anti arab anti anyone non white will motivate non whites to vote in droves

    Polling is one of the most unscientific things ever. The pre determined scewing of who polling companies think will vote causes them to shape their polls = completly unscientific and any scientist who did such in experiments would loose their funding and be laughed into becoming hermits hiding away from the light of day. LOL

    Frank will win closer to an 18% margin though 12% is still great since all it takes is .01% more than the other guy to win

    nate silver is basically admitting its all screwed up. His math uses what pollsters provide and the pollsters are providing flawed data

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    PS as proof of point

    only 1

    1 single pollster out of many had Obama winning the New hampshire primary

    only 1

    Obama won the primary by a huge margin

  6. Vlad says

    Welcome to America, Rucka. So many willfully ignorant “folks” out there whose idea of a debate is throwing around mean-spirited putdowns and “jokes” more befitting of a high school cheerleader or frat boy.

  7. Please says

    The opposition pulled this exact same thing against Luke Snyder when he ran for student government on “As the World Turns.”

    I suppose the fact that Bielat’s camp is cribbing their ideas from the abysmal writing team that got a venerable, 54-year-old daytime soap shit-canned should be seen as reassuring for the Frank supporters.

  8. jamal49 says

    @JEFF Please, tell us. What does Barney Frank have to do with ENDA and DADT? Is realism so tough for you that you had trouble with Rep. Frank explaining that THE VOTES JUST WEREN’T THERE to pass ENDA this session? DADT and its failure to be ash-canned is not Barney Frank’s fault. Go talk to that hussy Speaker of the House, Fancy Nancy Pelosi. And, one last question. Please, tell us, how has Barney Frank mistreated the gay community, considering that Rep. Frank is gay himself? Just curious.

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    the ad is a silly hot mess and distractive. Frank’s opponent – see I wouldn’t know that if I saw the ad – says nothing about himself. I can see a voter going “what the hell is this?”

  10. justaguy says

    The equivilent ad against Obama would have involved Obama eating watermelon, claiming that he can’t see around the rind to the real issues.

    This ad is blatantly offensive. (Never mind that it doesn’t look effective either.) It’s the sort of joke that would only be acceptable if made between gays, ~privately. This non-minority mainliner jack-ass has no business making this “joke”; for him to make it is pure bullying attempt – nothing more.

    I don’t care what NY Times fame whore says to try to head this dead-on criticism off by claiming anything could be called homophobic. Bullshit. That’s not a defense for an OBVIOUSLY offensive ad like this one.

    I don’t know Barney that well, but I expect he’ll rise above it. That said, this ad is wrong and should offend Mass voters, based on their own personal conciences…

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