1. CoMo'mo says

    I don’t recall seeing ANYTHING good coming out about Dallas lately. Aren’t there some pix of fuzzy kittens rescued from a dumpster?

  2. m.safra says

    my high school did not have a homecoming king/queen and most students liked that. the whole process is completely antiquated anyway… so, who cares? it only serves to make 2 people feel cool for a day, and a bunch of unpopular girls feel worse. If i were a student at North Dallas High School, i would petition to abolish the crowning of “kings/queens” altogether.

  3. Rin says


    I agree with you. I’d rather abolish the whole elitist assholish tradition to begin with.

    Public schools should be education only and have all of the other activities from sports to clubs on your own time.

  4. Ben says

    She’s a seemingly fantastic young girl. Centered, with some confidence, and unafraid to speak. I hope for her safety, but it sounds as if she has plenty of support.

  5. gregv says

    Interestingly, the principal apparently allowed another MTF transgendered student to run for king in the same contest. The principal is referd to as saying she doesn’t care whether the king dresses as male or female but she does seem dead set on the idea that the king must have a penis.
    The principal is referred to by the transgendered Andy in one article as “homophobic.” My first thought was that no support is provided to show that she has any animus toward homosexuality.

    Then I realized the end result of her policy: No matter who the elected king and queen are and no matter whether either or both of them are transgenderd or not, under no circumstances can the two people standing at the podium have anything but one penis and one vagina between them.

    Anyway, the whole king and queen thing is so antiquated and sexist to begin with.

  6. says

    A little while ago, the Gay blogosphere was cheering a school that elected a Gay boy homecoming queen. That was pure lunacy, and it made me angry. Andie Moreno’s situation is entirely different. She is not a Gay boy, she is a Transsexual girl. Her gender identity gives her every right to run for homecoming queen, and she should be considered. These are the kinds of local battles we should fighting, instead of celebrating silly events that play LGBT sexuality for burlesque.

  7. Randy says

    “It again should be noted that Dallas ISD is proud to have one of the most progressive anti-discrimination policies among school districts in the state”

    If this is the result of that policy, then Dallas ISD should be embarrassed, not proud, that the rest of the state is even worse.

    Also, regarding Stuffed Animal, I oppose all sex/gender limitations. If a boy or intersex person wants to run for queen, that should be permitted. There’s no reason the king and queen have to mimic heterosexual couples. There’s no lunacy there — just basic equal rights.

  8. TANK says

    “Anyway, the whole king and queen thing is so antiquated and sexist to begin with.”

    Good to be the king, though.

  9. JezzMed says

    The seniors at North Dallas HS voted a straight boy for Homecoming king and a straight girl for HCQueen. Andy did not make it to the nomination therefore he was not eligible to run for HCQ. If we did not vote fo Ignacio a queer partner of Andy who’s running for King, why would we vote for Andy for HCQ. There are more popular girls in my class than Andy the wannabe girl. He said so many lies to the media you people should know by now. ANDY IS HURTING EVERYONE IN MY SCHOOL BY PRETENDING HE IS A GIRL AND EXPECT US TO ACCEPT AND BELIEVE HIS LIES. He should think what he is doing is a lot damage for his classmates and our school than smiling and make a fool of himself in front of the camera. Students like Andy need to just wear their tiaras and heels at home and not bring their petty issues at school. If you know Andy, it’s all about Andy, his tantrums, and his selfish ego. There I said it.

  10. GregV says

    Jezzmed: All I have to do is watch that interview and I can see that Andy is not “pretending to be a girl;” she is presenting herself as the gender that matches her psychological gender.

    She did not feel like herself “pretending” to be gay and only did that because she thought people would understand what that means more easily than they would understand transgendered people.

    I’m not sure that she wouldn’t have accomplished more just to have run as “king,” but really, what is the big deal with letting her choose what she wants to run for?

    And what will this principal do if next year she has an intersexed student who wants to run for something? If she’s going to disregard how they identify themselves. does that mean she will look in their underwear, and if so what if she can’t decide which sex they are?

  11. Please says

    @Jezzmed: Take some time to skim a few of the other recent articles on this blog and you’ll notice that in the last two months, about once a week some kid whose classmates got all bent out of shape over how offended they are by the mere existence of people who are different (like Andy) has committed suicide.

    Like you said, there are lots of girls at your school that are more popular, so what’s the harm in just letting Andy run? More importantly, why do you care so much? How is she hurting you by giving it a shot?

    Here’s the kicker: You’ve been around Andy enough for her to give you the impression that she’s selfish and self-involved, but you’re not with her all the time. What if she acts like a diva at school because she spends most of her life feeling scared and isolated? Living as an out transgendered individual is so scary there are tons of adults who don’t find the courage to actually do that until they’re 2 or even 3 times Andy’s age. What have you ever faced that took that much courage? For some reason, you’re very invested in making sure that Andy not get to run for HCQ. How would you feel if Andy were to read your post all about how much you dislike her and that was the last straw that drove her to give up on living? Is being different such a bad thing that you’d rather see someone kill themselves to spare you from having to learn a little compassion?

    Slow your roll, honeychild.

  12. Max says

    That ugly c unt on the bullhorn looks like a tranny. She could definitely use a bag over her head. paper or plastic.