1. ratbastard says

    I go through South Station almost every weekday. I’m surprised they found room to lie down, it’s usually packed like a sardine can, especially on PM Fri. A couple of trains had probably just pulled out.

  2. Hunter says

    I’m sorry, the last thing I want to do is discourage people from being activists, but this kind of action really doesn’t accomplish anything.First of all, (as Tank, above, pointed out) they are in Massachusetts, which is the best state in the US for gay rights and actually has a statewide commission on gay youth. there’s not too much more (maybe a few things) Massachusetts can really do to change its own laws to help LGBT people. Second, the participants just come off as harebrained college kids annoying the public while they are trying to commute home from work on a Friday night. I hope more thought will be put into future actions.

  3. Jesus says

    @Inexile A-freaking-men!

    As a life-long resident of Massachusetts, I gotta say Hunter, you couldn’t be more wrong. So what if we’ve got some of the “best” conditions going for us in Massachusetts. Do you really think that means that homophobia and transphobia don’t exist here? Well judging by my experiences, I’d say you couldn’t be more wrong. And if I’m not mistaken, we’ve had our share of anti-gay hate crimes, queer youth suicide, and all that other ugly shit of our own, quite recently in fact.

    As for that commission, I worked with queer youth outreach groups when I was a teenager and by then, it existed mostly in name only, since our wonderful governor at the time had zapped its funding, leaving it pretty much useless.

    And how do you know these people haven’t suffered just as much or more than what you think? You don’t know them, or their stories. And does that even matter? Before you go telling people how they should and shouldn’t get other people’s attention, think about how lucky you might be not to have been exposed to this. Because quite frankly, I find your comments very, very insulting.


  4. says

    Homophobia exists every where, including Massachusetts (where a guy shot up a gay bar a few years ago) and evern P-town (where antigay assaults are a common occurence in season.

  5. says

    “(as Tank, above, pointed out) they are in Massachusetts”

    This was done at South Station, a travel hub for citizens going all across MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, NY, PA, D.C., etc. etc. It is the central hub in New England for Amtrak and all major bus lines. The people waiting there aren’t necessarily citizens of Massachusetts.

    Lastly, MA still has some work to do, particularly for the T in LGBT.

    Lastly, the majority of people in this action aren’t college kids. While JTIMA has a number of college kids among their ranks, most are young professionals or older.

    Lastly, what would you have Join the Impact MA or any MA based gay rights group do every time they hold an action? Hop the bus to NY or PA? MA laws favor LGBT citizens, but public attitude can still use MUCH work. I say this as a gay man who has lived in Boston for eight years.

    You should never insult civil disobedience. If the mindset of equality is not going to be had through patience, understanding, and support, it can most certainly be inspired by pissing people off enough through disruption and making sure they want this fight to end.

  6. says

    My boyfriend and I were chilling out on my balcony the other night, just cozy in our chairs. A few neighbors walked by. The next night I was outside by myself on my balcony and the very same neighbors walked by. Being alone, they both felt compelled to voice their opinion:

    “Die you fucking homo”

    This was in Boston, MA. If I wasn’t overly confident in myself and if I didn’t recognize them as being a horrible waste of space, I would have taken it to heart. Homophobia and Transphobia are very real problems in this nation, even among the gay meccas like Boston.

  7. Hunter says

    For your information, I lived in Boston for many years and in fact worked in an office across the street from South Station.
    More importantly, while *social* prejudice still exists everywhere, how is protesting randomly like what’s being done in this clip will not do anything to make that better? It won’t – it;s just an outlet for emotion, that’s all.
    And I repeat, they look like harebrained kids and if I were trying to commute through South Station at that moment, I would have found it annoying.

  8. Randy says

    Hunter, I believe that’s the point. If people are dying, then inconveniencing the ignorant with a message is exactly what needs to happen.

    If people don’t actually see protest happening in their own lives, it’s just a TV show.

  9. says

    “And I repeat, they look like harebrained kids and if I were trying to commute through South Station at that moment, I would have found it annoying.”

    Again, that’s kind of the point of NVCD….