1. Speedieg says

    I get so tired of the fake remorse. What she is really saying is that she is sorry she got caught and is being punished for harming someone who the the religious right, and the bigots say is not even human. I hope her life is ruined for what she did.

  2. Windy says

    Civil court…sue her for damages and emotional trauma…..take her house, her care…everything she has…and put her on the street.

  3. SeriouslySick says

    Dyed in the wool conformist yet sociopathic hetero, big crocodile tears, thinks her actions just happened. What else is new? Let her drown in her own freaking gene pool as she flushes her life down the drain like every other piece of hetero trash. Just keep it away from us, you freak.

  4. Jazzy says

    Ugh…had the perpetrator been a minority the jury would have thrown the book at her. All she had to do was flash her big ‘pretty’ eyes, drop some tears, and play the “reformed” damsel-in-distress and *voila* sentence reduction.

  5. ratbastard says


    5 years probation is actually pretty stiff and not unusual for cases like this. She didn’t get a slap on the wrist. If she’s a bonfide hard-ass, she’ll just end up violating parole and end up back in prison.

  6. says

    ugh, “both women hurting”? Seriously?

    Also, I love how she apologized for “what happened”… what about “I’m sorry for WHAT I DID”? Take some responsibility, please.

  7. customartist says

    This happens all the time now.

    What good do Hate crime Laws do if they are not APPLIED affirmatively by the authorities? No Good!

  8. LG Wilson says

    Chris Browne said the same thing –
    “I’m sorry for What Happened.”
    Not ‘what I did’ or ‘The harm I caused you’ but what ‘happened’… the victim just happened to get her eye slashed.