First State-Approved Gay March Held In Russia Ends In Violence

Russia Radio Free Europe reports: "Local reports say Orthodox Christians and other radicals attempted to forcibly break up Russia's first state-approved gay rights march in St. Petersburg. The report said police arrested at least 10 people and that the march was broken off after 40 minutes due to violence."

Hateful protesters, which reportedly included "old ladies and skinheads," shouted and threw eggs at the gay rights advocates and also, after grabbing the rainbow flag out of the hands of the marchers, proceeded to tear it up.

According to the AFP news agency, despite the violence, participants are looking at the positive side of this: "'the fact that this demonstration was authorised is a step forward for us and for all of democratic Russia,' said Maria Efremenkova, one of the organisers. The group was outnumbered by counter-protesters and were guarded by police."

Earlier this year, gay rights organizers held two successful 10-minute "flash" pride parades in Russia, the first time in years that one such march did not end in violence.


  1. ratbastard says

    Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe are going to take a long time to recover from communist totalitarian rule. It’s not a coincidence that the only parts of Europe with this kind of extreme and accepted form of homophobia are the ex-communist countries. There are other parts of Europe that have conservative Catholic and other religious traditions and it’s not remotely has extreme as Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe. Totalitarianism, left or right, communist or fascist, does great harm to a societies psyche.

  2. says

    ratbastard NO

    the supposed parts of europe u are talking about with “conservative catholics” have very few conservative catholics. They are very seucular socialist european countries that turned their backs on religion a while ago with many of the crazy xtians fleeing to america/ chased to america to carry on their crazy xtianista ways with the sanction of the state

    The former soviet satellites would be far worse if it wasn’t for communism trying to break the ignorance and power of the orthedox church

  3. ratbastard says

    BULLSHIT…MANY European nations [UNLIKE the U.S. btw] have state sponsored religions, including well known gay friendly ones.And the orthodox church isn’t inherently worse than Roman Catholicism or mainline Protestant. The problem lies primarily with the wounded national psyche caused by many decades of ignorant,backward, repressive totalitarian rule, by communist and rightist/fascist in other parts of the world. There is not one single success story regarding communist rule BTW…not one…anywhere in the world. It’s only brought pain,death, and destruction.

  4. ratbastard says

    The world can blame ‘sophisticated’ Europeans for:

    World War One
    World War Two
    The genesis of the evil eugenics movement

    Spare me Euro smugness.

  5. says

    Uh, no.

    Russian homophobia is deep-seated and long-standing. It was in place and in operation LONG before the Soviet Union. And now that communism is over, it’s back full bore.

  6. ratbastard says

    Russian homophobia is deep-seated and long-standing. It was in place and in operation LONG before the Soviet Union. And now that communism is over, it’s back full bore.

    POSTED BY: DAVID EHRENSTEIN | NOV 21, 2010 3:43:20 PM


    …Gee David, homophobia was bad EVERYWHERE in Europe and elsewhere…why didn’t Russia and other Eastern Euro societies evolve like western Europe and North America? What HELD THEM BACK, David? It wasn’t traditional Christian religion…this was outlawed under an officially atheistic communist totalitarian rule.

  7. says

    Actually I would disagree that homophobia predates the Soviet Union. Early travelers to Russia (18th C) found Russia a very homo-friendly place, and criticized it for that reason. Russia’s early gay-rights movement was basically stopped and turned backward by the Soviet period, particularly under Stalin.

    The headline for this piece puts a much more negative spin on it than the Russians themselves are putting on it. The religious fanatics look pretty sad, though they may be more numerous than the rights activists:

    There were some insults and some egg-throwing, but nothing particularly violent when compared with previous unsanctioned marches, and the police did not arrest the gay rights protesters.

  8. says

    Most gay scholars take on gay rights and gay identity is that now they are picking up again where they left off before the Revolution.

  9. says

    ratbastard spare us ur Ra Ra USA ra ra armchair nationalism

    the world can thank sophisticated europeans for AMERICA! the age of enlightenment, democracy, the separation of church and state powers………

    reality = socialist democrtaic European countries have less crime, less poverty, less polution, longer life spans, higher standards of living, higher education levels etc compared to ur teabaggery wet dream of america which exists only in ur’s and sarah pallins heads

  10. ratbastard says


    …As usual, you’re full of caca poo. You accuse me of ‘ra ra’ nationalism, then proceed to praise Europe and how Americans and the world should be thankful for Europeans and their enlightenment. Was WW1,WW2,communism,fascism,HUNDREDS of millions killed in wars and bloodshed, BRUTAL imperialism…the list of Europe’s evil is at least as long as it’s achievements; and Europe and European ‘culture’ is responsible for FAR MORE bloodshed,pain and suffering than anything the U.S. has done. Typical smug Euro centric and Euro apologist pseudo-intellectual feces. Europe=good, America=BAD!

