1. phineas says

    Very cute footage, but I would hate to be in an airliner that happened to cross paths with their experiment.

  2. gr8guyca says

    How come my iPhone doesn’t even get a signal when I go to the second story of my house?

  3. Kurt says

    Next up, a trip through the Denorius Belt, with a possible landing on Cardassia Prime!

    /star trek nerd off

  4. says

    NOT a space craft!

    100,000 miles is only the bottom end of low earth orbit with atmospheric gasses etc.

    Ur not even hitting ‘space” till about 100x that

    It might seem anal, but like Buckminster fuller and many others have felt…we do a disservice to ourselves and science while promoting ignorance by using words that are false by nature in describing phenomena (i.e. sunset/ sunrise…neither of which is reality. The sun does not move around the earth)

  5. says

    I’ll echo Toddyy – what a cool Dad. I’d have loved it for my Father to have spent time with me on some project.

  6. Tone says

    With support like he is getting from from his dad I predict that this boy will go far in life. What an inspiration! What a great project! What a great kid! What a great dad!

  7. ratbastard says

    I have very fond memories of hanging out with my dad (now dead), and we use to go to the park and set off model rockets all the time. Not the same thing as Luke’s rocket, but the point is father and son bonding. I feel sorry for guys who never got to bond with their dad. Nice story.

  8. Bill says

    WOW. Just wow. This is, indeed, one fantastic dad. (Even if he didn’t quite get the proper terminology for what the flight achieved.) The kid will never forget this experiment. I got shivers just watching the footage. Thanks, cool dad.

  9. Harry says

    That is awesome. It’s amazing that space starts at aprox. 19miles up. Driving that distance in a car is nothing.

  10. JoeyO'H says

    Very cool! What a cool thing for something for a dad and his son to experience- something for the rest of their lives.

  11. TampaZeke says

    That just made my day! How utterly wonderful. Coolest dad ever! And OK, I’ll be shallow and say it, SMOKIN’ HOT!

  12. says


    100,000 would DEFINITELY be considered space.

    But this only went up 100,000 FEET.

    Talk about “promoting ignorance by using words that are false”

  13. Mr. West says

    I agree- my first shallow thought for sure. My second is that he could take my space on a wild ride anytime he wants! Ironically, every 2nd Sunday at Akbar in Los Angeles is the Bears in Space night. Should we send an invite?

  14. JT says

    Ok, mstrozfckslv,

    Lets send you up to 100,000 feet with a pair of shorts on and a BBQ stained tank top. Then you can tell us how NOT “space” feels.
    Its as close as most of us will ever get to space, so Bravo to an awesome dad and a kid with imagination.
    My dad and I built model gliders and ships, and to Kurt, my dad helped me build a cardboard mockup of the starship Enterprise bridge, so yeah, love my dad to. (Nerd overload, I know)