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Watch: CNN Questions Palin at Tightly-Controlled Book-Signing Event Before She Shuts Them Down


CNN was invited to cover Sarah Palin's book-signing event in Iowa, before they weren't:

"There was no opportunity to follow up on Palin's comments at the book signing. This CNN crew was informed our allotted time to cover the event was up. The event itself was tightly controlled. Customers were told no cell phones or cameras. Representatives of the media were escorted in to Palin's book signing station, three at a time. As for that music, Palin asked us if we had turned it off. 'Because that wouldn't be cool if you did. These Iowa people, they got my back. And I got their back,' Palin said after one of her handlers put her hand in front of our camera."

CNN did manage to fire two questions off when Palin's music died — one question dealt with her decision to run for President, the other was about some remarks Mitt Romney made on Jay Leno regarding her quitting as governor.


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  1. The media is playing right into her hand. She is putting on her "gee shucks" act for the locals and the bad ol' mean mainstream media has to come in and ask her some "gotcha!" questions.

    That footage will play well among her supporters.

    Posted by: Chris | Dec 3, 2010 10:57:44 AM

  2. I think that is a sneak preview of what a Sarah Palin Presidential campaign will look like.

    Posted by: Terry | Dec 3, 2010 11:50:53 AM

  3. Where's our "good enthusiasm"?

    This woman doesn't know how to think on her feet and that's why she does so horribly in uncontrolled environments. But, millions of Americans want her to run this country? I wish I could say it's their funeral. But, it might be ours.

    Posted by: Vince in WeHo | Dec 3, 2010 11:54:09 AM

  4. She was no doubt petrified that they were going to ask her what media she reads...probably forgot to study for the test again.

    Posted by: steve | Dec 3, 2010 11:57:43 AM

  5. CNN and any news organization who allows themselves to be handled like this is a joke. If they refused to cover her unless she allowed them real access, she would have no one there but a few local stations and Fox. And Fox only plays to people who think she's a "firecracker."

    BTW, Sarah, the people of Iowa do not have your back. They think you are a phony and a quitter. Only a few thousand people in the entire state think you're interesting. And even a lot of those admit you're not very bright.

    Let her run, she's dumb, controlling, and comes off like a rube (which is her performance interpretation of a "real American.") She will get slaughtered simply by running for the nomination. And if all the possible Republican candidates were run over by her tour bus, she would get eaten alive in a Presidential debate and by the press (even Bill O'Reilly hates her and that's saying something.)

    Posted by: BartB | Dec 3, 2010 12:14:58 PM

  6. Controlling, yes. Dumb, no. She's shrewd and sharp when it comes to playing the media, all too well.

    It's Friday, she will do something to get her mug in the void which is the weekend news cycle. No weekend would be complete without it.

    I am all for a Palin Boycott - Turn off any media that insists she is news. Perhaps then CNN and the like will get the message. No, MSNBC, spending 20 minutes to mock how she mocks other media outlets is not news, either. TURN HER OFF, PERIOD.

    Posted by: Rad | Dec 3, 2010 12:28:59 PM

  7. As Harry Truman might say, this bitch don't belong anywhere NEAR the kitchen.

    Posted by: Danny | Dec 3, 2010 12:43:35 PM

  8. She blames the media for doing a hatchet job on her image, but can she really be so ignorant/narcissistic not to realize that her lack of knowledge is what is making her look so bad to the media?

    Posted by: Jack M | Dec 3, 2010 1:15:12 PM

  9. This is an evil and wicked woman, not to be underestimated. She is a thug and appeals to America's thugs. She is John McCain's legacy and America's great jeopardy.

    Posted by: Bob R | Dec 3, 2010 1:26:25 PM

  10. I would love to say I'd move to Canada or France if she became President but, if the Rethugs really can run her and win, by then I'll likely be homeless due to long-term unemployment. Bright side--I won't have to listen to that voice unless the Best Buy over my sidewalk grate puts speakers outside its window display.

    Posted by: christopher | Dec 3, 2010 1:27:23 PM

  11. She is the lowest common denominator, emphasis on "common."

    Posted by: DeeVee | Dec 3, 2010 1:43:22 PM

  12. The most dangerous woman in America. She's completely unafraid to threaten the Press with "mob rule" if they do something she disapproves of.

    Posted by: Mike | Dec 3, 2010 2:03:14 PM

  13. @BARTB You nailed it. If the media whores would simply refuse to provide media coverage of people like Sarah Palin unless she was more open and accessible, the only cameras and microphones would be local and it wouldn't make national news every time she opens her mouth.

    It is disgusting to see CNN and other so-called "legitimate" news outlets grovel at the feet of that vile woman. Sarah Palin is obviously a master manipulator and she plays the "legit" media like a maestro plays a violin.

    I get this uneasy feeling in my gut that she'll keep on getting the attention she does not deserve and might very well end up as the republicon nominee in 2012. She will devour Obama and the media, chew them up and spit them out.

    Face it. She came out of right field, but she has enough of that "grass-rootsy" stuff behind her. She is becoming one very powerful woman.

