1. Bobo says

    If the American version was like this I might watch! At least the Brits have people on who are currently working as opposed to the US which is full of has beens and former “reality stars”.

  2. Fenrox says

    Yes, you know the thing about explaining to your kids that gay people exist and that they do the same things straight people do and that its not a choice so its no big deal if they aren’t gay?

    You only have to do it once, however awkwardly, and they will just get it. Parents, try to be as brave as your kids are competent.

  3. BenB says

    Please remember, the Telegraph is a pseudo-intellectual right-wing rag that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. The lack of source information of these messageboard complaints is extremely telling, and the Telegraph is not at all representative of actual British society.

    ‘Everyone needs to remember it’s a family show and having to explain that awful kiss to children does get awkward’

    Kids aren’t born homophobic. Explaining why that ‘awful’ kiss is ‘awful’ in the first place is what does the damage.

  4. JP says

    I agree whole heartedly with that parents comment. The kiss was awful! If Gavin would like my phone number and email address I’d be more than happy to teach him how to do it properly.

  5. Chris says

    BPDOH – Bruno actually flies back and forth between London and LA each week when the show’s on (Len Goodman does the same thing) – I’d hate to see the show’s travel expenses :)

  6. Dan Cobb says

    The shows travel expenses? Are you kidding? Those shows rake in tens of millions every week. The US version is the most popular show in America by far.
    The travel expenses are chicken feed for the producers!
    GAVIN HANSON… whew! This is ONE GOOD LOOKING GUY…. Love the Welch/Basque look.
    So steamingly sexy!

  7. mike says

    So, if the guy had kissed one of the female judges, then it would have been OK for “family viewers” and their children? Straight people are really a bunch of dumb pricks, aren’t they?

  8. BobN says

    I’m not gonna watch seven minutes of that silliness. Where in the seven minutes is the kiss?

    It must really SUCK to be a professional ballroom dancer. Years and years of PBS shows with tiny audiences and when ballroom dancing FINALLY breaks into the mainstream, these bozo “celebrities” take it all away…

  9. Lexxvs says

    Some people keep on thinking that as homosexuality is inherently evil, every “family program” has to be same sex affection/love free. So easy to see how crooked their minds are.

  10. peterparker says

    If that had happened in the U.S. the kiss would have been blurred out, the network would have apologized for it and Gavin would be looking for a new gig.

  11. GregV says

    Looking at the BBC comments page, only about 1% of comments expressed any problem with the kiss, despite the way the Telegraph tries to create a controversy over it.—13.shtml?page=2#comments

    One idiot (out of 645 people commenting) calling herself “Vicki” doesn’t know how to “explain” the kiss to her kids.

    Here’s a clue Vicki:
    “Mommy why did he run over to the judge?”
    “To give the judge a kiss.”
    “I don’t know.”

    Alternative answers might be: “I think he was trying to be silly to make the audience laugh.” / “It looks like he was making fun of someone else who gave a judge a kiss last week.” / “Maybe he thought a kiss would cheer up the judges and help his score.”

    My last piece of advice to Vicki is: If you think this kind of thing is too complicated for you to explain, please learn how to use birth control.

  12. walter says

    the kiss is no worse than the young people in this country watching the unwed mother bristol palin . also isn’t there something wrong with bristol preaching abstinence.

  13. Esteban says

    Hmm, maybe those alleged rumors about Gavin and Charlotte Church splitting up due to his liking to more than just kiss guys were true after all!

    Please, please, please be true!

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