Tom Emmer to Concede MN Governor Race to Democrat Dayton

Target-supported GOP candidate Tom Emmer is expected to concede the Minnesota governor's race to Democrat Mark Dayton this morning.

The Hill reports: Emmer

"The Minnesota governor’s race will conclude Wednesday morning with the concession of Republican Tom Emmer, according to reports. On Tuesday, Emmer's campaign withdrew almost all its remaining ballot challenges, paving the way for Democrat Mark Dayton to declare victory. Dayton, a former senator, currently leads Emmer by about 9,000 votes out of 2.1 million cast. A recount had been under way since the Nov. 2 election but didn't erode the Democrat's lead."

Emmer is expected to concede at an 11:30 am ET press conference.

You may recall Emmer in the headlines over the summer after Target Corp. and Best Buy donated large sums of money to MN Forward, a conservative and anti-gay PAC helping to elect Emmer.

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  1. Jim in MN says

    This is great news! But sadly, for a brief period of time it appeared like Minnesota may get same sex marriage by a democratic majority of the governorship and the state congress. So while we got the governor, Minnesota did what it always does, which is fracture the two powers and thereby disallowing either from doing anything major or important.

  2. matt says

    Wonderful! I hope Target still feels its money was wisely spent on that loser because they’ll never see another dime of mine.

  3. says

    Right on, Matt. I live next to a Target (the one that hosted the Queer Rising action that was all over the YouTube), and have found that there’s really no reason to go there. Everything in there is easily available at other stores. Bed Bath and Beyond, for example, is a solidly progressive company when it comes to their corporate giving. Why not buy stuff there rather than Target?

    Honestly, I thought I’d miss Target. I truly don’t.

  4. Patric says

    You said it, Jim in MN.

    Senator Dayton’s election is indeed welcome news but it does feel less sweet than many of us had been anticipating. While it is still very significant in that Mr. Dayton is a bold progressive and we have stopped the threat posed by the extremism of Emmer, while we were all watching this race and assuming that Democratic control of the state legislature, which has continued uninterrupted for a generation, would hold, the Republican wave unexpectedly carried Republicans to control of both chambers. As such, Governor Dayton will presumably mainly be able to stop bad things from happening over the next couple of years. Hopefully after 2012 he can get to work on implementing a progressive agenda (marriage equality, health insurance reform?).

  5. Modern Meet says

    A few weeks back, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a green light had been given for Target to occupy space at the Metreon Shopping Center in Yerba Buena Gardens and that the store opening is slated for spring 2012. Currently, there are no Target stores in San Francisco. But, there was no mention of the ongoing boycott in the Chronicle article. With the defeat of Emmer and proof that Target could not buy the election, Target’s right-wing corporate position has gone undercover. I question whether or not the boycott should continue. Is there anything that Target can do to restore their welcome in San Francisco? Or should they never be allowed a presence?

  6. Ted says

    Continue the boycott! Don’t forgive, don’t forget. They were asked to contribute a similar amount to LGBT friendly causes & they refused. They won’t get my dead presidents.