1. Disgusted American says

    I cant stand this woman with every fiber of my being…..I wouldn’t waste my eye-sight watching this drivel BS either….I really wish she’d go away, forever. Everytime she speaks its like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher…..and now, it looks like the media is making Christine O’Donnell in this woman’s image……so what now, next year TLC will make “Christine O’Donnell’s Delaware”? AAARGH! Stupidity seems to be running rampant in this country anymore.

  2. Patrick says

    Ok. So, she’d rather be out there. That’s just fine with me! The American people should DEFINITELY watch this, and give the woman what she wants! And just a quick question: Should my eyes be bleeding right now? Is that normal after watching this or should I seek professional medical attention?

  3. princely54 says

    @DISGUSTED AMERICAN I feel every ounce of your pain. I can’t even stand to watch the few minutes it would take to see that preview. Just the sound of her voice lowers my sperm production by half.

  4. Bill says

    Gee, isn’t it wonderful Sarah lives in such a clean, pristine state. Maybe she should move to Texas and live along our polluted, petro-chemical coast to see what “free enterprise” and “less government” does for the environment. Let’s fuck up Alaska until it’s a filthy, trashed-out wasteland and then see what kind of glowing PR film this brainless cheerleader can come up with.

  5. Nick says

    This is America- unfortunately.
    Welcome to it.
    The land of simple solutions to complex problems, us vs. them, going “rogue”, anti-intellectual ALL the time now. And everyday Umericans voting against their best interests courtesy of Pravda-err-Faux News……
    The best days are most definitely behind us.
    Snooki and Sarah- unfortunately are what this
    country wants to watch.

  6. Rafael says

    Never underestimate her drive. She’s taking her moves from the Ronald Reagan playbook with her own t.v. show. Another part of her campaign to be president. It took RR three runs to win. Let’s hope it will take Sarah 4 or 5.

  7. patrick nyc says

    That’s funny, they took out a line from an earlier clip I saw.

    “No boys go upstairs.”

    I guess even the people at TLC were laughing too much.

    I still think it’s all about money, she may hate ‘stuffy’ political offices like the governor mansion, and the White House does not open their windows. There is also chatter on the blogs of digging up dirt on her fake last birth, which if she runs for president she can not hide like when she lost her bid for VP.

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