1. Joey Y says

    Nice! You really never see someone come right out and call out a political peer on the floor like that. This guy gets my support!

  2. Tim says

    Truer words rarely every spoken! He needs to be given a far greater voice across the country, not just in Illinois!

  3. TampaZeke says

    In the South we would call that “openin’ a can’a whoop-ass”!

    Preach on brother! We need a couple thousand more politicians like you in America.

    Obama, THIS is what a “fierce advocate” from Illinois looks like.

  4. BartB says

    Honesty? Wow…it’s a wonder that the ceiling of the chambers didn’t fall in on him considering how seldom honesty and truth are spoken inside.

    How can you not appreciate common sense when it is spoken. We so seldom hear it anymore.

    Thanks Mr. Hendon, you’ve restored my faith in at least one politician.

  5. Chitown Kev says

    It’s funny that Andy followed this wonderful thread up immeaditely withan Obama thread.

    2 points for someone who can tell me what’s so funny about that.

  6. Rocco says

    Loved this. With Congressman Grayson gone, maybe State Senator Hendon can move on up. We certainly could use the help!

  7. LincolnLounger says

    Please note that the newly-elected REPUBLICAN State Treasurer put this bill over the top.

    Sen. Hendon is dead right, of course, but be careful crowning him as our savior. He’s notorious, and not ever in a good way.

  8. acorlando says

    This is an outstanding address. He cut down every argument and put them in their place…all in the course of three minutes.

  9. Chitown Kev says


    Are you saying that Ricky Hendon is a “drama queen” politician?, lol…

    And…yes, all due credit to our other pro gay Republican Judy “what’s she thinking” Baar Topinka. (We’ve 2 pro-gay Republican Judys in this fair state)

  10. Chitown Kev says


    Naw, someone from Illinois would know where I’m going with this; this ain’t the first can of whoop ass that Hendon has opened in his political career…hell, he was ready to quite lierally whoop ass on the Senate floor one time that I remember…

  11. Fenrox says

    Wow, you stupid fucks, This guy says one thing on the floor and he gets to be the “fierce advocate”!

    I am glad to see that you refuse to learn, if you have so much hatred of Obama, it is because you felt betrayed, as if he directly misled you. So please, by all means make some random dude into another Obama, just please remember to crucify him the second he disappoints you in any way (Or if someone says he has disappointed you!)

  12. mikej says

    @LINCOLNLOUNGER So what? One republicon does not take your GOProud asses off the hook. Check out the U.S. Congress when it convenes in January and then get back to me about ONE republicon.

  13. n.feigeles says

    He’s got my vote… I am so sick and tired of hearing the BS that comes out of ‘our’ leaders. Its reminds me of when they tried to impeach President Clinton… it seemed the vast majority of the people judging him, made Clinton seem like a Saint… Every single single Iliinois Senator Ricky Hendon said was so on the money… bravo.

  14. says

    “Please note that the newly-elected REPUBLICAN State Treasurer put this bill over the top.”

    Noted LINCOLNLOUNGER, and good for him for being the ONLY Republican vote in the Senate in favor of CUs. (Not sure why it was his vote and not one of the 31 Democratic yes votes that put it over the top, however. Unless only Republicans put things over the top?) It also should be noted that ALL THE OTHER Republicans in the Senate vote no. If you’re going to note Sen. Rutherford’s admirable stance, you should also note his fellow Republicans disgraceful stance. I’m sure you intended to and simply forgot.

    Congratulations Sen. Rutherford for being the rare Republican with a civil rights conscience, and to Senator Hendon for such a true and ballsy speech.

  15. Chitown Kev says

    Lazy ass queens…

    “Obama, to be sure, had allies in the black caucus, but he had his share of critics as well. His chief antagonists were Rickey Hendon, who represented a district on the city’s West Side, and Donne Trotter, ho would run against Obama for Congress.

