1. Brad says

    These are evil hateful people, revelling in the oppression of others. Time will show NOM to be a crumbling relic. In the meantime, Brian brown is an a-hole, overly obsessed with an issue that has no negative impact on his or anybody elses life. I cringe watching him gloat about how hard he is working to stop me from getting married. We have unemployment, homelessness, health care crises, school funding collapse and they dare spend millions to oust judges and politicians, not because of their stance on these issues, but because of something so benign. This morality bullying and lack of fiscal responsibility is what will destroy the republican party. The sooner the better. Good riddance.

  2. Brad says

    An historic event? Running a smear campaign to ruin people’s lives? I guess that is historically something…

  3. Mark says

    It is time gay America wakes up. We tell ourselves our equality is inevitable, but it isn’t folks. We need to start seriousy investigating NOM and exposing the sources of their money, as well as disclosing that their “facts” about gay marriage are not founded on objective research and are discredited by science. These people are anti American. They do not believe “all people are created equal”. Trust me, if we wrap ourselves in the American, no the rainbow, flag the heartland will have a hard time opposing us.

  4. Earl says

    He looks like a self hating, bible thumping closet case to me.
    Organized religion has spoiled this nation.
    Right winged, Republican, Homophobic bigots
    have been given permission to hate by the church and our government.
    When will equal rights be more important than
    religious beliefs?

  5. David in Houston says

    He is supporting the position that judges are required to vote according to the demands of the public… a wholly un-American ideal. He wants a theocratic kangaroo-court where all judges should rule against any and all gay rights issues. The fact that a majority of Iowans agree with his position clearly shows how our founding father’s concept of America is being destroyed by the likes of Mr. Brown. If he weren’t such a sociopath, he’d actually feel ashamed for what he’s doing to our country and our legal system.

  6. Disgusted American says

    I say we start Arming ourselves….according to David Mixner, don’t be surprised IF the GOP trys to start up another Federal Marriage Ammendment…I think its paranoia, but Im not dispelling it completely. I know I will NOT sit Idly by and watch my Gov’t TRY to Strip me of my Rights, or my marriage as a American citizen…and Id risk my life doing it too. They think they can annul 100’s of 1000’s of marriages and get away with it…I don’t think so…..they try it – and watch as the riots of the 60’s were nothing campared to what they’ll get.

  7. pete says

    The NYT did a short article yesterday on this… but this should be a huge, huge story.

    This was a unanimous decision in the Iowa court- not split, UNANIMOUS, in favor of Equality.

    All of America should be concerned. Right wingers & T-baggers rail against Sharia Law & yet how is this not a dramatic religious intrusion into America’s ideals?

  8. Rad says

    Very sad, very sad indeed. I am waiting for them to roll their hatred back into Rhode Island as Lincoln Chafee makes good on his promise to allow gay marriage.

  9. says

    We need to savor this victory and please send us more $ to fund our hatred. This is a fund-raising video for his base, and he lies to get their money. Marriage equality didn’t “lose” in either IA or NH. It’s still the law in IA, and despite the ouster of the judges (which is disgusting), it will remain so. And marriage equality is still the law in NH. They will try to repeal it, but we–and the fair-minded people of NH–must ensure this doesn’t happen.

    Most of the Republican wins had little to do with marriage. Yes, the Repub party is full of homophobes who will do anything to set back our civil rights, but running exclusively on anti-gay sentiment doesn’t work in most places anymore. And Brian doesn’t talk about VT or CA, where pro-equality candidates were elected and re-elected. (Our losing Repub governor candidate was terrified of using his anti-equality views in the campaign.) Other states may take a while to catch up, but many court decisions will keep going our way, and smug little porkpie Brian is still on the losing side of history.

  10. EO says

    why aren’t these people donating money to the poor instead?… aiding the sick and needy?

    seriously THIS is their top priority?

  11. yn says

    While NOM’s certainly got several screws loose, can you please take down the photoshopped image of the NOM logo done up as nooses?

    They’re a hateful enough organization; we don’t need to add to that hate.

  12. Dan says

    I wish the liberal special interest groups were as good at twisting fact like this. We might actually get somewhere on our side.

  13. x man says

    we in the GLBT had better start growing a pair and start on the offensive against NOM. WE can always depend on our allies to come to our rescue all the time. If we don’t start showing the rest of american that were not a bunch of pansies like the Democrats we might actually get some where

  14. JP says

    Dear Brian,

    I can still get married in Iowa to another man. Suck it.

    Your ‘victory’ proves you are petty and don’t believe in the checks and balances set forth in the constitution, but otherwise homo’s are still marrying homo’s in Iowa!


  15. JCT says

    A 54% vote in favor of removing the judges from office – in Iowa! – is hardly “resounding.” This is further proof that time is on our side. And legislation advancing the repeal of marriage in Iowa is a dead letter in this session. (He discusses repeal in N.H., but not Iowa.) Aside from overlooking these facts, and the victory of Chafee (and Cicilline) in R.I., Brown fails to mention the elephant in the(ir) room – California. If Kamala Harris wins over Steve Cooley as Attorney General, then the Dems will control all statewide government posts in California, and these kooks from NOM will be left to defend Prop. 8 on their own in federal court. Er, good luck with that, Brian.

  16. Timzilla says

    Nice photoshop of the NOM logo. The nooses go perfectly with BB’s yammering about ‘Governor Lynch’ and telegraphs exactly what these haters want to do—lynch us all.

  17. Randy says

    It’s funny, because Brian Brown looks like a big closet case.. The guy has some issues with his own homosexuality. As most of thise who protest too much. People, get a life of your own.

  18. Jay says

    Guys, let the lying bigot Brian Brown enjoy his pitiful moment of triumph. In the next few years we are going to see gay marriage become legal in more and more states. As today’s youth mature and begin to vote it’s inevitable. (Note to HRC and other gay advocates, get going now on outreach to young people.) In a few years Brown, Gallagher and the rest of NOM will be tossed on the scrap heap of history.

  19. Nonviolence says

    This is probably an unpopular notion, judging from the numerous insults and calls for violence in the comments above, but perhaps attacking and threatening aren’t the wisest tactics. I know it feels good to call Brown nasty names and say that bad things should happen to him, but that only feeds into his propaganda. Threatening and insulting the anti-gay crusaders only gives them more ammunition to use against us.

    Please, try to recall that in the future.