1. Patrick says

    Thinks do get better. For us as individuals over our personal journey and for society over time. When I was in high school, gay characters on tv were nothing but nightmares. Gay high school boys today can see a delicious dream on the tube. That’s better.

  2. daniel O'Neil says

    I went to an all-boys prep high, and ALL the guys had to do choral routines, so this is totally a memory refresher. None of us were as good as these guys though! Amazingly cool harmony of male voices is priceless. College glee clubs and men’s choirs send me over the edge.

  3. zeke says

    OMG totally ADORABLE! sent shivers down my spine. Somehow reminds me of my high school crush and the feelings I never got to express when I was at that age… Chris Kofler and Glee ROCKS!

  4. BobN says

    “Murdoch sure doesn’t mind making money from gay people, does he?”

    Making money TWICE. Once on Glee and again, later, on Fox News where they exploit fear of what Glee shows.

  5. Matt26 says

    Because I am gay, love theater and musical theater, belting and big voices like La LuPone, am I supposed to like this too? Because I don’t get this, the series nor the scene. Give me a Broadway belter and big emotions and I’m totally into it, but I didn’t get any emotions from this. So sorry to write this.

  6. jason says

    How is this gay? It’s a group of men singing a song. It could be an all-male, straight-laced church choir for all you know.

    The fact that you latch onto this for validation is further proof that you’ve lost it as a community. You are desperate and grasping.

    The simple fact is that Glee is not a gay-friendly show. It’s a show that has avoided showing male-male intimacy beyond the platonic. It has never shown a male-male kiss, for instance.

    Glee is like Obama. Promise everything, deliver nothing. Suckers, the lot of you.

  7. Jon B says

    @Jason: That was a very odd post. Are you gay? Not gay? What’s the deal? You seem to exclude yourself from the gay community, yet you’re commenting on a blog aimed at that community. FYI, it was announced that that kid singing would be Kurt’s first kiss, and his gay mentor. Hope that clears it up.

  8. Dale Fecker says

    Jason, I don’t know any church choirs that sing about skin-tight jeans and teenage dreams. The lyrics, the whole thing is overtly homoerotic. Rather a surprising promotion from the parent company of Fox News.
    Everything on Television is a carefully manufactured lie designed to first strip you of your desire to think for yourself, and then sell you shit you don’t need. Just don’t watch.

  9. Jim R says

    Kind of bitter-sweet, like History Boys; Preppy love that dare not speak it’s name. I teeter-totter back and forth, charmed and embarrassed by the sentimentality.

  10. says

    Things like this make me smile. I didn’t love the song, but who cares? Something like this on prime-time television when I was a kid (and it’s not all that long ago!) wouldn’t have even been thinkable. I wouldn’t have dared to imagine this!

    A plot line involving a gay high school romance? We’ve come a long way, baby. And anytime the bigots get annoyingly loud, just look around at examples like this. No question, we still have battles to fight, but the final outcome of the war is as clear as day. The bigots are losing, and it most be driving them insane (I mean, even more insane than they already were).

  11. jamesintoronto says

    Who was Kurt supposed to have that guy on guy kiss with? He’s the only out kid in that smalltown Ohio school. I think this episode arc is supposed to rectify the situation and get Kurt an honest-to-god boyfriend. Glee has done more to address the loneliness and isolation that gay youth feel and it has done it in a very positive way. Haters should go away and let the Gleeks enjoy this slice of heaven.

  12. Todd Merrell says

    Jason, this episode is entitled “Never been Kissed”. I have a feeling our teenage Kurt will be experiencing his first one on Tuesday.

  13. Matt26 says

    @Robert No, my point was I didn’t get any emotions from the song, leading voice, acting, the whole scene (nor series). So, perhaps it wasn’t gay enough, although I get lots out of straight movies, plays, songs, duets. I simply think this scene has nothing to give. It is just my opinion. I don’t have to like it. I was only thinking am I missing sth when everyone is writing how wonderful and full of emotions the clip is.

  14. Henry Holland says

    Very well done, Chris Colfer is adorable and lucky him getting to snog that lead guy! Better than any of the other guys that have been rumored to be his first kiss.

