Michigan Newspaper Runs Anti-Gay Ad

You may remember that, several months ago, Family Research Council and Request Foods took out a full-page ad in Michigan's Holland Sentinel. The ad was a list of lies about gays and lesbians. Looks like another homophobic ad has made its way onto the pages of the newspaper.

The half-page ad features a picture of two men in a casual embrace along with anti-gay biblical quotes and the phrase “How sad when God’s original design is twisted.” It was put together and paid for by a Pastor named Earl Shetler, who also runs a tree removal service in Saugatuck, Michigan, a popular gay and lesbain resort town.


  1. Matt S. says

    Does that ad seriously say “people maker?” Does that appeal to anyone? Yes, you are merely a factoring for manufacturing people, which themselves will just be factories. We are no better than the virus, which seeks single-mindedly to replicate over and over until we consume all.

    Such a poor ad just demonstrates the lack of thought behind this campaign and its people.

  2. Adrian says

    Best way to learn “God’s design” is a life-long study of science and philosophy–something I doubt this pastor does well (or does). Throwing scripture around is what fools do.

  3. naughtylola says

    I dunno, those two dudes seem like they’re having a pretty enjoyable day. Sunshine, reading the newspaper in a park, get some hugs and kisses from your squeeze — that seems pretty right on.

  4. Mike says

    This is ridiculous for the 21st century. Would this newspaper accept an ad from the KKK or an anti-Jewish organization? I think not. We need to start calling this for what it is, hate speech. The 1st amendment only applies to governmental organizations limiting speech, it doesn’t apply to private industry – otherwise you’d see lawsuits from the KKK. We need to start calling these news organizations out for propagating this nonsense.

  5. Cubbie says

    what a sick joke to play on those hetero folks who are not capable of having children. Sickening, I tell you sickening. WWJD if he know this sick fuck was picking on his own creations?

  6. WayneMPLS says

    I wonder if ABC knows that still of the male couple is actually taken from a “What Would You Do Segment” dealing ironically with how people react to gay PDA as seen here… recognize the couple?


  7. Mark says

    Saugatuck is a breath of fresh air smack dab in the middle of right wing conservative hypocritical Western Michigan. It is odd that Pastor Jackass would choose to locate in such a progressive town. It is not surprising, however, that this ad ran in the Holland Sentinel. Just up the road from Saugatuck, Holland is an entirely different world.

  8. Troy says

    Stupid that this group can buy an ad like this, but the picture of the male couple is very sweet. I think the verbiage is so ridiculous, and that image so endearing that it might actually help our cause a bit. Thanks tree remover!!

  9. Joe says

    I hope every gay person in Saugatuck encourages all of their friends and everyone they know to stop using this guys tree removal business. They need to financially ruin him.

  10. Gregg says

    I live in Saugatuck and we’ve started a campaign against this a-hole. Believe me! The name of the company is A Cut Above Tree Service and, with the help of many, many friends, we are getting the word out there. This company has taken a ton of money from the gay and lesbian community here in Saugatuck and that’s ended now. We have condo assosciations as well as many, many individuals and couples (gay and straight) who have vowed never to use this service again.
    Also, he ran another ad, in the same anti-gay genre on the 26th and we’ve circulated that as well.
    This guy is just, imho, a huge douche-bag who has nothing better to do. He’s spending the money that we gave him, against us. But, just to let you know, pretty much everyone who’s important, knows this guy is a bit off.

  11. Dan says

    If it is a pic from ABC’s What Would You Do? I wonder if the hate filled author/creator and the paper got permission to use it – I think ABC should sue for damages.

  12. Randy says

    Personally I think we should all call the number shown and request the 26 page booklet and help them spend their money. Imagine if that number were put on facebook. Hmmmm…. Leave your name and address and the booklet will be mailed to you at no charge! I think I might just give it a go.

  13. mikej says

    Anybody up for a national newspaper ad campaign calling out evangelicals for their bigotry and hatred? And I mean a campaign that hits them to the core of their stupidity: their religion!

  14. Michigander says

    There are plenty of straight people, too, in Saugatuck, Holland, and elsewhere in the area who would be happy to boycott this guy’s business. Boycotting the Holland Sentinel for the offensive ad wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  15. shannon says


  16. Luminum says

    Oh please, it’s in Holland, MI. That place is chock full of crazy-ass Dutch Reformists. A friend of mine was told in high school that she couldn’t be friends with someone because she was “a Catholic who was going to burn in Hell.” That place is the home to Hope College!

    Not surprising at all.

  17. Patrick in Michigan says

    I don’t think Request Foods got anywhere near this one. If I remember correctly they got called pretty hard on the carpet by Campbell Food Group.

  18. Patrick in Michigan says

    By Mike: “Would this newspaper accept an ad from the KKK or an anti-Jewish organization?”.. Nope Mike they won’t and they won’t accept an ad promoting the joys and benefits of being GLBT. Or any GLBT organization.

  19. alexInBoston says

    Imagine they used a “ScreenShot” from ABC’s “What would you do?”, it was an episode on PDA by “Gay Males”. Yes ABC WAKE UP take a stand SUE!!!!

  20. walter says

    a pastor with tree service sounds like one of those mail order jobs. want to bet he claims tax exempt status? i hope a very large tree falls on his fucking head or he falls into
    a chipper machine

  21. sandman says

    How twisted that all over the world, people are making great strides toward equality, and in this country which prides itself as the beacon of human rights, the zealouts and their accomplices in the congress and in the media are growing ever-brazen and bold in their pubished slurs and threats.

  22. Eshto says

    “We are no better than the virus, which seeks single-mindedly to replicate over and over until we consume all.”

    Yes. Perfect summation of how these sick fuckers think.

  23. Chris says

    If you want to help my hometown, please donate the the Holland is Ready campaign.
    This is as close as I can find to a contact.

    Also you can “like” Holland is Ready on facebook.

    Saugatuck IS a very gay friendly small town 10 min south of Holland. It’s a very artsy town with super people. Yes it is a popular vacation spot for Chicgoans.
    If you are ever in the area, don’t forget to visit a coffee shop called Uncommon Grounds.

  24. Lessthan says

    That picture of the two guys is adorable. How can anyone say that is twisted? This campaign is ridiculous. What makes me sad is that the “gay” photo is just two guys leaning against each other. So now it is gay to just touch another guy? It is amazing that straight guys don’t go mad from lack of human contact.

  25. Bill says

    Lets not forget the source, ie. Family Research Counsel’s George “rent boy” Rekers. “Rekers is a founder of the Family Research Council, a board member of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, (NARTH) and testified as an expert witness in favor of gay adoption bans in both Arkansas and Florida.”
    Rekers has all the most “scientific research” at his finger tips, and yet, in his heart of hearts, he still has the desire to be with another man. He’s gay, and will always be gay, no matter what new pseudo religious organization, he tries to start, or join.

    The “research” is all generated, by this organization. NARTH. I was one of their “successfully” cured guys, in 2001. NOT

    Don’t disc God, just because a few homophobic idiots, quote his name.

  26. Tom says

    The Family Research Council was started (and most likely still mostly funded) money from the Holland family: Prince. The Mother and Father (now deceased) Prince are huge conservative $$$ givers. Worth millions. The son is Erik Prince who started with his $$$ Blackwater. The daughter, Erik’s sister, married the heir to the Amway fortune – the family of which is the biggest $$$ donor to conservative, Republican Evangelical causes in this nation’s history.

    I don’t know about the Prince daughter, but it’s hard to believe that in these times they would be so homophobic. I’m guessing it’s the elder mother who’s behind this. Her money certainly is.

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