Does this iPad Make Me Look Gay?

Or something like that, writes the NYT, in the made-up trend story of the week:

Ipad Call it the male iPad dilemma: too large to slip into a pants pocket, too stiff to be curled up like a magazine and too precious to leave unprotected. With its rigid tablet shape, Apple’s iPad has raised an awkward consideration for many men: how to carry it in a manner that is practical and yet, well, masculine.

The shame:

But guys who want to lug around their iPads are finding themselves quietly reaching for a so-called man purse, or murse. The iPad-shaped bags seem to be the gadgetphile’s equivalent of a woman’s clutch…But even the most fashionable iPad bag can be mistaken for a murse. Some men are so stymied by the iPad’s shape that they have avoided buying one. 'How do you carry it?' asked Keith Nowak, a 27-year-old entrepreneur in New York City. 'It’s this weird in-limbo device. It’s why I haven’t gotten one: I don’t know what I would do with it.' But he still wrestles with iPad envy. 'It’s supercool, and I want one,' he said.


  1. Terry says

    Oh, PLEASE. How stupid.

    I’d LOVE to have one…but they’re too expensive for me right now. If I had the means to afford one, I wouldn’t give a damn about any “masculinity” issues.

  2. Rovex says

    Gay men have a reputation (deserved or not) for shallow style over substance, and that is the iPad 100%, hell, its Apple 100%. Its too big to be mobile, its the wrong shape for movies (nothing is 4:3 these days), its over priced given its inherent lack of features due to iOS, but it is pretty!!

  3. Robert In WeHo says

    Anyone who has sexual insecurity issues to the extent that they wring their hands over how they appear carrying an iPad around, wouldn’t have bought one in the first place…

  4. Zlick says

    I feel the dilemma. I’m known to carry a man purse from time-to-time, but only if I really have a lot of stuff. Gay or not, I prefer to travel only with what will fit in my pockets (and love colder weather for the extra pocket opportunities it provides).

    So the true reason I haven’t bought an iPad, cool as it is, is -to me- it’s NOT portable. I already have an iPad Nano, that also takes pictures and makes phone calls – and that one IS portable for a guy like me who’s not too fond of the man purse look.

    (It’s not a matter of sexual insecurity. I carry a murse when I need to. I just think it’s a poor look, even with a snazzy murse.)

    That all said, when the iPad evolves to be a full-fledged computer – I will get one.

  5. TC says

    I have lived in New York for fifteen years and I have YET to come across a man who does not carry some sort of bag with him most of the time.

    How hard did they have to search to find the one geek in new york who worries about how his gadget looks?

  6. Rovex says

    Whatever you think of the technology Apple uses in its products, it does have an image problem for many. Its devices are feminine, and popular with women, the more camp gay male arty students with rich parents and hipsters. All four groups are not known for their techno savvy. The well publicised issues of poor feature support, high price and condescending Apple management do make Apple users look like idiots.

  7. Joey says

    I agree with Hue-Man. A briefcase or messenger bag should easily solve this non-issue. I’d imagine that a good number of people in the market for one of these (I not being one of them) would already have a laptop, and wouldn’t this fit in a laptop bag rather easily? This being “stymied” over how to carry a gadget seems beyond silly to me. Just beyond.

  8. Paul R says

    @Rovex: Apple products are “feminine”? How, exactly? I’ve heard—and made—many attacks on the company and its products over the years, but that’s a first. (I’ll concede that those colorful Macs from about 8 years ago were cheery and so could be construed as feminine, but nothing since then.) And the three (not four) groups you identify are absurd. Go to Silicon Valley and other tech areas and big cities and you’ll see that quite a broad spectrum of people use Apple products, particularly on the West coast.

    By the way, I don’t own any Apple products aside from an iTouch, so it’s not like I’m one of those Apple fanatics.

  9. Rovex says

    Paul R.. Its feminine because it has rounded edges, soft curves and gentle styling. Its not hard edged, industrial or sharp in any way. Its VERY feminine indeed or at the very last, its very soft. Personally i find such styling vile and offensive. Its incredibly ugly, like all Apple products.
    I think the issue here is not just the bag its carried in but the issue of being seen in public using one. Id die of shame.

  10. tyn says

    ROVOX: It’s called minimal and modern. No one wants clunky, unaesthetic, non-ergonomic gadgets. It’s not the 70s or 80s anymore where everything was boxy, and clunky.

  11. Zach says

    I carry a laptop bag almost everywhere I go; whether you’re a student or a professional, chances are you have to have a bag of some kind anyways. There should be no need to run out and get an iPad specific bag.

  12. Rovex says

    I dont like minimalism. I dont want to live in a THX 1138/John Lennon ‘Imagine’ world where everything is homologous and bland and happy clappy. I prefer more aggressive styling. Besides the ‘minimalist’ styling of Apple device is extremely dated now and looks really old, really fast.

  13. Rovex says

    tyn.. There is nothing ‘modern’ about apple design. Its very old hat now. The iPhone4 only get past being ugly because it looks vaguely like it might be a Nokia from some angles.

  14. Daddolfe says

    Men who talk about how masculine they are, how masculine they are to not carry something, how masculine they are and they need you to know it are no differnet than a drag performer. they are in their own drag. it’s like the person who talks about the great sex they have, and how they’d never have sex with someone who is small, and how they get so much of it….they’re usually either the 40 year old virgin or pay for sex. people who project their insecurities are so damn pathetic. go live under a rock, would ya.

  15. Paul R says

    @Rovex, “rounded edges, soft curves and gentle styling” are all the same thing, and they also all mean “It slides into your pocket easily.” That’s the point of any portable electronic–to be easy to hold and carry.

    Then you equated its “feminine” look with minimalism, which is generally considered a masculine approach to design. If you want to follow stereotypes, which you apparently do, women like to dress things up; men like things simple. So you really make no sense at all.

  16. ratbastard says

    Ipads ARE NOT mobile. You can’t comfortably carry them in a pocket, not even a cargo pants pocket. Battery life, like most ‘mobile’ devices, leaves much to be desired. Now I watch youtube and other streaming videos on my 2 year old Samsung Blackjack using the Skyfire browser no problem, and my extended battery life is excellent. I can even watch streaming webcam videos on this thing, and streaming audio and internet radio.

    Anyway, like other posters have noted, everyone carries some kind of bag, backpack, whatever, in NY.

  17. Rovex says

    Paul R.. Apple devices ARE feminine in design. Compare to say a Motorola smartphone, which is much more industrial, much more male, or even an HTC which is clean but manages not to look girly. Its the back plate that does it and that logo. Minimalism is only masculine when its applied to clean lines.

  18. Really? says

    “Does this iPad make me look gay?” Yes, and that’s a good thing.

    It is a shame that it makes some others look envious. Maybe they can get a green one.

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