    “How is this gay?”

    The stupid, it is strong in Jason. It’s gay because the GAY CHARACTER is being flirted with and sung to by another guy. Normally, I’d say “It’s too subtle for someone like Jason”, but typically GLEE, it’s not even bothering with the subtle part.

    “Everything on Television is a carefully manufactured lie designed to first strip you of your desire to think for yourself, and then sell you shit you don’t need. Just don’t watch”

    ZZZZZZZZ. Sorry you tedious, moralizing windbag, I *will* watch television shows and *still* have my brains and wits about me. I download the BitTorrents of all the shows I watch, they have all the commercials stripped out of them.

    Besides, dimwit, merely logging on to Andy’s ad-infested site makes you complicit in what you’re decrying.

  15. jj says

    havent been a fan of the show overall but the kid seems casted perfectly! he leads the group with ease, the guys around him might as well have been invisible

  16. AngelaChanning says

    When I was young, we only had Uncle Arthur on Bewitched, Charles Nelson Reilly and Rip Taylor. Once in a while we would see Rex Reed (who came off as bitter) and Truman Capote on Hollywood Squares. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for what we had as TV role models. My mother and I used to sit and watch Match Game and laugh out loud and it was definitely coded to me that everyone accepted Charles for who he was. Of course, anytime Uncle Arthur showed up on Bewitched, you knew there would be some shit going down. My point is, I am glad that today’s kids get to see shows like Glee, Modern Famly, and Brothers and Sisters and stars like Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris on TV. Watching that video made me feel so young. Thank you for listening.

  17. Henry Holland says

    Love the clip, Chris Colfer is just adorable and lucky him for getting to kiss that lead guy! I don’t like everything GLEE does, but I like enough things about it to watch when it’s on.

    “I was only thinking am I missing sth when everyone is writing how wonderful and full of emotions the clip is”

    So what, it doesn’t connect with you, it’s not the clip or shows fault, it’s YOU. Lady Gaga does nothing for me, for example, but she’s selling out hockey arenas, it’s MY problem.

    “Everything on Television is a carefully manufactured lie designed to first strip you of your desire to think for yourself, and then sell you shit you don’t need. Just don’t watch”

    So, tell me, if you don’t watch –you don’t, right?, because that would make you a hypocrite– how do you know what the content is? I love how pompous people like you lecture the rest of us as if we don’t know what’s going on. We do, we just don’t give a damn, for 42 minutes a week GLEE makes me smile and laugh and cry and considering how totally grim the effing world we live in is, I’ll take that.

  18. BobN says

    I have a hard time believing it will air this way, in full.

    But I’ll be watching, just to see.

  19. Dale Fecker says

    Of course ads and windbags are everywhere, Henry. Consider, though, that even stripping the commercials out doesn’t guarantee you an agenda-free experience. Product placement is rampant at prime-time. It’s great that there’s a positive gay story happening. I simply can’t stomach the hypocrisy of those who control the airwaves feeding the public with both sides of every drama that people will watch not for information’s sake, but for profit. Enjoy your cake.

  20. naughtylola says

    How is this gay? Are you kidding? Its gay because the cute boy leading the a capella group at the new school is openly flirting with Kurt, and its the setup to the Kurt-gets-a-honey story arc that’s allegedly about to unfold. The next episode’s title is “Never Been Kissed” and we’ve already been promised that Kurt gets a squeeze this season.

  21. Hollywood, CA says

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS! All of it! GLEE is THE ONLY! Kudos to the writers and I cannot wait to see this episode. Chris Kolfer and his character Kurt are living a gay teen life that many can’t, so I say BRAVA!

  22. Ty says

    This is tremendous :-) I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this storyline. Thanks for sharing this info – Now I’m just waiting for Kurt and Blaine to be the next Power-Couple on TV. Yay for the gays :-)

  23. ann says

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  25. Henry Holland says

    I apologize for my post @ 7:19:12, I thought I had deleted it, I went back and removed (most hahaha) of the personal stuff in my later post.

