1. Nicholas says

    Wow, couldn’t even get one comment in without a bitter queen making light of past indiscretions.

    Has it crossed ANYONE’S mind that maybe people change? That perhaps someone has seen the folly of their ways and is trying to change not only themselves but how the world sees them?

    And not only that but how dare the queer community push out the allies that perhaps don’t know every facet of the GLTBQ community. 70% of the Towleroad commenters are so virulent and hateful they’d make any person who wanted equality for queer persons seem like the fucking antichrist. Here’s an idea, how about we give credit where it’s due?

    A gay character is singing a song from a previously Christian labelled artist who has dedicated her latest song Firework to GLTBQ persons who have committed suicide because of bullying.

    And she’s the bad person. Sometimes my own community makes me sick with it’s virulence. Shame on you for outcasting our heterosexual allies who are actually trying to make a difference.

  2. sparks says

    I enjoyed that! I think Katy let her harmony overpower Darren a bit too much but it still sounded pretty good.

    As for the drama, pffft. This was simply a charitable benefit for a great cause and I’m grateful for all who participated or contributed.

    I think we’d be better off as a community if we made an effort towards being more accepting of those who wish to be our allies. I mean, shouldn’t we have an innate empathy for those who may have to work harder for acceptance?

  3. The Gay says

    More like Teenage Nightmare … Katy Perry is atrocious and an opportunist who piggybacked her success on faux-lesbianisms and gay baiting!

    Even worse than a bitter queen is a conformist queen who just chugs down what he’s being fed by the machine.

  4. says

    Nicholas- You got all of that from me asking a sarcastic question? And congratulations on being the first poster to type anything remotely hateful. :)

    I think it is great that she is lending her popularity to the Trevor Project and I hope they raised a lot of money.

    I still find it ironic that it wasn’t too long ago that the Perry/High School event occurred (you know, when she mocked her high school crush and performed her song, “You’re so Gay”.) Hmm…I wonder how a song titled “You’re so Black” or “You’re so Jewish” would sell?

  5. Amber says

    Wow, it was a great performance until Katy came out. She didn’t harmonize with Darren and the Beebs (?) at all. But very cool to see the vid.

  6. Scooteroo says

    OK– I’m tired of you bitches knocking Katy, saying she’s piggy-backing off of gay people with her I kissed a girl song, as well as hating on her for her song ur so gay. I went to high school with Katy. She is an extremely sweet girl and one of the most homo-friendly heteros you are ever going to meet. She has done tons of great work us….for all sorts of gay causes and organizations, yet every time– I see these dumb ass comments from homos on their soapbox, who likely have never met, listened to or know nothing about this sweet girl. Yes, she made a song about kissing a girl and a song called you’re so gay–big f-ing deal! Get over it. Shes not lady gaga, so you don’t like her, we get it. But for you to keep harping on her, it is becoming like a broken record–like when the bible thumpers are talking about leviticus over and over again…So please get off the pedestal you vial bitches, the Christian conservatives need to start setting up after you’re done.

  7. Christian says

    Does anyone remember when she said she is against gay marriage??? Oh yeah, she’s done a couple things for the community, not mine, but someones… We’ll just pretend it never happened… Or maybe she changed her mind to sell our market segment.

  8. says


    The second someone becomes a public figure they open themselves to criticism. I don’t know if I am one of the “vile bitches” you are referring to…but I would just like to point out that I never made any negative comments about Perry…I just don’t think she is this fierce advocate some people want her to be. That doesn’t make her a “bad” person.

  9. bob newhart says

    A movement that is great at getting celebrity endorsements, but can’t, after 35 years, win basic civil rights is a movement that needs a serious re-evaluation. We lost the moment we let the Democrats and their gay moles take over the movement.

  10. Zeke.ial says

    Am I the only one who notices that his voice really isn’t that strong? I mean, he’s a great actor and a fantastic writer, but he’s only a mediocre singer…

  11. surprised says

    God, she’s awful. How is she working? Surely big tits can’t be that important anymore.

  12. says

    As Sparks and Nicholas said at the beginning of these comments, it’s time to look for some common interests with people who are supporting us. Not everyone will agree with you 100% and as it was mentioned, people are always learning and growing (except some fundies, maybe).

    Katy Perry isn’t that old and so far, she’s shown herself to care. That counts for a lot.

    Katy’s summer interview with the Advocate shows how much she’s learned in a short time :

    ADVOCATE : As a woman about to walk down the aisle with Russell Brand, what’s your take on gay marriage?

    KATY PERRY : It’s absurd that it’s not equality for all. The fact that we’re still dealing with it is stupid. It’s like, fuckin’ come on! It’s interesting because I come from a whole different world where I was raised with the idea that being gay was taboo and not right. Even though I love my parents and we can agree to disagree, I’m glad I’ve had my eyes opened.

  13. V says

    Look – shes a pop star and entertainer. Its not about her being the best singer. Sorry. Theres thousands of people around the country that might hit the notes better, doesnt mean they have an “it” factor that gets people talking. Im not her biggest fan (although I like the new album much more than the 1st) but I thought she sounded pretty good. Darren actually started to sound a little exhausted at the end …