1. Henry Holland says

    Very nicely done by Mr. Adler, nice of him to do it after the Glee bullying episode and woof! I so would, love guys that look like him or as Kurt yelled at Dave “Chubby boys who sweat too much and are bald by 30!”. :-)

  2. DSCinSEA says

    That was one of the better It Gets Better videos – he certainly stirs up the emotions when you watch him on Glee so awesome to see him do this video!

  3. says

    Great vid……great sincerity……a great message to anyone who feels the pressure of a bullying situation….
    Talk to someone …… !!

    Yeah, Andy, we love this guy .

  4. Roberto says

    Hell, he just made it to my top 5 boys Ill sleep with… right next to mister Hugh Jackman… Congrats…what an honor for him.

  5. mad1026 says

    Mr Adler speaks the truth, beautifully! His cahracter on Glee is multifaceted and gives Ryan Murphy the perfect opportunity to show the pain of coming out for jocks everywhere. Thank you, Mr Adler, your eloquence is inspiring. I’m sure your message will be helpful and hopeful for young people struggling with bullying.

  6. slippy says

    Great job Mr Max Adler as Dave Karofky on Glee and most importantly GREAT JOB in life . He’s been twetting how much he appreciates the support he’s been getting for the recent evolutions of Dave . Yesterday he sent this :

    MrMaxAdler Max Adler
    Aaaaand the winner of the Funniest Video Ever sent 2 me award goes to @ohmygleek. Hahaha amazing!

  7. MichaelJ says

    Max Adler’s is one of the most intelligent and articulate voices on these videos. I especially like his emphasis on how being yourself and not trying to conform to mold is something very positive, something that makes one both interesting and “desirable.”

  8. kodiak says

    i’m interested in how his character on glee develops. i knew a guy in high school so much like the bully he plays on tv. i felt bad for him cuz he was so visibly torn by desire for guys but was a total basher at the same time. it was like he was bashing himself as well as others. really sad and hard to watch. i always wonder what became of him.

  9. wbnyc says

    Mr. Adler,
    I’d like to thank your family for raising up such a fair-minded and kind man.
    You’re part of the new breed of actor who can stand up and say what he feels from the heart without shame or worrying about whether people perceive him as gay or straight. That’s probably still rough going in Hollywood. So … deepest thanks! More of you please!

  10. says

    Fantastic. I have such a crush on his character…I’m certain that were I in Kurt’s shoes when he pulled him in for the second kiss I wouldn’t have pulled away so fast.
    Then again I kinda like the chubby guys that swat too much and would be bald by the time they were thirty. Hmm…

  11. naughtylola says

    I want to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him on his quirky eyebrow.

    The pretty young things are nice to look at, but nothing beats a good solid man to curl up with. And help me move furniture.

  12. Jason says

    I have never been bullied in my life and my family and friends adore me but my life would be even BETTER if this guy would sleep with me.

  13. rjp3 says

    very sincere = the complete opposite of the tools from The A-List

    Most bullies are insecure = The A-List New York Cast

  14. slippy says

    Max just tweeted :

    MrMaxAdler Max Adler
    THANKS SO MUCH 4 making my “It Gets Better” the #1 Most watched Non-Profit You Tube video of the week. U r the BEST fans a guy could ask 4!

  15. Markus says

    AMAZING! I wish they would air these PSA’s on TV regularly during Glee and other shows that teenagers and younger people watch!

    Things could get even better if broadcasters would get behind the “It gets better” project

  16. AJ says

    I agree. Took me forever to watch this one cause most of them are painful, but he is great. So eloquent and genuine. Just made me love him more.

  17. beartrash says

    I love the sentiment and all, but I can’t help but wonder…

    Does he sound gay to anyone else?

    I swear, I hear a slight lisp.