1. crispy says

    No idea if the horse is gay, but after the photoshoot Johnny Weir slaughtered it and knitted himself a fabulous white shawl with matching booties.

  2. Jonathan says

    @Crispy – Don’t forget the mittens and muff (NO not THAT muff, silly)that complete the ensemble for all those chilly late night spins around the rink! Johnny Weir signature mittens with matching muff for his Russian fans.

  3. says

    julian moore is not a lesbian so why have her on the cover

    ricky martin looks good with age as vs when he was all twinky, but the tats ruin looking at him

  4. StillMarriedinCalifornia says

    To my knowledge, Johnny Weir has never come out–he tap dances around and evades the question by rejecting “labels”. Just like Sean Hayes, we already know the answer–why are they so afraid to say it? Do we really need to reward that kind of cowardice and deception?

  5. Jake says

    So of the five people on the cover, one isn’t gay, one isn’t out, two were dragged out kicking and screaming (particularly Nate) and only one is out and proud and didn’t have to be pushed out of the closet.

    I’ll admit that Ricky has become an eloquent and articulate openly gay speaker but really, is this the best five we have to offer in celebrating OUT?

  6. richard says

    stop whining people. they need to stay in business, so they need to sell magazines, so within reason, they need to put their most famous, currently popular subjects on the cover. i think they have done that. this list ultimately does good. give em a break.

    does anyone know if this is on newsstands already?

  7. TJ says

    Johnny Weir may not have said he’s “gay” — but he’s obviously queer. It’s important to celebrate people like him who are moving away from these strict labels like “gay” and “straight” and push society to accept a wide range of gender and sexual expressions.

  8. Brian says

    Oh look, another Out cover cramming as many celebrities on as possible all for the sake of sales. How about showing our real community and successes…oh wait, Out doesn’t really care about that, does it?

  9. Matt says

    “… is this the best five we have to offer in celebrating OUT?”

    Ricky is the best choice, who else would you suggest?

  10. JT says

    I’ve always thought Ricky Martin was a coward. It’s his life, and he can do what he wants, but I don’t think he should be on the cover. There are hundreds of brave lgbt people that face the daily challenges of being out. Ricky came out after he made his millions. I think we need to celebrate the people that face being openly queer without his luxuries. The ones who get bullied, rejected, and marginalized yet still stand for who they are. Ricky is no where near the best we’ve got.

  11. Doug says

    Great variety – love seeing Christin Quinn, Lisa Cholodenko, and Armistead Maupin in the portfolio, and at last someone gives props to Derek and Romaine. Love those two.

  12. peterparker says

    Johnny Weir just can’t be seen in public without being draped in the fur of some dead animal, can he? The fact that OUT chose this *closeted* narcissist to be in their annual OUT 100 (and put him on the cover of the magazine no less!) proves the irrelevance of that particular publication.

  13. Truth Patrol says

    Shut up Ricky Martin.

    High School children have more courage than you.

    Just go back to your wealthy closeted, mediocre talented life and leave the people who made it possible for you to exploit your “comming out” for book sales, alone.

  14. Daniel says

    And is Chris Armstrong the president of the Univ of Michigan? i thought he was the president of a student organization on campus. I guess the editor who can lapse on Jared Leto and Jared Polis can lapse on that, too.

    List seems geared to celebrities of 1996: what in the world have Rufus Wainwright and Michael Stipe done in 2010 that was so newsworthy for the LGBT community to warrant any magazine coverage? Seems like a snooze of a list, imho.

  15. says

    I actually like the cover.

    I’m surprised that, particularly in 2010, they didn’t include someone like Lt. Dan Choi – someone who’s actually, honestly, and obviously fighting for the rights of members of the community.

    Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel Maddow, but I don’t exactly see her as ‘Fighting’ for our rights. She’s just being who she is – a fabulously smart, funny lady who happens to love another woman – who is living her life openly. I know she discusses things important to us on her show, but she’s not exactly an activist like Lt. Choi.

  16. Angus says

    Enough already! Ricky you are not the first to come out of the closet. I am glad you are out, but for god’s sake give it a rest.

  17. ratbastard says

    Martin gave a thoughtful and articulate answer, not the too often usual cliches. Show him some respect.

  18. IAN F says

    Will Aaron be writing an open letter to Rickey telling him not to fuck it up? Thole whole gay community was counting on him but for 20 years his publicist wouldn’t give him an interview?

    I wonder What Rickey thought when he watched Adam Lambert come out before his first album? He must have been paying attention to see what the repercussions were. Adam could have easily played the coy game for a few more months to make selling his album less political and getting radio play easier. Rufus and Jake Shears were also out from the start but not on such a big scale and I think it did end up hurting themon radio as there were NO openly gay people on US radio. Others like Elton and George Michael were already done on radio when they came out. So it’s still kind of a battle to get gay men on the radio and for that reason I hope Ricky has some good songs and gets played.

    I like Rickey, he seems nice and I’m glad he finally gets to live his life in the open. He’s already made his money so why not at this point? But I’m happier for all those gay latino kids who have a gay latino man who’s finally out and proud.

    And is it weird that the person I’m most attracted to in this photo is Rachel? I love her.

