1. OnyxEsq says

    I LOVE this! A Black Woman defending the rights of same sex couples in California. What do the racist White trolls on this site have to say about that? LOL

  2. Mike says

    California now has three strong progressives leading the state… hope they kick some wingnut ass! Obama has some good ideas, he just doesn’t get that the republicans have two goals, one get him out of office, and two: reverse Robin Hood. Just look at the last two years… A true progressive can win; but you have to show results; and wringing your hands about what the wingnuts think isn’t particularly productive. They’re going to hate you no matter what you do, so you might as well follow your convictions.

  3. pete says

    Kamala, Gerry, even Gavin, all understand that the highest goals of America do not include writing & advocating for discriminatory laws… but best of all, they’re not afraid to say it.

    Increasingly, politicians will get on-board as candidates as these stick to their core principles.

    If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

  4. says

    I celebrate Kamala Harris’ narrow electoral victory with a combination of relief and excitement. I can’t help but think back to September when the courageous Nicky Diaz came forward and called out Meg Whitman on her blatant hypocrisy. While Diaz’s revalations about her former boss may not have been the fatal blow, Whitman’s campaign never regained its footing from the disingenuous responses her campaign mounted in its defense. It’s reasonable to conclude that the resulting lack of enthusiasm for the Republican at the top of the ticket may have deprived Mr. Cooley of the handful of votes he needed statewide to become AG. Those of us who are happy to see a pro-gay, anti-Prop 8, principled Attorney General taking office in California might also think about the broader issues of immigration reform and the ways in which anti-gay Republicans including Whitman scapegoated the undocumented in this past election cycle in a cynical effort to gain power. LGBT Americans working in coalition with pro-immigration reform communities increase the power of both groups to elect progressives.

  5. Paul R says

    She’s brilliant, committed, and beautiful, but I was not especially impressed with her work as SF’s AG. I don’t care about her views on many things, but her office dropped the ball of a lot of crimes—something that had been argued before but really hit home when I was strangled, knocked unconscious, and mugged, and her office dropped 3 of the 6 felony convictions despite having it on tape (it occurred outside a subway station). Now they seem to be dropping everything else. They also wouldn’t pursue a hate crime charge despite my attacker calling me a “fucking faggot.”

    So excuse me if I’m on the fence about her. But I agree, she has enormously powerful connections and the brains, charisma, tenacity, and ambition of a high-rising politician.

  6. CHRIS says

    She’s actually half black half Tamil-Indian

    Posted by: Mike C. | Dec 1, 2010 1:31:56 PM

    The point is MikeC is that she ISN’T white and regardless Black is still in her!

    Giot it girl?

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