1. Brent Z says

    Darren sounded winded during Teenage Dream, but it was still okay until Katy came out and wrecked the ending. Like fingernails on a chalk board.

  2. justiceontherocks says

    OK, ok, so he doesn’t have Pavoratti pipes. He’s a fine singer (in his range) and VERY easy on the eyes.

  3. slippy says

    Give the guy a break -in little over a month, he’s gone from singing alone in his room on YouTube and for just a few hundred on stage at U o M and basically on a stool in some small clubs to all this BIG TIME stuff and dancing as well -anyone would be a bit nervous and winded.Also it’s all the movement that hits the breath on both he and Katy Perry . Live isn’t like a studio recording but we’ve been so spoiled by lip sinking to a complete vocal track that we expect PERFECTION -they’re not jukeboxes folks ….

  4. Jonathan says

    He’s not really a singer at all. No support, no real sound coming out of him. Just this tiny little half falsetto thing that would be inaudible without a microphone. But you can tell that from Glee as well.

  5. says

    I don’t know much about Katy Perry. I don’t think I had ever heard ‘Teenage Dream’ before Darren’s cover on Glee. Usually when I listen to the radio, it’s talk radio or classic rock.

    She didn’t seem to even LOOK at him until the very end of the song. Then it was over, she gave him the obligatory hug, and stormed off…

    You’d think she would be appreciative that he gave new life to her song, but he really re-created it and now I think it’s more his song than hers – especially after the YouTube video.

    Maybe the royalty checks just aren’t big enough??

  6. Dan says

    Wow, Darren is super talented! Amazing. He gave so much on the first song he was knocked out for the second, but wow.

  7. Smartypants says

    Wow. Katy couldn’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow. Darren sounded a bit winded in parts, but given how he belted out the first tune and was singing and dancing for Teenage Dream, that’s perfectly understandable. He appears to be handling the sudden fame very well.

    To Glee’s credit, all of the talented young actors seem to be managing stardom without becoming obnoxious snots or falling apart. Did Ryan Murphy arrange for them to get classes in fame management? It’s remarkable how well they’ve managed the transition.

  8. David says

    I thought it sounded fine! I would’ve preferred Katy on melody and Darren on harmony, but they were both fantastic either way~

  9. Barry says

    Groan. Brent Z’s first comment is pitch perfect.

    Katy’s purple fingernails looked like zombie talons on Darren’s shoulders. I’m sorry she couldn’t tell when she was outstaged and outdone.

    Darren is dynamite in a dazzling song, especially of course in the Glee rendition.

  10. Adrian says

    Only a select few performers sound great live. It’s not easy to sing while dancing. Darren sounded okay. The Warblers sounded fantastic.

    But Katy is horrible, horrible, horrible. She should stick to lip-syncing. Totally ruined it.

  11. ratbastard says

    He’s a mediocre singer, maybe professional training would help, but I doubt it. Like any true artist, either you got it or you don’t. Very nice looking dude though.

    She sucks a**.

  12. It Doesn't Get Better says

    Things I love: Darren Criss, Katy Petty, the Trevor Project

    things I Don’t Love: LGBT folks who sit on their asses and let celebrities fight our battles for us; masochistic LGBT folks who think the Democratic Party is anything but a right wing pro-corporate pro-war racist sexist anti-gay party.

  13. steve talbert says

    It’s ironically coincidental that he wrong the song Not Alone and it’s perfect for the Trevor Project and perfect for his new roll on TV… talk about being in alignment.

    He was so passionate during his song that he got winded for the second… Seeing how he has basically gone from singing in his bedroom to small gigs at clubs,,,he is going to be awesome with some experience and polishing. Whether or not you like the way Katy sounds, she know how to work a crowd and command a stage.

  14. m says

    glad i got to see it before the video got pulled.. hope the trevor project lets them release it again

  15. Enough says

    wow… enough criticizing the two… how about some appreciation that they are bringing their star power to such a worthy cause. Straight allies are few and far between, how about a little gratitude.

  16. chris keck says

    sounded basically flat…. our ears are so conditioned to songs being engineered to perfection (autotune etc) that a live performance will probably never sound the way we expect it too …. glee is what it is… cute, smarmy, overengineered tv show with ez too watch people on it….. it is what it is…