Towleroad Guide to the Tube #777

KYRA SEDGWICK AND KEVIN BACON: Stand up for NY marriage equality.

MADDOW: Bush still lying about 9/11 attacks.

SPAIN: Drag queen heckles right-wing People's Party opposition leader Mariano Rejoy over constitutional challenge to marriage equality.

THE B-LIST: Brooklyn's take on the LOGO series.

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  1. says

    Comment on the Rachel Maddow “Bush” debacle:

    Any sane President who did the best they could have done would have answered, “Matt – in hindsight, there were probably many things I could have done differently.” But Bush – in an OBVIOUS moment of guilt, responded, Er, uh, um.. we did the best we did based on the intelligence we got (i.e. shirk the responsibility – make it someone else’s fault.)

    He is an inadequate, stupid, dumb, vile piece of shit for a human being. Our legacy as citizens of the USA will forever be tarnished for ALLOWING this filth to become President of the United States for two terms.

  2. Bobo says

    I’d watch the B-List…that’s the show LOGO should have produced!
    But Logo has been shit for years…they would have never recognized something this funny or real!

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