1. zac says

    My favorite part of 50Cent clarification is where he goes on about how the press took it out of context and nobody mentioned that he clearly said LOL after the line.

    Which…I mean…that doesn’t really help. Like, at all.

  2. TommyOC says

    As much as I love Quinto and I know 50 Cent is a bad example for humanity, I don’t think his latest Tweet was homophobic.

    Why? Because it specifically mentions those *over* 25 and also mentions the specific act of cunnilingus. I can’t help but read it as this guy suggesting that grown men (over the 25) who aren’t willing to orally please their women should go off themselves. I got the impression he was wanting the women of the world to have a better class of carpet-munching men.

    I mean, if he was targeting gays – and ALL of them at that – why put an age restriction in there? What, are gays under 25 okay?

    Of course, if 50 Cent didn’t have a history of homophobic remarks, this one incident would be dead and buried by now…

  3. says

    You know what would truly make the world a better place? If people like Zachary Quinto would come out of the closet instead of hiding behind the role of ambiguously straight “gay activist.”

  4. naughtylola says

    Sorry for dissenting from conventional wisdom here, but I thought it was pretty clear what 50Cent was getting at. He was talking specifically about het guys who won’t lick bush and *particularly* addressing the black male population who have a reputation for refusing to go “downtown”, as the kids call it these days. CW is that black dudes don’t go down. 50 was calling them out. The end.

  5. Patrick says

    Graham I was going to say wasn’t he (50) on your gay arse show recently? Is this all just a big misunderstanding? It just seems like afterwards 50 may really have been talking about a blow job joke…i.e. if he meant something about the gays he woulda said something about them…I dunno…

  6. walter says

    50 cents is useless piece of gutter crap and his time has so since passed. we need more anderson coopers ,
    ellen’s zachary quinto’s to stand to the overinflated bags of air who preach this kind of hate. i was never one to push people out of the closet. but these kids have to see some hope. good luck to dab savages project hope it helps

  7. walter says

    everyone who can make it should attend the anti-bullying rally on Sunday at 900 at Washington square park make then see that the time for bullying is over and let the kids know there is hope for s better life

  8. karl_with_a_k says

    Regardless of whether the comment was directed at gay men (which it was!) or blacks who won’t go down on a woman, suggesting that a group of people, or anyone for that matter, kill themselves is reprehensible, and following it with “LOL” doesn’t make it any less so. He is a disgusting human being, and I use the term human being very loosely here.

  9. David Kaufman says


    You said it Graham. We can take down folks like 50 all we want, but the real damages is done by guys like Quinto and Cooper whose endless closetedness sends the worst kind of message to vulnerable teens — that despite their money, fame, success and (to borrow from Quinto himself) privilege, living a life of openness and honesty will never be possible.

    You wanna keep conflicted kids from hurting themselves Quino and Cooper — then come out and tell them how you managed to survive.

    Until they, this “community” has no real use for you.

  10. Toto says

    Aagh, this whole thing is ridiculous and over-inflated like 50 cents ego. I wish people would stop reading snippets and screaming accusations. I guess the FOX news/Shirley Sherrod style of reporting is the new standard :/

  11. GC says

    @ Toto

    Funny…I don’t think it’s over inflated! Me, my husband and 4 friends were attacked last night in CHELSEA by a bunch of thugs (presumably fans of 50 cent) simply because we hugged each other good night as we were heading our seperate ways after dinner. I have a broken nose and our friend has stiches in his head. We’re just thankful the gunshots didn’t hit any of us. Ridiculous? Over inflated? I think not!

  12. ratbastard says

    Lets see:

    1) The government, after prodding from academic do-gooders, creates an elaborate wefare system, where mommy can get all kinds of goodies, but….she must be unmarried, and daddy can’t be hanging around…..CHECK!

    2) The government, after prodding from academic do-gooders, builds massive punblic housing projects / ghettos…where you can get DIRT CHEAP housing if…you’re ‘poor’, or manage to lie and cheat and pretend you’re poor. Extra points if you’re an unmarried mommy with kids…..CHECK!

    3) large NUMBERS of disproportionately minorities go along with this scheme…more and more kids are born into ‘poor’ households with a mommy incapable of properly caring for and raising kids, while daddy is not a main player in raising his kids…..CHECK!

    4) Kids grow up angry, out of control, and are educated in a system that tells them they’re victims going back 500 years….CHECK!

    5) Said kids are correspondingly raised in a home / ghetto environment full of violence, ignorance, hate and where gender roles demand males behave like savages lest anyone think they’re weak and girlish……CHECK!

    6) As the music industry business model started to fall apart with the advent of internet downloads and other technological advancements, a ‘music’ genre is created to both exploit such kids (and adults) and replace revenue lost from the general population with a demographic less able to exploit (at least for a long time at the beginning of the internet revolution) technological advances…….CHECK!

    7) Said music genre actually encourages further dysfunctional behavior, thereby feeding itself and The System……CHECK!

    I think I covered everything.

  13. ratbastard says

    FU Jamal

    You telling me with a fucking straight face there’s no problem with rap and violence? Really? There’s no serious problem with violence involving black urban neighborhoods, especially housing projects? Are you shitting me, boss? You telling me African Americans having an out of wedlock, children raised in single parent (READ: no daddy) families rate at 70 plus % (some places 85-90%!) and disproportionately reliant on social services isn’t a problem?

    Get the fuck outta town,Jamal.

  14. Toto says


    Its infuriating that anyone would attack someone for just being gay and I’m glad you and your friends weren’t killed. My point was that even though 50 cent is a homophobe this latest tweet is what is getting attention and it was only presented in a snippet that is not in a homophobic context. Now 50 might not be a genius or even of middle school intelligence but I don’t understand why if this was an “anti-gay attack” he would put the limitations of the age of 25 and include men who don’t perform cunnilingus (which includes gay AND straight men). This is what I got from my first read of the tweet and affirmed from the stream of tweets it was part of. It just makes news sources look ridiculous and amateur to not include direct links, surrounding comments and adding over-dramatic headlines in order whip people into a comment frenzy. Its something that Fox news does, not people with common sense.

  15. JDB says

    Here’s the thing: half-cent may or may not have been targeting gay folks with that tweet. My gut instinct says he wasn’t. But guess what? It doesn’t matter.

    It was still a hurtful and homophobic thing to say. Adding LOL at the end of it doesn’t make it ok. To my mind the worst part of it is how he makes light of suicide, an issue that affects every group.

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