Poop Benedict


Pope Benedict has been caught with his pants down in an annual Catalonian holiday tradition — Caganers, small statues which depict celebrities and public figures defecating.

AFP reports:

"As in previous years, the personalities with the highest media profiles are generally the best sellers. Last year, US President Barack Obama and France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy were among the top stars. This year, Barcelona's Argentine footballer Messi, who won the Golden Boot award as last season's top scorer in Europe's domestic leagues, is expected to be big, said Marc Alos, a member of the Alos-Pla family which produces the hand-painted figurines at its factory near Barcelona. For children, Messi, whose caganer has just been reissued, will be competing with popular television cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants, a newcomer this year. 'Michael Jackson will be also be highly sought after this year,' as will the pope, who visited Spain this month, said Alos. Other new figurines include the Dalai Lama, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho and Formula One driver Fernando Alonso in his new Ferrari colours."


  1. Dave says

    Catalonian Christmas is shitty all around.

    In addition to the caganers, Catalonian children get candy and small presents from the Tió de Nadal — basically, a yule log with a face. To do so, they beat it with sticks while chanting “poop, log, poop!”

  2. patrick nyc says

    Very fitting, but if they wanted to make it more authentic, they would have had shit coming out his ears and his eyes all brown. He is so full of shit it should come out of every orifice.

  3. Brad says

    Catholics don’t kill people for being gay, but some other global religions do. Why don’t you pick on them for a while.

  4. Dave says


    Some of the comments might be critical of the Pope, but nothing about this post is. In Catalonia, “celebrity” caganers are generally not thought of as criticism or mockery. You usually only find them of celebrities people actually like.

    Catalonia has some unusual traditions, but there’s really nothing hateful about the caganers at all.

  5. says

    @BRAD: Catholics don’t kill directly, but, they do foster an environment wherever they are that is very conducive to violence and discrimination against Gays.

    Of course,most religions do have elements that foster that same environment in addition to outright murder in some religions.

  6. LAXJFK says

    The Catholic church also kills by encouraging the populations of third-world countries to reproduce at an unsustainable rate. The Pope really is a Poop.