    “Product placement is rampant at prime-time”

    So what? I note the placement and make a mental note not to buy that product unless it’s absolutely unique and I have no choice. What’s your point?

    “I simply can’t stomach the hypocrisy of those who control the airwaves feeding the public with both sides of every drama that people will watch not for information’s sake, but for profit”

    That’s some really shitty English there, champ. WTF? I’m sorry that programming exists that’s just pure mindless fun or for profit, it seems to upset you tremendously, but I’ve been watching TV since 1965 and I still have a brain and discernment and probably have forgotten more about media manipulation than you’ll ever know.

    “Enjoy your cake”

    So what the f**k do you propose? Never watch TV, never go to a movie, never listen to music released by a record label (big or small), never go to a concert, never go to a museum or art gallery, never read a book published by, well, anyone? Because ALL art is tainted by commerce, every single last bit of it, so your tilting at windmills is both naive and lame. But hey! if it makes you feel like you’re doing something To Fight The Man And Free Our Minds For The Revolution, go for it! Just don’t be surprised that others think you’re a fool.

  26. Benji says

    I almost cried with happiness. We will win this war, are already winning. Thank you, Towleroad.

  27. JJ says

    I just watched the clip again. Adorable. reminded me of when the cast did “dont stop believing” in the first episode …that (very) rare magical moment the mostly lackluster and contrived show can produce. made me feel young again!

  28. says

    I was disappointed when it was revealed that the gorgeous Chord Overstreet wasn’t going to be Kurt’s love interest after all, as had been speculated. But this teen dream, Darren Criss, makes up for it.

  29. AJ says

    First PLEASE shut up about politics. This week from HELL was depressing enough. I want to see cute boys singing and harmonizing and watch Kurt’s crush actually come to fruition. Escapism, people, escapism, Rupert Murdoch BE DAMNED. LOVED IT!!!

  30. nic says

    murdoch is more about money than politics. “glee” is more about equal rights. wtf is the problem here?

    jebus, how i detest sissies who will never be satisfied.

  31. Jason 2 says

    Time to distinguish myself from the other Jason I guess …

    I thought it was cute. I don’t really like Glee (I only watch dark and depressing shows, and documentaries), but it’s so nice to see something like this on TV.

  32. BobN says

    “murdoch is more about money than politics”

    He’s about making money off of exploitative politics. I’m not sure in what moral universe doing so for purely financial reasons is somehow better than doing it based on true convictions.

  33. JAMES in Toronto says

    I’m so impressed. The singer’s fierce joy and confidence in his flirtation is captivating. Damn, he’s hot.

    However, I don’t think that the “first kiss” is going to be anything compared to the “first duet”.

  34. Henry Holland says

    “interview with darren re: glee and being an gay character -”

    Thanks for the link, JJ. Interesting that he auditioned for the part of Finn. Really looking forward to the episode next week.

    “However, I don’t think that the “first kiss” is going to be anything compared to the “first duet”.”

    Hahaha, that’s true, it’s GLEE after all.

  35. BobWest says

    Wow, that was amazing, to all the jaded guys out, who didn’t grow up in a time when Gays were only portrayed as psycho’s or victims, this again was amazing. Loved the lead singer, he made me swoon.

  36. Michelleanon says

    This was PERFECTION….any LGBT person who can’t thaw their cold heart and smile at this clip, while secretly jumping for joy inside is a hater monger wing nut in Cher’s clothing. This was pure perfection in every sense of the word!

  37. jexer says

    (insert music to “don’t stop believing”)

    Don’t stop… your hating…
    Hold on to your lame debating…
    Screechfight people…

    Don’t stop.. your hating…
    Whining here is just maasturba-ting…
    Screechfight people…

  38. PAV3 says

    @Matt26, et al…Television was meant to be entertaining – or for the “spoken-word’ophiles” aka news-hawks, to deliver messages. If you are only comfortable with one genre of music (I was raised on classical piano, gospel and country, eek!), you limit yourself to those types of emotions found in that genre. GLEE is, for now, an outlet for some and not so for others…I don’t get Fringe either, but that’s just me…although I do covet Pacey for sure! If you learn to embrace all types of music (rap and hip-hop are not music), you may also expand your hidden emotions. Let your guard down and be free!

