1. TomSkylark says

    So he’s not just a bigot, he’s going out of his way to use DADT as an excuse to be as condescending as possible to now-President Obama? Sour grapes much? The guy has zero credibility and is clearly spouting whatever ridiculousness he can in order to stay relevant. It’s a shame Arizona voters (mostly in the Republican-heavy Phoenix) will continue to support the guy until he finally croaks.

  2. paul says

    Fuck you McCAin…I mean, how old is he like 80. We leave in a new tolerant world…not his old ass world!! DADT is wrong…how dare this fucker put down gay people…when the military itself…doesnt have a problem with it? He is just trying to make himself seem relevant!!

  3. TANK says

    If the people of AZ who determine the outcome of elections in that state weren’t a pack of bigoted loons (and there are a lot of mormons in AZ), he’d be saying something else. The fact is that he has no principle aside from securing his political future. Of course, that determines that he’s a homophobic puddle of snot.

  4. Gr8guyca says

    Basically, no survey, no testimony by military brass, no testimony by those who have been tossed out, no testimony by those who have been unfairly subjected do DADT will change his mind.

    End of story. Either the Obama administration is willing to take him on or let the Court do it or it is not.

  5. Roscoe says

    Looks like being related to those noted gay rights advocates Cindi and Meghan hasn’t done much to help him see the light. Of course, such abject bigotry won’t be changed.

  6. Curt says

    If there was ever a good time to out someone, that person would be Lindsey Graham. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if he was the last person booted from the military for being gay.

  7. candideinnc says

    Of course DADT is working. It is working for him. He gets to piss on a big chunk of people who voted against him in the last election. Hey, John, YOU LOST! Go away now , like the sad old fart you are.

  8. justiceontherocks says

    If the study shows that getting rid of DADT would help or have no impact on preparedness or morale, what will be his excuse then?

    Special thanks to the people of Arizona for sending this tired old clown back to the Senate. The Keating Five scandal wasn’t enough hint what a loser he is?

  9. Terry says

    “I don’t think that’s a lot to ask when we have our young men and women out there serving and fighting and tragically some of them dying”

    There are gay and lesbian servicemembers serving and fighting and dying also, Senator. They want to serve honorably, not being shoved in some goddamned closet because of bigots like you.

    This is the worst, absolute worst of political pandering to hate groups like the Family Research Council. Cindy and Meghan must be so proud.

  10. BartB says

    McCain has to ride this ship into the sunset. He’s already jumped on this horse and he has no way of getting off. He’s going to be proven wrong by this report so what he’s trying to do is get his odd face on TV before this report is released and cling to his antiquated ideology. He’s trying way too hard to drum up some support for this ridiculousness before the report and the repeal. (Uh, Grandpa Johnny, it’s called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell…but if someone sees you out with your same-sex partner or reads some of your e-mails, or texts, or whatever…you can be thrown out too. Idiot.)

    I find it interesting that a Republican could come out and use the word “inexperienced” considering how many “inexperienced” people they just help elect to Congress.

  11. mikej says

    What. A. Bitter. Spiteful. Hateful. Man.

    Sen. McCain, is this the “talking point”? Pres. Obama is inexperienced? He never served in the military? What else?

    Your ass got shot down over N. Vietnam because you failed to follow proper flight procedures (you know, that “mavericky thing” of yours) and spent years in a concentration camp as a result.

    Maybe that hardship affected your mind, your ability to reason. Maybe it killed whatever humanity or soul your might have once had.

    The facts are you are irrelevant. You lost a presidential election primarily because of your vice-presidential choice. You had so many deserving candidates that could have helped your ticket, but you chose that Wasilla, Alaska hag and she sank your already leaky election-year boat.

    Get over it, Johnny. Please. For your country. For the millions of American citizens who are gay who have every constitutional right to live and breathe free in the land of their birth or the land they chose to be their own.

    Otherwise, it may be necessary to organize a delegation to your Senate offices and kick your tired, old ass clear into next week.

  12. Craig says

    Hey, bigoted Senators from the 40’s would have claimed black segregation and discrimination was working, too. Sure it’s working, as long as you don’t mind treating innocent human beings like dirt to soothe your phobias and internalized self loathing. Sure it’s working, as long as your country can stand the drain of talent. Sure John. Stupidity is a great policy. Glad hate is working for you. Just remember, though, as long as you maintain this attitude, as long as you disrespect those gay people who have served this nation since day one, you’re just an idiot pilot that got himself shot down and didn’t have sense enough to walk out of a prison. You are no hero in my eyes as long as you deny the sacrifice and heroism of others who served their country as well and better than you did.

  13. kodiak says

    He’s going to his grave with this “maverick” ideology. What did he do to his wife to make her eat crow? Such a maverick that he can’t handle “his” wife’s difference of opinion. From war hero to total zero.

  14. princely54 says

    @Craig, you are exactly right and we should all be using that argument/analogy. Even more than the marriage issue the comparison to Black integration into the military is a great point to draw on (and I believe it works for marriage too, but not as perfectly as it does here.)

    Its just another reason for me to keep skipping these fucking Sunday morning (and the rest of the week) chat shows. Its NOTHING but an outlet for well known and well worn talking points (from either major party) and its just not news or helpful to know that, yes, McCain is still a bigoted asshole.

  15. Bob R says

    This is a pathetic old man who has suckled from the public teat his entire life. McCain has always been on the wrong side of history and despite all his years in office, he has nothing to show for it but cowardice, dishonesty, stupidity, racism and homophobia. He’s an abject failure and sooner (I hope) rather than later will end up on the dust heap of history, known for his selection of Sarah Palin as his VP candidate and nothing more. Some legacy. What a loser.

  16. sysm29 says

    If they don’t repeal it now, we might not be able to repeal it for a long, long time.

    I think it’s disgraceful for any public official to support this homophobic policy any longer. DADT is unjustifiable. Nice way to treat a soldier that is sacrificing his life for your freedom.

    Would you rather have a gay man save your life or would you rather die? The Republicans have made it clear they would rather die.

    Why John McCain insists on making this his legacy I have no idea.

  17. walter says

    why do these weekly shows keep interviewing this tired piece of shit? he keeps saying the same thing every time. this is the man who picked sarah the light head to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. and with his heart that could have been deadly. oh wait he has no heart or brain, that would make him a good candidate for the wizard of oz somewhere over the rainbow and may he go soon

  18. LG Wilson says

    He really needs to stfu.
    This is his only political traction he has with the media and it’s a shameful & cheap ploy. He’s a pig. Someone needs to put him down.

  19. wimsy says

    McCain is willfully wrong on DADT. They DO ask…and they investigate…and they search people’s emails and footlockers….and then they throw them out with HALF the separation money that straight people get. McCain is a determined asswipe who simply will not hear the truth.

    Go9od thing they didn’t ask him about allowing blacks or women to serve.

  20. The Ghost of Harry Hay says

    This is a great example of how the homophobic Democratic Party gets us queers to do its dirty work and deny us equal rights at the same time.

    Fact: John McCain is an old asshat.

    Fact: John McCain is also one Senator whose vote on this issue doesn’t matter.

    Fact: Barack HomophObama is the Commander in Chief. He won the election, not John McCain, but he’s acted like McCain won it. He has the power to halt all investigations and discharges under DADT. He refuses. THAT IS WHAT MAKES OBAMA A BIGOT. THIS IS WHERE THE FOCUS NEEDS TO BE FOR RESULTS.

    Conclusion: The Democrats win, us queers lose. We’re pointing fingers at the Republicans while the Democrats shit on us. D doesn’t stand for “Drive forward”. D stands for “Defeated”.

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