Ricky Martin Says He’ll Adopt Children Next


Ricky Martin, who tweeted the photo above yesterday ("chilling after 2 crazy days of video shoot") says he'll likely adopt to expand his family:

“Adoption is beautiful – give it a try. Even though I started with surrogacy, adoption is probably my next step."

AS for the holidays, Martin said: "Now it’s not about me, it’s about my children. The holidays are for them.I guess I’ll get up early in the morning – they’re only two years old so I’m teaching them what the holidays are all about. This is really their first Christmas so let’s wait and see."


  1. RONTEX says

    This is great, there are so many children that need loving homes and it seems he is doing a great job with his two. It’s also good for people to see that Families come in all kinds of combinations. Also hope his new album is good.

  2. Andrew says

    I wonder whether he will adopt a European(white) baby.

    I can’t help but think that he intentionally chose a white mother to give him kids when I saw a picture of his sons.They are both European looking.

  3. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    I’ll be the Grinch and suggest that “give it a try” isn’t the right approach for adoption (of humans, anyway).

    At least learn in advance what the return policy is. What return policy, you say? Exactly.

  4. Chris says

    While I could care less for raising tons of children myself, I do feel for the orphans that are out there.

    If Ricky can handle all those children, on top of the 2 he has already then go for it.

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