  39. slippy says

    Even if you had never watched Glee and didn’t know of Kurt’s loneliness and isolation . Even if you had no idea that Blaine -Mr Teenage Dream was written to be an openly proud gay man. You’d need to be blind and an emotional cripple not to see that this was sung directly to Kurt who is quivering with antici….pation and glowing with puppy love. And in fact this one performance is a significant moment. Blaine is melting girl’s hearts across America -but he’s singing this to a guy.This is an instant start turn for Darren Criss . And speaking of San Francisco values -guess where Mr. Teenage Dream grew up …..

  40. Justin says

    This three minute scene is a million times more inspiring than a thousand “It Gets Better” monologues.

    I’ve watched this at least a dozen times already.

  41. Ty says

    I enjoy watching this clip over and over again. I seriously need to disconnect my computer service because I’m not getting any work done by watching this clip again and again :) And I agree with the person above – I’ve never seen a guy sing a love song to another guy – I just realized that when I read R’s statement. Now I’d like to see more of that!

  42. David in Houston says

    Not only are we seeing a cute guy singing a love song to another guy, but all the other guys in the room are supportive and non-judgemental. That’s a great message, regardless of your feelings about Glee in general. I can’t believe people are unhappy about this. What the hell.

  43. Gus says

    I guess some folk won’t be happy until we have XXX rated gay porn on broadcast TV. Will it be gay enough for you then?

  44. Bobby says

    Jason, you should watch the show before making crazy judgments like that. GLEE is created by a gay man and is completely positive in the portrayal of homosexuals and everyone that might be a little different.

  45. Rob says

    I sang in a male acappella group and glee club in college and really enjoy the stroll down memory lane. We spent a lot of time together, had man-crushes on each other (and more) and sang to each other. Most of us were about status and prestige and making our way in the world, so navigating the rocky shoals of same-gender desire was difficult and secondary. Difficult to suppress our feelings in that sexually charged environment, but somehow most of us did. (as Margaret Cho quotes her Mom- “College- very GAYYY time, college.”) Turns out most of us were gay- many still quite closeted. It’s a step forward for it to be so overt.

    Either way, that Darren Cross can really deliver a song. Check out his Glee Audition video “Lean on Me.” He can lean on me any day. Like, maybe in the shower.

  46. ratbastard says

    WTF did I just watch? I think I O’D’ed on sugar.

    I attended an all boys HS for 2 years. Wore grey flannel pants, white shirt and maroon tie uniform. It was NOTHING like this clip.

  47. Paul says

    I thought it was sweet and refreshing…we really have come a long way. Kurt is out, openly gay, father is accepting (not completely but at least meets his halfway), and Kurt has shows that are themed around his character…he is not just in the background like Harry Shrum Jr. (the Asian dancer).
    And Teenage Dream sounds better sung by boys then Katy Perry. 😛

  48. Rich says

    If you haven’t been watching Glee, here’s what you missed: 1. Every character and every relationship in the show is a contrived and heightened look at issues faced by young folks – the key words being ‘heightened’ and ‘contrived,’ but not in a bad way. It’s a show about a high school where people spontaneously burst into song, for crying out loud! 2. Of all the characters, Kurt has one of the most well-rounded and realistic stories. An out gay teenager, he has a circle of friends who stick by him, no matter what. At the same time he is teased by a group of macho bullies. He experienced unrequited love of a straight friend. He struggles over his relationship with his father, supportive as he is. He balances his expression of himself with moments of fierce pride, moments of over-the-top flamboyance, and moments of quiet pain. 3. Chris Colfer is marvelous. Kurt has been especially weepy lately, but regardless, this young man lets so many emotions show with just a glint in his eye or a twitch at the corner of his mouth, that mere moments of watching him on screen are an emotional roller coaster. I’m so glad they gave him an entire episode, in which he thought his father was going to die. He was brilliant.

