1. Theo says

    You said you do not wanna be imposed on your rights if you like chocolate or vanilla…but now that you chose to be abstinent, you think it is right that all gay should be doing like what you chose to do. You are so confused and lost and it shows on your eyes. I dare to bet that at some point soon in your life, you are going to crave for cock again and then you know you’ve been lying to yourself and others. What a poor soul you are.

  2. phineas says

    It seems she has had a recent religious conversion according to the “testimony” on Youtube (in spanish). Apparently, this means she has turned her back on the wicked gay people whom she supported before.

  3. Mike says

    There are a lot of rumors in Mexico that she is gay. Also is she even a registered voter in the United States? I don’t understand why is she asking for voters to vote their values when she can’t even vote in the U.S.A.

  4. Bart says

    Who gives a holy rat’s ass what this idiot thinks about anything? Oh no, some dimwit Mexican soap opera actress doesn’t think I should be able to get married? Woe is me. This is the best NOM can do? Really? Shows you the bottom of the drain they are licking.

    Here’s my values…no more marriage between stupid people like this wanna-be-somebody and another human being. They only make more stupid people. I think we need to start valuing intelligence and rational thinking and stop worrying about what half-literate people think.

  5. Theo says

    @PHINEAS: It’s obvious that Conservative and Organized Religion is for the weak-mined people. Her recent religious conversion happened after her dad passed away. It’s a moment when she is most vulnerable. I know God is very disappointed with her right now. Hope she is realizing that before long.

  6. phineas says

    I might add, a lot of gays watch the telenovelas and are involved in them in front of and behind the cameras. If bitch wants a guerra she may well get one.

  7. Alan says

    She is eager to get home to her mom and her baby. No mention of husband. Is Lozano married? NOM’s big argument is that children need a mom and dad. Was Lozano having sex outside the holy bonds of marriage?

  8. FunMe says

    She says “don’t impose me to like chocolate”, yet that is EXACTLY what she is doing by IMPOSING others to be for straight marriage and against MARRIAGE EQUALITY.

    I am latino, and I have NEVER heard of this woman. I asked friends who she was, and one friend responded:

    “No wonder her career is going nowhere!”

    Meanwhile, she is aligned with Eduardo Verástegui, who used to be Ricky Martin’s ex-lover and has turned into the biggest CLOSET QUEEN who has “abstained from sex” … otherwise known as, I am gay and CONservative, and I am abstaining from sex because I am suppose to be straight, but I am not attracted to woman, but I have to pretend I am straight, therefore I “ABSTAIN” so I don’t have to do it with women.

    Geez, these people are warped and FANTATICAL!

  9. Raul says

    So when i was 20 i was a whore, now that i have a kid and nobody wants to do me im abstinent…and daddy had cancer and it was all related with me being a whore and having slutty gay friends.

    Well isnt she special???

    In the name of mexico i apologize and i appriciate this bitch migrate to the usa. Please dont send her back. We are getting married down here.

  10. francisco says

    we ask for tolerance and we are giving karime zero tolerance. That woman asked her questions and she answered in an honest way.She is sharing what she thinks, NOT imposing. SHe is not saying we HAVE to do what she says. The day we give tolerance or respect to other people that think in a different way,that day we will be taken more seriously by more people!

  11. francisco says

    I know gay haters, and she is not! I havent heard one single word of hate comming out of her mouth!Stop atacking her just because she doesnt agree with what you want. I DONt agree with everything you guys say, and Ive been atacked and named anti-gay…Im gay!!! hellooo??!!! We have to respect everybodys opinion!

  12. Lorenzo says

    What I can’t understand is why in the fucking hell do gay people have to have STRAIGHT people as captains, queens, or heads of a PRIDE parade. That is for US not the straight community. Inclusion is overrated

  13. Lee Creole says

    You would think a person voting for MY rights as in American in AMERICA would be able to speak English.

    At the risk of being called a bigot and racist, this is what the end result of “open borders” would lead to. For every gay person who piggy backs on the “Yes on illegal immigration” bandwagon because they don’t realize that you can be a liberal (like myself) and be a free thinking one, grasping the fact that some people enter our nation with their mandated values…and THOSE people who enter illegally, birth childrens who become automatic citizens (and have those “values” engrained) are the most difficult to shed of bigotry. Think about that next time you scream for every single person to relocate here…as many of my Canadian gay friends in Canada are complaining “Diversity is sometimes the biggest thorn in the face of gay equality” and I say this as a biracial who has no racism bone, only realistic ones, and it angers me to see someone who can barely string a sentence in this nations language together going on a national tour in our nation promoting why my rights as an American should be stripped.

  14. James.Music75. says

    Aww, isn’t that precious? she’s in favor of immigration rights but against gay rights.

    Yes, Karyme, enjoy going “HONE” hopefully to the nation you came from. We have enough bigots here, we do not need anymore.

  15. NYCluvbee says

    “Francisco” you ARE anti gay. She is anti gay as well! She is voting down on MY rights to get married. That IS imposing. She is blabbering about being abstaining from being gay. That IS an attack.

    You have no self respect, dignity or integrity for yourself so you sheepishly follow straight people who tell you you are worthless, and you sound worthless…but don’t expect the gay community to be as pathetic as you sound to be.

    We will NOT and should NOT tolerate opinions that infringe on our equal rights. The day our community takes advice from sheep like you is one sorry, sad, pathetic day. Thankfully, the gay community I know is a strong, confident, unified one that will not be silenced by people who want to “share their opinions” on our rights. We’re DEMANDING our rights and will get them sooner than you and Lozano can imagine.

  16. Michaeleanon says

    oh, look everyone. her gay friend who is abstinent is on here and his name is Francisco. Hi francisco? so hows the straight conversion workin’ out for you there bud? obviously not doing so well with it if you’re on one of the biggest gay blogs on the net.
    tell lozano we said hi and maybe you two can marry each other now that you’re straight and she had sex out of marriage and is a single mother.

  17. Radiant Vagabond says

    It’s a ridiculous misnomer to say she was a “Pride Queen.” She rode on a float – a car. The SF Pride Parade doesn’t have any awarded queens, only the gay male kind by the thousands walking or riding or twirling along with all the other participants.

  18. jamal49 says

    @FRANCISCO My right to live as an openly gay man, without fear and without societal condemnation or discrimination is not an “opinion”. It is a fact. Stop defending this woman. She’s a bigot. She’s a hater. Her “beliefs” are bullshit. I refuse to ever accept anyone’s “opinion” that it’s OK to shit all over the LGBT community because of their “beliefs”. She can say whatever she wants, but she–and her dimwit supporters and that includes YOU–is not entitled to any respect whatsoever for her “opinions”. Que esa puta de mierda se vaya al carajo.

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