1. Bob says

    Too bad she and her husband didn’t do anything for gay rights during his administration — except do everything they could to marginalize us.

    When people on these board take pot shots at Obama (not unmerited), remember what the previous eight years were like and take pause.

  2. 33mhz says

    FUCK YOU LAURA. Was it not 5 minutes ago that she was telling people that it wasn’t her responsibility to defend gays to her husband?

  3. Mona says

    She needs to read Dan Savage’s column about how being opposed to gay rights feeds into the whole bullying issue. 33MHZ is right, FUCK YOU, LAURA.

  4. really says

    Seriously, where the fuck was this woman during the cheney reign? Is she trying to sell books or something?

  5. justiceontherocks says

    I’m no fan of her husband, and I wish she’d been more outspoken when she lived on PA Avenue. But she was not part of her husband’s administration. She did not set the policy. And what she is doing now is absolutely the right thing. The fact that she isn’t identified as one of our advocates may make the message stronger.

    To the posters writing “FY Laura,” you need to learn to show as much class as she did in this interview.

  6. TampaZeke says

    When did Laura Bush decide that she hates Jebus, chuldrin, ‘Merka and all things Republican?

  7. BobN says

    “And what she is doing now is absolutely the right thing.”

    The right thing is to STFU or apologize.

    And, yes, women apologize for their husbands’ behavior all the time.

  8. says

    The question the reporter should have asked her is ‘do you believe your husband’s policies and campaigns added to the belief that it’s perfectly acceptable (and just) to bully gay Americans?’

  9. mare says

    FUCK YOU LAURA BUSH. I’m with everyone else — might’ve been nice if you and your right wingnut husband would’ve perhaps supported gay rights during his reign of terror.

    Also, it’s interesting that she keeps highlighting “bullying of ANY kind.” true, but interesting that she doesn’t really skew it to the gay kids who are being bullied.

  10. Larry says

    The time for her to do something positive are long over. She is irrelevant and if I never have to hear of her and her husband again, it will be to soon.

  11. Ryan says

    Laura bush stated during her husbands administration that she actually personally supported some gay rights initatives. it just wasn’t picked up. Whatever you want to say about her husband (and there is alot to say, and not just on gay rights issues) the former first lady did a pretty good job

  12. RJ says

    The brass ones on this bitch! Fuck off and die, Laura Bush. And take that pathetic piece of trash that is your husband with you.

  13. says

    Only thing good he did that should be acknowledged is the removal of the HIV travel ban.

    He did more than what a Republican usually does. Even tho he won with anti-gay blood in 2004, at least the Bush’s are acknowledging their errors than never.

  14. miami says

    She has always been for gay rights except when gay bashing in 2004 got here 4 more years in the White House…..