1. Gregoireire says

    He’s partially right; it’s stupid that DADT is still even an issue and hasn’t been repealed. But I don’t think that’s what this fuckhead meant.

  2. Tony X says

    Tucker Carlson has SERIOUS issues with homosexuality.

    Remember he was FIRED from CNN very soon after admitting on air that as a teenager he beat-up a man who “came onto him” in a men’s room.

    He also is an ELITIST (conservative)= and Straight Supremacy is yet one more way to MAINTAIN his position over others.

    You know — the same as monied gay men being ECONOMIC SUPREMACISTS over all other gay men.

  3. princely54 says

    @Gregoireire – you are right he’s made a good point in spite of himself; that anyone thinks this a central issue in American national security (ie, McCain) is way off. It’s really a (mostly) non-issue that will be super apparent once its overturned. Let’s get on with it already.

    Hell, the way the president cuts deals, MAYBE he can find something else to capitulate on and throw a DADT repeal in the mix next year…

    I wouldn’t put it past the Reps to do that and try to appear ‘with the times’ to attract a marginal voter or two. I think they all know its a doomed policy as it is.

  4. Jim says

    Tucker has really fallen a far way! Rachel Maddow got her start on TV by guesting on his show. Hmmm…(I always thought they should dress up as each other!). Anyway, Tucker is really desperate to get some airtime and to weasel his way in with the fringe right by mocking DADT! He’s become a “Glenn Beck Wanna-be”!

  5. Craig says

    Isn’t it great when people demonstrate such a command of a subject like this? Way to go Tucker! Wow. Complete idiot living in a cave sticker for you, pal.

    Agree with Joe C. This guy’s a freaking closet case, especially with the bow tie. Closet case from the 1920’s!

  6. Joe says

    Oh straight male privilege…

    In a way he is right that this got to much attention. It should have been repealed quickly and quietly, without mccain and the gang holding it up.

  7. David in Houston says

    I hardly think losing 13,000 military personnel and spending $550,000,000 to support a discriminatory policy is a stupid issue. Why Tucker Carlson is given a forum to spew his inane garbage is anyone’s guess.

  8. Cocoa says

    Is it sad I didn’t even notice the necktie till someone mentioned it? Anyway, again, another guy that got airtime simply because he would say something stupid.

    …Can someone explain to me why we call it ‘news’ at this point?

  9. Matt S. says

    What a dick! “Well, it’s not important to me, so it must not be important.”

    The highest tax cuts affect only 3% of americans. That’s fewer than the number of gays. Are they an interest group? Should their issue, their tax cut, be a central issue? I bet Carlson thinks so.

  10. Matt S. says

    Someone tell Carlson that it is republicans who are wasting our time on this. Military leaders and the President say it’s time to repeal. It’s republicans who are fighting it.

  11. MarkDC says

    If Tucker Carlson thinks DADT is a “stupid issue” he should TELL HIS FUCKING RETARD PARTY TO STOP MAKING A FUCKING ISSUE.


  12. mikej says

    Tucker Carlson continues his reign as The Dweebest Asshole on Television.

    Little Tucky, the typically privileged, conservative, ass-wipe that he is, would probably get his tight-ass handed to him in less than 30 seconds if he he was ever confronted by Lt. Dan Choi or any other gay or lesbian service member.

    Tucky, a typical conservative coward, would never do something so, um, ICKY as enlist in the military and get those soft, velvety, girly-boy hands of his roughed up.

    I mean, it’s a conservative thing to let everyone else do the dirty work, while all the Tuckys of the world collect fat paychecks, endlessly bloviating out their big, fat conservative pie-holes on third-rate cable “news” networks.

    Tucky puts the “faux” in Faux News. I have heard, however, that Tucky gets those GOProud girls all hot, bothered and all jizzed up.

    Tucky, honey, get it over with and bend over all ready! You KNOW you want it!

  13. bobbyjoe says

    Fox News is like a socialist welfare system for creepy three-time losers who couldn’t get a real job anywhere else.

    Carlson has been canceled multiple times; you’d think someone would get the hint that nobody on the planet is interested in this idiot, but instead of being homeless and begging for spare change where Carlson’s level of talents and effort should naturally place him, Fox is giving him airtime and a paycheck.

    Why, oh why, won’t Fox News renounce socialism and let the marketplace work like it should?

  14. Randy says

    Notice how it’s never the right time for these jerks?

    If it wasn’t for THEM, we wouldn’t even NEED to repeal it, because it would have already happened.

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