    Does this clip go far enough? Guys, it’s just a CLIP! But even so, without seeing the show, it looks like the moment when Kurt suddenly looks at this handsome, talented newcomer, and thinks, “What if…?” That’s a real moment, folks, and only because of Colfer! Watch it again, but instead of the song, pay attention to him. Then reevaluate.

  49. james says

    The best moment in the clip is when Kurt looks around the room and sees all the other young men. Who are enjoying themselves, smiling, laughing, dancing, very different from his own school, where everything is a battle. At the beginning of the clip he says “I’ll stick out like a sore thumb,” but he doesn’t. He fits in.

    My mind went back to two friends, a couple, who helped me come out. I was 20, they were in their 40s. All they really did was invite me to a weekly volleyball game of other gay men, where we could all relax and enjoy ourselves. I fit in and made more friends. Never had sex with any of them. They were more important to me than that.

    Anyway, that’s the effect this short clip had on me. I watch the show, and enjoy it.

  50. Tom says


    How fun! Uncle Arthur was the best. I loved when Endora and Arthur got into it. Both could blow up the planet with a wave of their arms, but they argued about who could antagonize Derwood best.


  51. naughtylola says

    I just watched this again (and again and again) and I’m amazed at some actors that you wouldn’t expect to be any good, and what they are able to convey effortlessly. The bedroom eyes on Darren Criss (the singer) are the very essence of “smouldering”, and just instantly evoke that “thunderbolt” feeling of love-at-first-sight. I get giddy just watching it!

    I hope this storyline has legs, there is some great electricity between Colfer and Criss, at least from this clip. It would be a shame to waste it.

  52. Hellion says

    how is this gay?! how is this NOT gay, Jason?
    the harmony is great, fine, whatever. its very, very, very gay. which is cool.

  53. patrick nyc says

    I have not seen the show outside of clips ANDY posts here, but plan on catching up when I watch the DVD’s my friend just got. I loved this clip, the first thing I thought of was growing up the first time they showed a recurring gay role was Soap and Dynasty. Both of those guys were portrayed as messes, who went back and forth from gay to straight.

    How lucky kids are today, you can not swing a cat without hitting a gay character on TV, in film and evening music. Kids with computers can surf google or YouTube for content, like watching Captain Jack dancing with his namesake on Torch Wood.

    I feel sorry for people like MATT and Jason, who seem unable to either enjoy something as sweet as this without pissing on it, or just passing it by. While I went through some serious shit growing up and later in life, I am glad I’m not as bitter as those two.

  54. Randy says

    What’s more is that the guys are all cool with the fact that their schoolmate has a crush on Kurt, as though it was the most normal thing in the world. Isn’t that the world we would all love to live in?

    This is where Glee is really at its best with our issues: treating gays as though they are just part of the same world that other teenagers inhabit.

  55. Matt26 says

    @Patrick NYC Thank you for your analysis on me. I don’t think I am bitter. I just didn’t like it: the song, voice(s). If it makes me bitter, cold, so be it. I know I am not. It cannot be that every gay man must love this. I thought it was awful, and I am entitled to my opinion and to write it here. I just watched one more time and no, I don’t get what you get, so sorry. You must be warm and wonderful, I am surely bitter bit*h.
    There are surely many things I find wonderful other people think are awful. It is their opinion.
    PS Torchwood is sth I really like and John Barrowman can sing and act. But I think only cold and bitter people like me you so feel sorry for, can enjoy TW. Once more, thank you for your kind and warm words.

  56. patrick nyc says

    I never said you were not entitled to your opinion MATT, I just said it was a shame you felt the need to piss on the clip, you and Jason were the only two out of dozens of those who liked it.

    From both of your posts there was just not displeasure in the clip, there seemed to be disgust for a TV show, that is showing kids both straight and gay that being gay is OK. It seems like a strong reaction and from that I sensed a note of bitterness, which others here did as well. Best of luck sir, have a good weekend.

  57. Lance says

    Is that Kurt’s new boyfriend? Not even slightly in the same league and it would never work out in the real world…BUT I will never argue will casting a hot talented guy like this one. Yum!

