FIFA Head Sepp Blatter Apologies for World Cup Joke About Gays


FIFA President Sepp Blatter apologized for cracking a joking earlier this week that gays should "refrain from sexual activities" at the Qatar World cup in 2022 because homosexuality is illegal there. 

Said Blatter: "I will not enter into such a discussion but I will just say here if I hurt a group of people in the world by making those comments then I regret it. It was not my intention and it will never be my intention to go into any discrimination because this is exactly what we (FIFA) are against, so therefore if somebody feels they have been hurt, then I regret and I present apologies for that."

In related news, there were rumors earlier this week that some members of the World Cup Selection Committee which chose Qatar were paid $10 million for their vote.


  1. scioto says

    The wonderful non-apology apology, where he doesn’t apologize for doing anything wrong, just blames anyone who was offended for being too sensitive. Right-wingers have this down to a fine art.

  2. Chris says

    He’s not a right-winger, just an old man behind the times. And Qatar and Russia were chosen? Corruption anyone?

  3. Terrance says

    I’m a touch conflicted on this one — what other sport even acknowledges that they *have* a gay fan-base at all, hockey? basketball? football? cricket? On the one hand, I find the ‘joke’ pretty insulting, while on the other I’d be hard-pressed to find any acknowledgement of any other sport’s gay fans that wasn’t just some form of a dig against an opposing team….

    Who knows, in 10-12 years, maybe Qatar gets a little more liberalized (doubtful, I know…)

    In other news — $10 million/vote, eh..? I would’ve held out for $50-100 million….

  4. ratbastard says

    Oh please. ‘He’s not a right-winger…'; If he was an American, there would be dozens furious, foaming at the mouth posts. He’s a ‘sophisticated’ Euro, and gets a pass. This character has a history of both serious charges of corruption and other dubious activity. How the Swiss ever developed their reputation is beyond me. The reality is they’re as sleazy as they come, but have a mask of respectability.

  5. says

    This seems to be a new tactic of bigots. Say it first, then apologize for it. All will be forgiven. Offending an entire group of people around the world wasn’t his intention? Then what in the hell was his intention. How else was that statement supposed to be taken? Explain yourself. Instead of putting yourself in a position of having to apologize for something, how about thinking before speaking. Now there’s a novel idea. Sorry sir, but your apology rings hollow.

  6. Steve says

    That’s NOT an apology – he’s basically saying, if you felt hurt, I’m sorry – but he doesn’t acknowledge that his words were hurtful.

    What a jerk.

  7. AG says

    I don’t understand why everyone feels so hurt by Blatter’s original comment. It wasn’t even a joke. It was a very reasonable piece of advice since homosexuality is outlawed in Qatar. Blatter could apologize for selecting Qatar to host the World Cup in a country with no soccer traditions, intolerable client during the World Cup, a totalitarian religion incompatible with Western values, and of course for an obvious appearance of corruption. But once Qatar is selected, this is it, the only recommendation to give to gay fans visiting Qatar is to refrain from homosexual activities.

  8. Tony J says

    Actually, it might be time to acknowledge that pro sports in our country are really ‘coming around’. Tim Hardaway was chastised by the NBA for anti-gay comments, the SF Giants (and several more) baseball teams have annual LGBT events, as well as other sports organizations. (I’ve also got a rainbow tee-shirt from last year’s Golden State Warriors LGBT day.)

    I have no sympathy for FIFA and it’s corruption. So much of the world is very homophobic (and sexist), and Qatar is one of the worst….

  9. esther blodgett says

    Wait until the Brits figure out that as a Muslim country there will probably be very limited alcohol available in Qatar!

  10. EM says

    Wow, and here we were assuming it was the US who couldn’t find ‘Scotland’ on a map of the world!

    Trust me, we know where Qatar is. If the bid had been given to England or Spain/Portugal there would be no need to worry about being gay or not drinking now, would there?


    “Wait until the Brits figure out that as a Muslim country there will probably be very limited alcohol available in Qatar!”