    Euro social-democrats paradigms of virtue? The eugenics movement was basically founded by smug, arrogant ‘intellectual’ fabian socialists.

    …And America has separation of church and state, UNLIKE MANY European nations.

  11. ratbastard says

    And social democratic, ‘superior’ Europe is DEAD and dying. Demographics speak the harsh truth. It was a creation of the post-war period and Pax Americana, which allowed Europe to avoid paying and being responsible for it’s defense, therefore relieving it of this burden, financial and otherwise. This period of history is over. The world order this period of time created is collapsing.

  12. galore says

    Well, I grew up in a homophobic society. In my judgement, as banal as it sounds, what helped the most was *the* most popular soap opera, Lindenstrasse, introducing a gay couple and showing it in a realistic, positive light.

    This was the turning point in public opinion and now Germany has a gay foreign minister……

    Maybe Russia is missing a popular TV show with a nice gay couple.

  13. says

    LOL ratbastard

    cite a source of the death of social democracy in europe

    Ireland and Greece being bankrupt is not Europe, but rather poor countries that have always been the backwards poor of europe

    -still 100% national healthcare
    -pretty much all nations offering free universal education as long as u pass ur exams. R u still paying off ur student loans in america?
    – still higher ranked in education
    -longer life soans
    – higher standards of living

    facts are facts

    Genocide and eugenics. America pretty much wiped out the native americans and also practiced its own eugenics

    Is eugenics evil? No was the form it took once evil? yes

    Modern eugenics is proving fruitful….israel practices a form of eugenics with genetic testing and encouraging those with tay-sachs recessives to not marry each other

    turn off fox and crack a book once in a while

  14. says

    Funny, I was just reading in the NYT Magazine this AM about how America’s biggest divide is between the educated and the uneducated. RATBASTARD displays the sad truth of the anti-intellectuals, railing at the educated “elite”.

    And yes, BTW, the early Bolsheviks were all over free love, but Stalin stopped that right quick in the late 20’s as he started persecuting just about everybody.

  15. TANK says

    And it’s a very good thing, too. Free love is a vile, fatuous belief not to be confused with gay rights or sexual liberation, you dirty hippie douche. And David R…seriously, I hope you don’t think you come across like an intellectual (a word forged in derision, btw). I trust that you have not found something more interesting than sex to think about. Europe had the enlightenment, but america has the mcrib…and that is more than food for thought: it’s food-like. It’s hard to believe someone with a screenname like that could have a legitimate point.

  16. johnny says

    Quick: Which country actually dropped 2 atomic bombs on another country? (and is the only one to have done so, ever).

    Or: What country almost wiped out it’s native population within 200 years and then gave them diseased blankets and marched them to the worst possible locations and left them to die?

    Or: What country backed dictatorships with arms, money and know-how in many 3rd world countries, creating a vacuum of human rights and death and despair for the population ever since?

    Or: What country keeps getting involved in wars which they have zero business except profiting their military-industrial complex?

    If you said USA, you are the winner!

    Yes, those horrible euro/communist/socialist countries are simply the worst, aren’t they?

    All have sinned, some worse than others.

  17. wimsy says

    Gee, I grew up in a homophobic society, too. It’s called the United States. Russian right-wing bigots have nothing on us!

  18. ratbastard says


    …The U.S. dropped atomic bombs on Japan because both nations were AT WAR with each other…a VERY VIOLENT, BLOODY war. Those bombs ultimately saved more lives than they killed. Get a sense of perspective,pal.

    …I NEVER said in any of my posts the U.S. was squeaky clean or perfect. What I’ve tried to point out is the miserable hypocrisy of Euro and Brit ‘intellectuals’ and their apologists and hangers-on. Social-Democratic Europe=Good, America=BAD! They get off pointing out flaws with the U.S. and American people in general, while pushing a goofy,inane Eurocentric viewpoint. In other words, they’re guilty of the very flaws they accuse America and Americans of. It’s pathetic.

  19. ratbastard says

    …And British and Euro imperialism were guilty of FAR MORE wars,death,destruction than ANYTHING the U.S. is guilty of. Latin America is still reeling from the ineptitude and corruption of it’s Spanish and Portuguese colonizers. Africa is a mess. The Chinese have a huge chip on their shoulder because of their humiliation at the hands of the British. And don’t get me started on the Middle East, Palestine and Israel. The world in large measure can thank Brit and European imperialism for that mess also.

  20. shannon says

    And you guys are always talking about how hot some eastern block dude is!!!….lol…these people will kill you for looking at them!!