Chicago Mayor Daley Hails IL Civil Unions Bill, Says it’s Not Enough

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley today hailed passage of the state's civil union bill but quickly said that only full equality is sufficient, the Sun-Times reports.

Daley Said Daley: "Finally, they realized they should have the same rights under state law. But eventually, [gay] marriage will take place. It has to. . . .  We have to move faster."

OF those the bill will benefit, he added: "These are great citizens. They’re a tremendous resource for us in our great city. I’m very proud of the relationship that I had with them over many years. And it’s really important for us to move forward. These are people [who] have families. These are people [who] work in every sector of our society. They should not be discriminated against in any way whatsoever."


  1. ChicagoMike says

    Mayor Daley was the very first national public figure to endorse, and adamantly so, gay marriage. When gay marriages began occurring in San Francisco he courageously stepped forward in support, not for re-election votes, but simply because it is the right thing to do he said. He fully understands, and frequently challenges others to remember, that this is not a religious issue but a fundamental human rights issue. The GLBT community has no stronger ally in our pursuit of full equality. Thanks Mayor..

  2. Patric says

    I agree that Mayor Daley deserves our profound gratitude but, ChicagoMike, did he in fact announce his support for marriage equality before Senators Kennedy, Wyden and Chafee and Representative Kucinich?

  3. peterparker says

    Well, that is a politician from Illinois that I’d LOVE to see win the White House in the next election!!

  4. jw says

    not sure about the others, but Rep. Kucinich endorsed marriage equality in 2003. Daley endorsed in 2004, but he did sign a petition at that time to persuade IL to start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. To my knowledge the senators and rep. you mentioned had not done that. That being said, I do wish that we had more public officials like them. The country would be better off.

  5. says

    Bravo. He is exactly right. The civil unions bill is an important step forward in IL, but until all gay couples across the US are allowed to marry, with all the federal benefits that includes, we remain second class citizens. Allies like Daley will be crucial in the fight.

  6. K says

    Ha ha oh my god, I promise you guys do not want Richie Daley in national politics. Good for him on this one though.

  7. John says

    I agree, it’s a start but it’s not enough. I am in a Civil Union in NJ, which is supposed to have the same rights and benefits of marriage.
    Why, then, do I need to have long discussions with my HR department, my financial planner, my insurance companies, etc., etc.? It is because nobody understands what a Civil Union is.
    Plus, until the Federal Government understands and moves to Marriage Equality, I have to pay income tax on my partner’s health care premiums (which are paid by my employer)… that isn’t true of opposite-sex married couples. Oh — and I have to jump through hoops to do my taxes — filing single for Federal and Married for state. It is very convoluted. Enough!