  19. says

    Johnny Weir may not have come out (gay, or not), but hasn’t the mag profiled Anderson Cooper and Jodie Foster in the past?

  20. Michael says

    I love Julianne Moore, but she has no place on that ridiculous cover. They obviously put her on because she was in that ‘lesbian craving cock’ film.

  21. Sean says

    Hmm, how about they try recognizing “real” gays making a difference. Take a page from Instinct and honor the Prop. 8 couple or Derrick Martin.

  22. Matt says

    “I wonder What Rickey thought when he watched Adam Lambert come out before his first album?”

    What everyone else was thinking: that Adam Lambert didn’t have the balls to come out before or during American Idol – Adam didn’t want to ruin his chances for stardom.

  23. Red says


    What are you saying? Adam’s been openly gay since he was 18 years old. That’s why people found pics of him kissing his ex-boyfrind. No one ever asked Adam directly if he was gay during Idol and I’ve never ever heard him deny his being gay, or deny the implications of the very available and obvious evidence of his gayness. When the reporter asked what Adam thinks about the controversy about the pics on the Internet, he said; “You know what…I am who I am. I have nothing to hide”. Kara DioGuardi said on The View that Adam was always openly out.
    If you were talking about Clay Aiken than I could see it. Clay lied and was dragged out.

  24. ProfessorVP says

    What a boatload of crap. Why didn’t Ricky say he feared he wouldn’t be able to save the whales and end world hunger if he came out? Listen, there is only one reason. Money. Now that his career is pretty much over, he can come out and say anything he wants, because the suburban teenage girls who wanted to marry him (real marriage, not civil union) gave up and moved on to Zac Efron and Justin Bieber. And when their careers tank, they’ll come out, and the girls will move on to another gay pretty boy. And another thing: Ricky Martin coming out as gay is like Shelley Winters coming out as fat. Okay, I need to update that expression.

  25. Glenn says

    Like Ricky cared what happened to Adam Lambert. And please, Glambert hid the fact that he had a boyfriend when he was on Idol.

  26. says

    Ricky Martin had every right to weigh coming out against other essential aspects of his life that mattered equally (i.e., his career…his livelihood.) I get tired of people acting as if every gay celebrity should be willing to be a martyr early in their career, if need be. It’s a little too easy for spectators to sit back and dictate how something should be done that ultimately doesn’t affect them, personally.

    Sure, it would have been genuine as hell for Ricky to come out early in his career — or while at his career peak — but if the results of his doing that had been disastrous for him, and he found himself virtually shunned, what would any of you sanctimonious complainers have done to compensate him for it? Send him a “Thank You” card?

  27. Red says


    Adam didn’t have a boyfriend during idol. He was just casually dating a couple of guys. So get your facts straight.

  28. IAN F says


    Yeah, it’s crazy to think that a closeted recording artist who has been told for his entire career that to come out would end his career might have some interest in what happens to the first openly gay man signed to a major record label in the US at the start of his career. The first openly gay man to get any real US airplay. You obviously don’t like the guy but it doesn’t change the fact that in this one way he was a pioneer.

    I’m not saying Rickey cared about Adam the person, but I can’t imagine he didn’t pay attention to Adam as a test case for how America and radio would accept him. Who knows what he thought about it but it sure as hell seems like it would have been a subject of particular interest to him.

  29. Jerry6 says

    I like Rickey’s singing, but when I see what he has don to his body with tattoos, it is obvious that he lacks respect dor his body — So I have lost respect for him.As far as I am concerned, tattooing is worst than drugs. At least, one can stop taking drugs and get their lives back. But tattoos are forever.

  30. ProfessorVP says

    @Conversation Changer

    Who says Ricky doesn’t have this right or that right? But just once… once I’d like him to tell the truth about why he didn’t come out. That he what he was terrified of was not his family or friends- unless his family and friends were deaf and blind. He was afraid of his clueless fans, that they would turn on him. Same with Oprah, Travolta, Cruise, and on and on. Do what you want, Ricky, but don’t expect some sort of Special Oscar for Courage… if they give such things. (Mary Tyler Moore got a Special Courage Tony, I recall.)

  31. hockey fan says

    Is Julianne Moore on the cover bc of her movie, bc she certainly isn’t gay.
    And why is everyone hung up on whether or not someone SAYS they are gay? Take it for what it is, people. Do heteros have to say they’re straight? Some of us don’t like to define our lives as being gay. I don’t want to be known as the “bi” one in my office– I want to be known as the one who does a good job. Fuck labels.

  32. ProfessorVP says

    @Hockey Fan. Don’t worry about being defined as “bi” at your office. You are more likely- and correctly- defined as gay, whether you like it or not. Yes, Pollyanna, people care about the sexuality of their friends, coworkers, elected officials. This is life.

    Do heteros have to say they’re straight? No, they don’t have to. They marry, reproduce, date openly, wear wedding rings, talk about their sex lives, put pictures of their spouses on their desks, without fear. Now, if you prefer people to be silent and not lable themselves, you can comfort yourself knowing there is not one single openly gay male film star with name above title caliber. Not one. So you get your wish, somewhat.