Catholic University Dumps Gay Staffer Over Wedding Announcement

Laine Tadlock, the education program director at Benedictine University in Springfield, lost her job because she mentioned it in an announcement of her marriage to her partner Kae Helstrom in The State Journal-Register, that newspaper reports:

Tadlock Tadlock left the program Oct. 28. The university says Tadlock resigned. Tadlock says she didn’t.

The wedding announcement, which included Tadlock’s position at Benedictine, a Catholic-sponsored university, appeared in the newspaper July 11.

In a Sept. 30 letter to Tadlock’s attorney, Benedictine President William Carroll wrote, “… By publicizing the marriage ceremony in which she participated in Iowa she has significantly disregarded and flouted core religious beliefs which, as a Catholic institution, it is our mission to uphold.”


According to documents Tadlock furnished to the newspaper, the university offered her an early retirement deal Aug. 27 under which she would have been paid one year’s salary, two-thirds of her salary the second year and one-third the third year. The offer also included a confidentiality clause prohibiting Tadlock from talking publicly about what had happened, as well as a waiver prohibiting her from filing suit against Benedictine.

Tadlock and her attorney, Richard Frazier of Springfield, made a counter-offer. They were told there would be no negotiations, Tadlock said. She refused the university’s early retirement offer.

In a Sept. 7 e-mail and letter to Frazier, Wolf wrote that if Tadlock would not accept early retirement, then “most likely (the university) will decide to terminate your employment due to incompatibility with the University’s essential mission.” The e-mail was also sent to Carroll and Bromberg.

The University knew about the marriage, but forced Tadlock out over the mention of Benedictine in the announcement.


  1. walter says

    but if she had gone out and abused and raped children this would be okay . the church would overlook that but loving someone is not okay. pls put this evil institution out of business once and for is stone age thinking in the 21st century

  2. K in VA says

    How typical of Catholic (and other) hypocrites: “As long as you people keep quiet about it, it’s okay if you continue working here because we all like you and you’re great at your job. But let any outsiders know, and you’re out of here!”

    [An aside: Why do people like Laine always get caught in these situations? Are they really so clueless about their employers? How on earth could she have imagined nobody would kick about her wedding announcement? Does she never read newspapers or watch tv or follow lgbt news on the net? Has she never read or at least heard of the Catholic attitudes toward us? Don’t get me wrong: I wish many years of happiness to her and her new bride, and I’m disgusted about what’s happened to her. Still, I gotta wonder …]

  3. David in Houston says

    “Catholic-sponsored university” — Does that mean that they don’t accept state or government funding? To me, that would determine if they have the right to fire her on the basis of their religious beliefs. (as repugnant as that is)

  4. sean says

    Lesbian fired for loving relationship, while pedophile priests are still handling the eucharist with the same hands they raped children with… Some fucking church.

  5. says

    Who’s surprised by this turn of events? A lesson for us all: never seek or accept employment from a religion-sponsored institution that, in this case, clearly uses a dumb-downed version of it’s own mythos as a bludgeon for hiring and firing.

    I trust there are no Jews, Muslims, Hindi, Buddhists, or especially apostate Protestants on staff at BU, either…

  6. Ciaran says

    I agree with Laurence, it’s a depressing and disgusting way to lose your job but I don’t think any right-minded person should have any involvement with the catholic church on any level – walking away and not looking back would allow it to collapse in on itself more quickly. One day people will be amazed at the stranglehold moral superstition and fiction still had on our way of thinking in the 21st century.

  7. LAXJFK says

    The ‘church’ as they call it is the most disgusting criminal enterprise ever invented. Anyone gay who gives money to them is a fool. I’d love to stick a crucifix up that President’s ass–of course he’d love it. Pathetic Pedophiles, that’s all they are, from the pope on down.

  8. clint says

    All these pronouncements about the evils of Catholicism sure are effective, they sure make a huge difference.
    I get paid good money by a Catholic parish to direct their music and I LOVE my job, and they love me, know I’m gay, and are delighted by my relationship with a scion of one of the prominent families in the archdiocese, who is also an excellent musician. The Catholic laity are solidly in favor of at least civil unions, and I can tell. I feel I’m in the right place, doing what I love for people who deserve it because they can’t give enough to the poor and needy, or take care of their own who are in trouble. What the hell, I only see the hierarchy once a year, and it’s not like I ever talk to the old guy anyway.

  9. TANK says

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, clint. You, like everyone else, have no interest in accountability. Just get off that horse…it’s giving you a nose bleed.

  10. TANK says

    Oh, and if the university is private and catholic, there ya have it. Freedom of association. Of course, the decision is highly unethical, but it’s certainly legal, and that’s what happens when you run with bigots.

  11. Stephen says

    It shouldn’t be leagal they knew she was gay and it seems to have only become a problem when she voiced that. Clint, you may not always be so comfy.

  12. kansastock says

    Benedicktine has been the worsest of the worsest for years. They used to troll gay bars in Springfield to find their students there, then out and humiliate them in front of the entire student body. Truely dispicable.

  13. Tom in long beach says

    I just love how they wanted to pay this woman off to not go to the papers, which to me tells me they know they are in the wrong. I also love how disapproving of stable long term relationship is a “core belief”. Not something silly like “love your neighbor” or “do onto others as you would have done onto yourselves”. Hypocrites. Obviously there are not enough highly trained cultist to run these places of higher learning.
    Also shout out to Clint. When I was coming out I hung out with a bunch of Church musicians, especially organists. They were a very talented and very closeted except for a few that were internationally know at the time so they refused to sign the “ethical behavior” paper. I love how so many churches had a “Blind Eye” while the musicians must have decided to be “deaf” during the sermons.

  14. justiceontherocks says

    Clint. You are a tool, a ho, a walking minstrel show for these deviants.

    And thank you for helping to make it possible for priests to continue to molest teenagers.

  15. clint says

    You know what helps me sleep at night? That archdiocesan check in my bank account, and my hot Irish Catholic boyfriend in my bed. And if I’m on a horse, Tank, you’re on a fucking elephant like all the damn time. You don’t like anything and anyone. Ever.
    Yes, I am a tool, and a whore, and a minstrel show. It’s the lot of all us church musicians so to do at one time or another, and some of us our entire lives. The music comes FIRST, no exceptions. Ever. It’s part of the reason most of us don’t really hang out with anyone else but our own.

  16. TANK says

    BOOM! Go punch yourself in the junk as hard as you can, clint! You’re a useful idiot. Thing is, you’re about as useful as a tennis racket with no strings…tits on a bull…ya know, the catholic church or a nun with rubbers, maggie gallagher with lingerie…to gay equality, which you don’t care about.