  58. naughtylola says

    @Lance, oh ridiculous.

    First, the thunderbolt strikes where it strikes. You can’t explain it, and you sure as hell can’t fight it.

    Second, kinda cute he may be but he’s hardly radiant, and also he looks pretty short. The relative leagues begin to even out…

  59. anon says

    This show might be becoming too gay for its intended tweener female audience. The gay audience is only a footnote in its ratings.

  60. MammaB says

    Loved loved loved this.

    If I had seen this on tv 30 years ago I would have had a heart attack – it’s great that it’s part of a mainstream popular show.

  61. nyrkr says

    cute clip, heartwarming and may actually be plausible in the age we are in or about to be in (bigots and teapeers be damned); but my all time fave on Glee is the season finale when they serenaded Mr. Schu with “To Sir With Love” … my first love was 22 years my senior and that always brings me back

  62. Contrarian says

    “AJ”,Mr. Holland and “Nic”, if you were a Jew in 1935 Germany would you seek escapism and cheap emotionalism in Nazi newsreels of handsome hunky Aryan youths? They sure would take your mind off Kristallnacht! Yes, “Nic” Murdoch is about money but it’s also about dangerous naked power.

    Murdoch is the cheerleader and enabler of America’s brownshirts and knuckle-dragging rednecks. It is no longer a debatable issue that the far right wants the LBGT community in containment camps or in ovens. But the queens on here prove once again, if we ever needed proof that all Murdoch needs to do is show some young flesh and Judy/Mickey “let’s put on a show” and Fox can get all the gay money and ratings they need. Shameful and pathetic.

  63. tonyc says

    Chris has an adorable look…and I could see anyone ‘falling for” him..he just can be a bit over the edge…BUT that’s the part I love about him, besides his great voice..I did not like it in the beginning but when I started to listen to it again on my stereo,he has an amazing voice and range…but I do not like to “single” anyone out on this show..the talent is AMAZING..especially the blonde”bimbo” cheerleader..that girl can ROCK IT BABY!…when she did the Britney show..WOW!..but when Chris just sings “I want to hold your hand”..that was so beautifully done..I tear up, every time I hear it now(his father was dying in the hospital)…WELL I AM HAPPY THERE are Glee fans here..I have NO one to talk to about my show..
    …MURDOCK..gets RICHER..fuck him , we get the message OUT THERE!..AND this is a “classroom” of music for Tony(me), I learn allot of new music and find myself downloading not just their material but the real artists material AND movies..

  64. von lmo says

    Would it have been too “gay” had there been a diamond sparkle in chris’ eyes while watching ? When are the producers of this show going to move it from Fox? They should be shamed into moving it to a different distributer.

  65. patrick nyc says

    I doubt anyone here will deny that Mucdoch and Fox are scum. I was watching Seth MacFarlane on Jon Stewart one night and he asked him about being on Fox, MacFarlane is the brains and talent behind Family Guy. He said he was always amazed that despite the rabid right thinking behind his news devision, Murdoch knows better to leave the entertainment devision alone.

    The Simpsons always mocks Fox, and like Family Guy is very pro-gay and anti right wing. Those are the only two I ever watch, but they have Glee, American Idol, the Dancing and Chef crap, plenty of shit that gays and liberals lap up.

    While their showing Hannity and Beck makes me want to puke, people were smart going after the sponsors, who have much more control on these idiots than Murdoch does.

  66. Tony says

    Jason….you’re a true dip$hit. The lead singer is *clearly* singing to the guy they keep cutting away to…looking all puppy-dog eyed. I’m afraid you are the one, desperately grasping at antiquated notions. I smell a Tea Bagger. Heh.

  67. Jason2 says

    I thought I was a bitter curmudgeon but the other Jason beats me. He is officially a big buzz kill. If you don’t see the gay in this you are blind. Anyway, I can’t wait to see it as it reminds me of the un-requited crushes in HS and College. At least Curt gets to experience his.

