1. alguien says

    i posted this earlier at huffington post:

    the only way that the geezer’s gonna say the report’s ok is if it says what he wants it to say. it won’t matter how many logical justificat­ions it posits for allowing gays to serve or how many benefits the military would reap from any specialize­d skills that a lot of these people may have (the current dearth of arabic speakers in the military is a result of DADT) the only thing grandad wants to hear is that gays shouldn’t be allowed to serve any other result will be flawed because of that.

  2. walter says

    mccain’s says he had experience. wonder what he means by that? the man is nothing but a dried up piece of shit and ahould just silently go down the bowl.

  3. Brad says

    So is Senator McBigot implying that soldiers were not mature enough to say what they did in the survey? He needs to put on the white sheet and hood of the KKK and just get it over with.

  4. esther blodgett says

    The question begs, who still will get beaten up? The straights or the gays?

    Why is McCain et al, so afraid?

    There is no point, and they have made it.

  5. John says

    The low point had to be when McCain had the nerve to question the military experience of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. As if the highly decorated Admiral Mullen was just some low level intern taking minutes at the staff meetings. It was incredibly disrespectful and shows the lengths this tired old bigot will go to.

    John McCain has become the George Wallace of our generation:

    DADT now, DADT tomorrow, DADT forever.

  6. Jay says

    John McCain’s day will come. It’s laughable that he questions the military experience of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That’s absurd just to type. Even more given McCain’s own military record.

    He only got into the Naval Academy because of affirmative action. His father and grandfather were legacies. This is the same and only reason he got into Naval Aviation upon graduation, which is usually reserved for the best and brightest. He was completely unqualified and had horrible proficiency ratings during his flight training. As a consequence, he was a horrible pilot and was promptly shot down by the North Vietnamese when put to the test. Just think if an actually qualified person got his spot at the Naval Academy…

    He has had the nerve to build a political career off of his incompetence and marry into wealth. Sadly, we all now suffer from his ridiculousness.

  7. mad1026 says

    I thought McCain was going to follow the lead of SecDef Gates and the Joint Chiefs. Oh, he didn’t like the survey conclusions so we’re going to have to do one that reaches his opinions. Cindy, you need to make sure the geezer takes his Aricept or, I’m afraid, things will get worse in Washington.

  8. ratbastard says

    MOST of the people who post on here are military hating lefties anyway; why do you care? MOST of you would give the evil eye to a guy passing you in the street wearing a military uniform and you know it.

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