Apple Rejects Anti-Gay ‘Manhattan Declaration’ App for Second Time

Mandec Originally rejected in late November to loud protest from the wingnuts, the anti-gay Manhattan Declaration app has again been rejected by Apple's app store, GLAAD reports:

"Apple rejected the second submission on the same grounds as the first, noting that the app is likely “to expose a group to harm” and “to be objectionable and potentially harmful to others.” The Manhattan Declaration website posted a statement on December 23 announcing Apple’s rejection of the app, and the makers of the content plan to take the issue to the Apple’s App Review Board after the holidays. Media coverage of this second rejection does not seem to have been picked up by many conservative outlets as of yet."

Wrote Steve Pep last month: "Back in October, Apple approved an app called The Manhattan Declaration in which users were asked survey questions about same-sex marriage, abortion and gay relationships. The app was, of course, put out by those who issued the manifesto in 2009, so if your answers did not mesh with their own hateful points of view, you scored very low in the survey. In their eyes, or in this case the 'eyes' of the app, the only correct answers are the ones found in The Manhattan Declaration."


  1. rebar says

    Good for Apple! Say no to bigotry and intolerance! Say no to the Manhattan Declaration! Ring in a more tolerant and accepting 2011!

  2. Rovex says

    Rebar.. Remember Apple APPROVED this initially. Unlike many other App stores apps need approval before they can be listed, so someone actively approved it initially.

  3. mad1026 says

    Is it just me or does The Manhattan Declaration read like something Hitler would have approved? Just asking…

  4. alguien says

    the question in the poll example above would read a lot less like a push poll if it simply said:

    “do you believe in the sanctity of marriage.”

  5. RP says

    @MAD1026 I thought it was closer to the “Manhattan Project” (project during WW II to develop the first atomic bomb), although that was by USA and her allies.

    Seriously, “Manhattan Declaration” sounds like a plot to somehow eradicate gays, and it kind of frightens me.

  6. David Alan says

    No. You people are more than hateful. You people kill each other with your careless barebacking in which you without conscience spread HIV. You have led each other hand in hand with a newly manufactured truth and you are serving your own god. Not the God who created you. You refuse to worship the creator but rather worship the creation.

    I’ve lived the sickening lifestyle long enough to know the whole picture. Most of you use each other like yesterdays trash. Making no commitments and making many feel even more empty and lost than ever. You will know the truth one day, hopefully before it’s too late. I got wise but after I got HIV 6 years ago.

    You can live your lives the way you wish in America. Most states no longer enforce sodomy laws these days. There is no one stopping you. Nevertheless you can’t be happy with that but feel the need to recruit others into a unhappy life. Seems like there is a higher power at work and you don’t even know who you serve.

    If this comment doesn’t get posted I’ll understand. Some truths hurt but in the end we will have to live with them.