  68. Derek Pearce says

    Sigh. This literally made me be all sappy and wish I was teenager with my first boycrush again. Glee rocks. This shit will subvert the teabaggers more than Jon Stewart (love him) or anything. The future is bright boys :^)

  69. butterscotch says

    Did anyone see the singoff? There was a group called the beelzebus that are amazing from their harmony to their showmenship ! Anyway I would sure like to see them on glee.

  70. slippy says

    Re: Butterscotch’s comment above , the Tuft’s University Beelzebubs ARE the backgroung voices for the Dalton Academy Warbler’s -the all male school’s group being introduced on this week’s Glee. Here is a blurb fron the BUB’s web site :

    “Bubs featured on Glee Episode 6
    If you’re watching Glee on November 9th, you may notice some familiar voices coming out of some unfamiliar faces. Yes, the Internet rumors are true- the Bubs are providing arrangements and background vocals for Glee’s newest group, the Dalton Academy Warblers. The first episode featuring the Warblers will air Tuesday, November 9th at 8/7 central on Fox.”

  71. naughtylola says

    Tangential to a capella, here’s another B-town local a capella group singing their arrangement of a Julian Velard tune:

    (JV is who you would get if Joe Jackson and Tom Waits had a baby together, for those of you interested in piano-driven pop-jazz.)

  72. Ty says

    I hope the producers continue to develop Darren Criss’s character on Glee. It looks like this scenario has some really good potential.

  73. Derek says

    I cant stop watching this! its like every cheesy gay youth fiction book ever.

    gorgeous well adjusted bullied boy, switches to all boy private school where no bullying is tolerated. glee club is he coolest thing to do in school.

    wish we had more of this!

  74. jay says

    I don’t watch Glee, but do all the songs sound this…fake? It’s supposed to be a capella, but it sounded like a capella recorded in a studio, put through a snazzy machine, and then lip synced to it.

    plus katy perry is just ugh.

  75. QJ201 says

    Of all the gay blogs I read, this one is represents the worst of the commenting. Two or three idiots arguing with each other, the masculinity police and some downright bitter hateful people.

  76. Tracy says

    Why do I get teary eyed when I see Kurt look around and see its ok.. The joy on his face when he realizes … The song is so good but seeing his reaction.. fantastic!

    PS… His new BFF has got eyes that go on forever!

  77. candideinnc says

    Oh goody! Are Chord and this little brunette going to fight over Kurt? That is more than my 62-year-old heart can handle! Lots of laughs!

  78. CHAOS says

    Actually this is not such a big stretch for the Fox group. Their Australian papers did the big expose that galvinized the gay rights movement in the 70s in Sydney and their cable group is the only network to ever produce & broadcast Mardi Gras live.

  79. Grant says

    Who in this century uses words like “insufferable?” Anyway….I hope to hell with all the bullying and self hatred going on in this country that this story line moves Kurt away from the Finn obsessed, tragigay that he has become…I would love to see his character give hope to other gay teens who feel alone and isolated.
    For those of you who are too high brow to even watch this show…you really shouldn’t comment.

  80. Grant says

    I love the look of bliss on Kurts face after the line “I’m gon get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans…”

  81. freestuffffff says

    Glee is scrumpcious. Glee is “Degrassi: Next Generation” The Musical. Marco and Dylan were high-drama, tongue-kissing high school boyfriends back in 2002 — and a freshman fem in the arms of a senior jock at that.

  82. Sean C says

    Calling BULLSHIT on acceptance. With a capital “A”. Google this. The opening paragraph of these lyrics are uniformly MIA on any video you’ll find online for this performance. (Goes w/o saying. I’m a fag. And yes, I DO wear ‘make-up’.)

    “You think I’m pretty

    Without any make-up on

    You think I’m funny

    When I tell the puch line wrong

    I know you get me

    So I’ll let my walls come down, down”

    (not surprisingly) Even has excised it. Someone please point me to my error where I’m just not seeing this. So far, survey say…?

  83. JPandS says

    I never liked this song. Quite frankly it gets on my nerves! But after hearing this version I was smitten lol That is some great sound coming from that all-boys choir! I am truly impressed! AND it was Acapella, which I love!

    Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this scene =]