Senators Lieberman and Collins to Introduce Stand-Alone ‘DADT’ Repeal Bill; Reid Promises a Vote on It


Senators Joseph Lieberman is holding a press conference at this moment announcingthat he, Senator Susan Collins, and others are introducing a new stand-alone bill to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. 

He says Harry Reid has promised to bring it up for a vote before the end of the lame-duck session, and says the votes are there.

The timing is unclear.

UPDATE:Lieberman adds, on Twitter: "Reid told me he will 'Rule 14' the free-standing #DADT repeal so it skips cmte and can come directly to the Senate floor."


  1. crispy says

    Does anyone how long it’s ok to hold your breath? Until my face starts twitching? Or my skin turns blue? Anyone?

  2. says

    That would eliminate the conferencing issue/time issue, and if Collins and Reid are co-sponsors…they just need those two extra votes (counting Blanche Lincoln, who was at the dentist during the vote but says she woulda coulda shoulda voted yes). Those two votes would have to come from this pool: Manchin, Brown, Murkowski. But then Lieberman claims he has more than 60.

  3. Timothy says

    If they think that would pass, then why the hell didn’t they do that in the first place? Oh, right, then they wouldn’t get to play politics.

  4. Bruno says

    Well, we know there are more than 60 willing to vote to repeal DADT in principle. But will that pool (Manchin, Brown, Murkowski, Snowe) of no’s make more demands, or what happens if the shitty hostage tax cuts deal runs long or is rejected? There’s no reason to expect this standalone bill to pass.

  5. Matt says

    Normally I’d be happy that DADT is going to finally get the straight up-or-down vote it deserves, free of the politicking, the game-playing, and the attaching-to-other-bills nonsense.

    But at this rate I wouldn’t trust a single member of Congress to find their genitals with both hands, let alone get this one passed.

  6. John says

    As a stand alone bill, it would have to go back to the House for another debate and vote. That will take up a couple of days. I am sure lame duck Speaker Nancy Pelosi is really looking forward to another Senate fail forcing her to waste valuable time on something she already dealt with.

  7. George says

    Hmm I actually trust Lieberman on this issue. i think he is passionate about repeal. And I thought this would be a good option, now that Murkowski and Brown both expressed support for repeal. I truly hope he can pull this off.

  8. Fenrox says

    @Crispy, Try breathing, its far calmer. I know how much everyone loves hyperbole, but Calm is pretty sweet. It lets you give back to your community in non shouting-at-like-minded-people-on-the-internet kind of way.

  9. Jollysocks says

    Lieberman just tweeted this:

    Senator Reid told me he will “Rule 14″ the free-standing #DADT repeal so it skips cmte and can come directly to the Senate floor.

  10. tranquilo says

    @Parry. He’s good on this issue, but also a warmonger weasel wholly owned by big insurance and Wall Street. All this did was get him out of Hell’s lowest Circle.

  11. TommyOC says

    I’m not sure I’ve ever forgiven Leiberman to supporting McCain in 08, but his staunch defiance of his ally is slowly warming me up to the idea.

    That said, it’s sad that Mr. Leiberman, who had to fight HIS OWN PARTY to keep his Senate seat, is taking front on an issue that his former party (remember, he’s Independent now) swears it’s agressively pursuing.

    Good for him. Don’t let Obama take any of the credit should it pass!

  12. kurt says

    So I think we should protect ‘our boys’ and ask all the other countries who allow gays to serve to not go to the Middle East as it may be too upsetting.

  13. Fenrox says

    @ Reynoldo, Ha! Definitely!

    @Parry, Lieberman is a charismatic version of John McCain, don’t get fooled!

  14. Parry says

    Ok you’re right…I’m still standing by the fact that we would have been much better off with Clinton in ’08

  15. Bruno says

    @John: Pelosi may not be looking forward to it, but believe me she’ll do it. In no way would she show her SF constituents weakness with DADT repeal on the line. I’m also fairly confident the House Dems would quickly vote for this bill. I’m still more concerned about getting to 60 from 58 in the Senate, or any other procedural hurdles in that broken legislative body.

  16. says

    Lieberman is STILL the snake who wouldn’t allow the public option to go to vote on the Senate floor.

    Don’t trust him. Don’t believe him. Fear him. Get rid of him.

  17. says

    For all of the bullshit…and outright homohating evil…exhibited by the Repugs…and various failures of Dem members of Congress, there is ONE person responsible for the failure today:

    1. The same person who promised in 2007 that, “As president, I will work with Congress and place the weight of my administration behind enactment of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act[MREA], which will make nondiscrimination the
    official policy of the U.S. military,” …and then sat on his ass except to back Gates’ demand that the MREA be gutted.

    “Pelosi said the House WEAKENED ITS REPEAL LANGUAGE TO MOLLIFY THE WHITE HOUSE. Military leaders REFUSED TO ACCEPT LANGUAGE THAT WOULD BAR DISCRIMINATION, so the clause was dropped.” – “The Huffington Post,” June 3, 2010.

    2. The same person who promised in 2007: “I will task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” ….and then backed Gates’ scheme to, instead, come up with a study that would push the vote to today’s disaster.

    3. The same person who said in 2007: “That work should have started long ago. It will start when I take office,”….but….see “sat on ass” above.

    4. The same person who said in 2007: “America is ready to get rid of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. All that is required is leadership,”…and then refused to provide it.

    5. The same person who Reid virtually begged LAST year to start providing that leadership.

    “I therefore request that you bring to Congress your recommendations on DADT. Your leadership is greatly … needed at this time.” – letter from Harry Reid, September 2009.

    6. The same person who Levin virtually begged in June of LAST year to start providing that leadership, saying, “This cannot be addressed successfully without that kind of leadership.”

    7. The same person who had to be dragged by our allies in Congress to agreeing to support ANY vote in the House in May of this year.

    “The final push [for ‘repeal’] came from the Hill, where key members of Congress who support ‘repeal’, like Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), the powerful chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, made it clear that they were moving forward with ‘repeal’ legislation with or without the White House’s blessing.” – “Talking Points Memo,” May 26, 2010.

    8. The same person who has asserted that DADT is Constitutional when the Supremes have never ruled on it.

    9. The same person who’s refused to use his legal powers under federal law 10 USC 12305 to end gay discharges in the name of national security pending repeal even as he’s said they, “weaken national security,” and despite calls from Reid, Levin, Pelosi, and multiple other members of Congress to do just that.

    10. The same person who fought to kill three legal challenges to DADT, succeeding in killing one, and is now fighting to have the two rulings against the ban overturned.

    11. The same person being sued by the ACLU for perpetuating the Bush policy of giving gays discharged only 50% of the pay they have coming to them.

    Need I mention that name?

  18. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Go, Joe, Go.
    See Sue run.
    See Blanche get lost again.
    See Lisa and Scott hold out.
    See Joe Manchin vote No again.
    See Harry say “I really, really tried.”
    See BO laugh at teh gays getting f*cked again.