    Posted by: mikej | Dec 3, 2010 2:20:52 PM

  14. I am no fan of hers.

    But I am no fan of CNN either. They are just as slanted as FOX news. I think their specials like "Black in America" and "Latin In America" are divisive, do not bring people together, and pander to special interests. Believe me - being poor and white in rural America is not a field day either.

    And if it were up to CNN no would ever bring up the fact we have broken borders. If I were her I wouldn't speak to them either.

    Posted by: Tell It Like It Is | Dec 3, 2010 2:20:55 PM

  15. @ Chris and Jack M: I just don't understand how she can broaden her support base if she continues to operate under such restrictive and limited public outings. Her appeal right now is essentially only to teabaggers, who will love her no matter she does. But if she sticks only with Fox, refuses to engage other media outlets, and makes announcements only through Twitter, that doesn't seem to me to be a good way to sustain your brand and up your numbers. Her television show will end, Bristol and DWTS is over...I mean, is she going to release a new book every 6 months until 2012?

    I could be wrong.

    Posted by: latebrosus | Dec 3, 2010 2:26:33 PM

  16. Hey! Look!

    I can see a Moron from my Browser Window!

    Posted by: New Jersey Boi | Dec 3, 2010 2:29:11 PM

  17. More startling than anything else that explains her celebrity is that she's deeply uninteresting in every imaginable rspct. A bore...there's nothing there. And yet people are transfixed. People will do what they're told, and they do...and that is why sarah palin is a multimillionaire celebrity.

    Posted by: TANK | Dec 3, 2010 2:46:14 PM

  18. stay out of my state.

    Posted by: darrell | Dec 3, 2010 2:52:32 PM

  19. Everyone, STOP saying she will get "slaughtered" in the primaries and whatnot. Lest you forget, approximately 46% of voting Americans thought she'd make an acceptable V.P. She cannot not be written off (think outside of your bubbles for a nanosecond!), and, scarily enough, might very well be our next President. To scoff at that is ignorant. She mobilizes the sheep like nobody's business. Our country is light years more horrifying than you're giving it credit for.

    Posted by: fred | Dec 3, 2010 2:57:49 PM

  20. What was her answer to the Romney question? I couldn't understand her. Thanks.

    Posted by: RJ | Dec 3, 2010 7:30:44 PM

  21. Let's not give Palin and Bush more credit for their stupidity than they deserve. They aren't pretending. The US worships stupidity, and these are the real deal.

    Posted by: Randy | Dec 3, 2010 10:40:13 PM

  22. @Tell It Like It Is
    "I think their specials like "Black in America" and "Latin In America" are divisive, do not bring people together, and pander to special interests. Believe me - being poor and white in rural America is not a field day either."

    Uhmm, you could have just said "cause they promote more liberal views" (which gay rights happens to sit in, just an FYI) but you took it into the Fox talking head territory. Woe is me! I'm part of a majority that has dictated American society for centuries!

    Posted by: Toto | Dec 3, 2010 11:33:32 PM

  23. @TOTO

    Your attitude says it all "Dictated?'

    You could also say provided the backbone of modern day Western civilization - from writers of the Constitution to the Bill of Rights.

    It wasn't dictacting. It was forging and inventing, working hard and laying down the framework.

    Otherwise, why would others outside the "majority" (which by the way are not the majority in many parts of the country)want to come here if they did not think that majority did a great job?

    All this resentment towards European Americans yet millions want to come here just the same. Seems like their own governments and societies have not done much better of a job otherwise they would not be clamoring to get in here.

    But everyone is a critic.

    Posted by: Tell It Like It Is | Dec 4, 2010 12:28:35 AM

  24. There's considerable evidence that leaders (of all types, not just politicians) are often ineffective if their IQs are 30 points or more higher than those they're supposed to lead. In my lifetime that has most certainly been the case, and is likely a cause of many of Obama's problems (and Hillary Clinton's, especially as First Lady). Average people consider them "uppity." Even Bill Clinton, who managed to act like a good ol' boy to some extent, was widely considered untrustworthy long before the Lewinsky scandal.

    Palin and other cynical politicians (mostly Republicans) are well aware of this and appeal to emotion, not reason. Though don't get me wrong: I certainly don't think Palin has a high IQ, but she's a master of manipulation. She's just like Dubya, able to connect with "normal folks" who would rather have a leader they can relate to and understand than one who can formulate coherent, sophisticated thoughts and policies, much less think on their feet.

    Posted by: Paul R | Dec 4, 2010 4:53:37 AM

  25. @TELL IT LIKE IT IS: Um, what "resentment towards European-Americans"? Is that the GOProud girl's new codeword for "white"? Ah yes! The "clamoring masses" clamoring to come here! By the way, CNN was on the case about our "broken borders" long before it became a hot topic amongst the Tea-Party-Foxy-cons. And, finally, having watched "Black in America" and "Latino in America", I didn't get the "divisiveness" vibe that you did. But then, I'm not a whiny-con. I get that America has been less than kind to all those who aren't, um, European-American. Cute...that one: European-American. Now, I think I'll go vomit.

    Posted by: mikej | Dec 4, 2010 1:03:50 PM

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