Trevor Donovan’s Spartan Wardrobe


Trevor Donovan, who plays gay character Teddy on 90210, tweeted this photo of himself on the set of CSI. Donovan will appear on a forthcoming episode of the show as a Spartan employed at a Las Vegas casino whose sword, helmut and breastplate are stolen from him. If you ask me he's better off without those items anyway.


  1. Matt26 says

    If someone tells me the real Sparta and its military camps were not full of homo erotic and gay relationships, I will not believe.

  2. TripPsyc says

    “If you ask me he’s better off with those items anyway.” Shouldn’t it be without? or did I miss the joke..

  3. Joe says

    He looks pretty hot.

    Also good to see him finally playing a character closer to his age. He must be so happy with all the extra press he’s getting about his gay storyline.

  4. MajorTom says

    Little known fact about this upcoming episode: Donovan was to carry former German Prime Minister Helmut Kohl as a human shield instead of a traditional wooden and leather shield. Helmut, unfortunately, was stolen along with Donovan’s sword and breastplate. Authorities and the Screen Actors Guild are looking into it.