    Hendon and other African-American lawmakers from the West Side often found themselves at odds with their South Side brethren, but the rift between Hendon and Obama was particularly acute. Hendon and Trotter would “just give Barack hell,” said Senator Kimberly Lightford, an Obama ally in the black caucus. Hendon, nicknamed “Hollywood,” because he once aspired to produce films, was a flamboyant personality in Springfield, known for his smart-aleck humor and occasionally inappropriate public manner. In one legislative session, the two nemses nearly came to physical blows when Obama, apparently inadvertently, voted against a bill that included funding for a project that assisted Hendon’s district.

    Years later, details of the incident remain in the eye of the beholder. Obama supporters say that Obama had stepped away from his seat and asked someone else to vote for him, not an uncommon practice considering the thousands of votes each session. His proxy, however, accidentally voted against his wishes. When Obama asked that the record reflect that he voted the wrong way, Hendon publicly accused Obama of duplicity. Hendon has never been shy about holding back his feelings, and he had a special way of penetrating Obama’s usually smooth exterior. Soon, the two men were shouting at each other on the senate floor. They took their disagreement into a nearby room, and a witness said that Obama had to be physically restrained. Neither man cares to discuss the incident today, but Hendon remains unconvinced of Obama’s explanation that his vote was accidental. Individuals close to the situation say Hendon still believes Obama voted against his project to pacify North Side fiscal conservatives who were leery of some West Side projects. For his part, the rarely reticent Hendon won’t discuss the altercation, except to confirm that it occurred. “I have been advised to leave Barack alone and that is what I am going to do,” Hendon said. “I am going to let things stay in the past. It happened. That’s all I can say. It happened.”

    Obama: From Promise To Power, on page 125-126: Mendell, David

    On June 11, 2002, Obama’s vote sparked a confrontation after he joined Republicans to block Democrats trying to override a veto by GOP Gov. George Ryan of a $2-million allotment for the west Chicago child welfare office.

    Shortly afterward, Obama chastised Republicans for their “sanctimony” in claiming that only they had the mettle to make tough choices in a tight budget year. And he called for “responsible budgeting.”

    A fellow Democrat suddenly seethed with anger. “You got a lot of nerve to talk about being responsible,” said Sen. Rickey Hendon, accusing Obama of voting to close the child welfare office.

    Obama replied right away. “I understand Sen. Hendon’s anger. . . . I was not aware that I had voted no on that last — last piece of legislation,” he said.

    Obama asked that the record reflect that he meant to vote yes. Then he requested that Hendon “ask me about a vote before he names me on the floor.”

    Hendon declined to discuss the episode. “I try to block out unpleasant memories,” said Hendon, who has endorsed Obama. “If I tried really hard to remember it, I probably could, but I’m not going to try hard because I’m supporting the senator all the way.”

    Hendon said “it happens” that senators press the wrong button. But he was quick to add: “I’ve never done it.”,1,7079399.story

  16. Chitown Kev says


    Uh, that’s Judy Baar Topinka, our state Treasurer, who lobbied Rutherford and a couple of Rethugs in the House.

    The Senate vote on this was all but a done deal, but Topinka’s lobbying in the House was critical to the passage of this bill.

    And some wingnuts here in Illinois are not very happy with Topinka right now.

  17. says

    Well, good for Judy then and for her lobbying, CHITOWN KEV, and thanks for the info. Though my comment to LINCOLNLOUNGER still applies. With a few rare, brave exceptions, it sure wasn’t the Republicans that made this happen.

  18. Chicagay says

    The only great part about Sen. Hendon’s statement (of which this was an excerpt?) is the end, when he says, “It’s only fair.” Otherwise he’s comparing gays and lesbians to adulterers and hypocrites (closeted gays, I think he means). So, the subtext is that gays and lesbians are sinners like everyone else. I don’t buy that, and I don’t know many self-regarding gay and lesbian people who do, either.