1. Matt26 says

    I like RK, he is hot, sexy, and has loving, caring family. He talks very nicely about his brother and parents. And it is wise to keep his love life to himself.

  2. candideinnc says

    Not a bad way to dance around an issue…shows support for gays without violating a right to privacy on his part. If he IS gay, for his sake, I hope he is open to a wide group of reliable confidants.

  3. ratbastard says

    I love how he said that his brother’s coming out at age 18 made him a better man. Closeted gays are doomed to a life of lies & self loathing.

    POSTED BY: DARLINKULA | NOV 19, 2010 10:20:52 AM


    …Don’t judge so harshly: many people don’t have a loving environment and accepting culture. Also, I can understand why some would look at the so-called gay community and wish to remain closeted. My observation also is in general, the most ‘out’ and the loudest are more often than not those guys who are obviously stereotypically gay [i.e. fem] and stereotypically masc. lesbians. Coming ‘out’ for them is somewhat redundant to begin with.

  4. Lexxvs says

    He is right about coming out. Some people are so poorly informed and so hetero influenced about their own –same sex- community as to think that the only good gay is the closeted gay. As someone who early on participated in gay organizations and knew the most straight looking gays and lesbians you could think of –along with those who where evident- I know better. Buying the hatred some bigots sells and eating it with fruition is something that often happen to many fearful gays, whose only contact with their community is that dirty thing called sex from time to time and therefore don’t have the chance to know the ample spectrum of people that is out there and is also gay, and is not only just into “sex”.
    Luckily many gay people can think better and reason beyond fear.

  5. justme says

    No straight man in the history of the world has ever denied he was straight, so we now know Ryan doesn’t fall at that end of the spectrum. It’s sad he thinks he can’t be queer and get work, but he would be the first insanely hot actor to be out at the peak of his career, so you can’t blame him. Hey, at least he’s playing the coy game and that’s better than lying.

  6. naughtylola says

    @JustMe or maybe he’s smartly playing a game that nets him a bigger fanbase by being a cipher and letting the audience project their own orientation onto him. That way he doesn’t lose either the straight female or gay male population to a diminished willingness to suspend disbelief.

    If you keep everyone guessing, you keep everyone interested.

  7. Vince in WeHo says

    I think it’s interesting that so many posters on this thread assume Kwanten is attributing the Einstein quote to his “is he or isn’t he” sexuality.

    Perhaps he’s a playful prick-tease who wants to keep his huge gay following wondering (as one can ascertain from the article).

    Apparently, it’s working.

  8. TANK says

    That doesn’t take much, vince. And isn’t every “attractive” male movie star gay according to some wishful, splashy gay guy?

    If you look at popular gay porn, it’s a lesson in broken and damaged sexuality. LOL! But it’s porn, so who cares.

  9. says

    naughtylola & Vince in WeHo:

    Why keep a gay following “wondering?”

    He’s hot, on a hit show gays/straight women watch, and he loves to be naked and makes more than decent money for it.

    It’s asinine.

    I don’t think he’s going to lose the straight female fanbase or the gay one if he is EITHER gay/straight/bi/poly-amorous.

    On another note…it’s rare that a male actor that plays that “mystery/code of silence card” and I don’t usually find out around Hollywood that he’s actually fucking dudes. While it’s entirely possible that Kwanten here could be an exception, that’s usually not the case.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  10. naughtylola says

    @Marcus, I think you’re too quick to dismiss people’s fantasies that yes indeed they may actually have a shot with that hot celebrity, and their diminished interest when reality creeps in.

    If you want an example, go Google Clay Aiken (de gustibus non disputandem est — *plenty* of women thought he was knickers-droppingly attractive) and read the commentary on the fan sites when he came out. They actually did think his being gay materially changed their “relationship” with him. I freely submit that it is totally bizarre, but that doesn’t make it less real.

  11. says

    I’m not talking about crazy ass Claymates.

    I’m talking about Ryan. I’m sorry, I just don’t buy his straight female fan-base caring.

    Clay Aiken, sure. It also didn’t help that he actively lied to his fans about being gay, but that’s besides the point.

    There is a difference between the two.

    Ryan isn’t selling himself to Christian mom and daughters…Aiken did.

    Most straight women (and I know a lot, inexplicably) I know think Ryan is gay anyway and still love the show.

  12. naughtylola says

    @Marcus, ok you may be right about Aiken. But my second assertion stands: coy > blunt. We’re all talking about him today. Yesterday, we weren’t. Asserting that you’re not going to tell anyone who you’re shagging is an order of magnitude more interesting than saying “I’m shagging that guy/gal over there.” The more you say “I’m not telling!” the longer you keep the conversation going.

  13. ratbastard says

    @RATBASTARD Huh? Say what? “So-called gay community”? Come back when you’ve got something to say that makes sense.

    POSTED BY: MIKE | NOV 19, 2010 1:53:06 PM


    …YES Mike, the ‘so-called gay community’. You read it correctly. And what I posted does make sense. Maybe I view the world with a more jaded eye than you.

  14. AnotherIan says

    I dunno. I’m torn. I’m a fan, not just ’cause he’s hot, but I do like his acting. He’s great as the dim-bulb brother on True Blood. That he’s Australian doing a Louisiana accent blew me away. Is he playing a game with his gay fan Base? Could be, but most straight actors with a gay fans usually say something along the lines of “I love my gay fans, I support gay rights, but I’m straight. Sorry guys!” and move on. Maybe that’s coming.

  15. Eric says

    He seems like a cool guy and isn’t homophobic. Honestly I don’t care what his orientation is. As an actor, I get where he’s coming from in the “prefer to keep my personal life personal” stance. Too often “actor’s” personal lives become the story and cloud their performances. I respect him for wanting to avoid that.

  16. topsyturvy says

    He definitely has the best Southern accent on that show. His sounds the most natural and organic. Paquin’s and Moyer’s seem too put on; every line comes out with quotation marks around it.

    Oh, and hot as hell.

  17. Harlan says

    Marcus is wrong about Aiken. He mostly said its nobody’s business and he just wants to sing. He only ever said he wasn’t gay one time 8 years ago. Who cares now? He’s out, he’s proud, he’s an activist and a good guy.

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