1. patrick nyc says

    Gee I’m surprised he didn’t just tell the kids to ‘suck it up’, like he did to us before the elections when we bitched about our rights.

  2. Wes says

    It gets better, kids, you get to grow up to be eternally frustrated with the Democratic Party speaking from both sides of its collective mouth.

  3. Disgusted American says

    …really…it gets better kids…’ll get used to being 2nd class citizens while paying 1st class taxes. You’ll be ok with being Fired from your job in 30 states in this country for being LGBT…it gets better kid. It gets better kid, even tho Your Gov’t doesn’t treat you Equally, and your relationship will Never be recognized by the gov’t…but don’t worry gets better. Im sick of the dems…and well OVER the GOP hate crowd.

  4. SFshawn says

    Thanks Joe for the WORDS.
    How about actually using your powerful position/voice on the world stage to SERIOUSLY promote/pass LAWS that make all school(preschool to college) learning environments safe places to grow and learn.

  5. Pender says

    “Someday, Obama and I and the rest of the Democrats will be replaced by people who actually support your full civil equality. It will get better!”

  6. Carlie says

    VP Biden didn’t have to say anything. He did. What’s more, he talked about honestly about his own experience being bullied. (Sometimes, a moment is not about you and your interests, it’s about someone else’s. This is one of those moments.)

    He also said two powerful things: “I’m proud of you” and “Don’t give our consent [to feeling less].”

    P.S. Exit polling indicates that 31% of self-identified gay folks voted Republican–consent.

  7. Nick says

    He is complicit in that consent. The fact that our federal government treats us as second class citizens gives the bullies consent.

  8. says

    Talk is cheap. Kind of like when we protest through words without any kind of radical, significant ACTION that would actually force change to happen – like refusing to be taxed until we have what all other Americans have unlimited access to (marriage, jobs & housing without the fear of losing either for loving another, etc.). If I were straight I wouldn’t take the gay community seriously either – too many are comfortable and have not suffered enough loss to have the anger necessary to fight HARD.

  9. nic says

    jeez, some faggots are never satisfied. that is what you are. you ask for officials in the higher echelon to speak up. and, when they do, you snip at their heels like a bunch of pissy wiener dog bitches. you ask for respect, but you proffer none.

  10. Jorge says

    This was a really heartfelt and powerful message. One of the best from a public official. Biden is not responsible for what Obama does or does not do. He is the veep. He takes orders from POTUS, he doesn’t give them. So I for one am moved by this statement and accept that it was made with sincerity.

    I am not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point Biden ceased being a punchline and started emerging as a stand-up guy.

  11. ASB says

    WTF Trust most of you to twist it around and make it about your own political views!! Save it for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Grow the hell up and appreciate that people such as Biden , et al, are speaking out to bring positive change to LGBT youth.