1. says

    Gee, sorry for being such a scumbag all these years.

    Now that I’m well past my due date, I thought I’d better try and pull the wool over your eyes just one more time in the vain hope someone, somewhere might take me seriously.

    I’m a Republican after all, my word is golden.

  2. Rann says

    Like the GOP will listen to this liar and hypocrite? Now that they know for sure his is one of us…they have probably disowned him.

  3. Josh says

    Today’s GOP bears **no resemblance whatsoever** to the Republican party of President Lincoln’s era.

  4. Patric says

    Not only do this man’s prior efforts to enshrine anti-gay discrimination in state constitutions around the country in order to win an election dramatically reduce the number of states where we presently have a realistic shot of advancing marriage equality but he STILL, while proclaiming that he has seen the light, continues to fund some of the most vile of anti-gay, anti-equality homophobes in the country.

    As described at

    “Look him up on, and you’ll see that Kenneth Mehlman has given money to a wide range of politicians working to take away rights for LGBT Americans.

    There’s $2,400 to Missouri Republican Roy Blunt, who has voted to add a marriage amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning gay marriage, as well as to ban gay adoption.

    There’s $2,400 to Sen. John McCain, who wants to keep gay servicemembers out of the military.

    There’s $1,000 to Ben Quayle, who is running for Congress in Arizona and who just labeled Barack Obama the worst President in history, and who just sent out a mailer to voters touting his opposition to marriage equality.

    There’s $2,400 to Illinois Republican Mark Kirk, who voted to keep “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in place (and who himself is subject to lots of rumors about his sexual orientation).

    There’s $2,400 to Utah Republican Sen. Robert Bennett, who tried to stop marriage equality from becoming a reality in Washington, D.C.

    And the list goes on and on and includes Republicans like Rob Portman, Kelly Ayotte, Bob Corker, Richard Shelby, and Johnny Isakson, all of whom have taken positions completely contrary to full equality for LGBT Americans.”

    Did Mehlman call McCain over these past months and ask him, in consideration of that maximum allowed contribution, to stop his assault on gay and lesbian service members? I suspect not.

    Mehlman should skip the PSAs and instead sell that $4million condo he bought in Chelsea on the backs of harassed LGBT youth with the wages of his gay bashing, move into a studio in Jersey City and donate his sales proceeds to organizations working to undo the damage he’s wrought. Then I’ll believe he’s sincere in any regret of his prior crimes. Not gonna happen, because the truth is that Roy Blunt, Ben Quayle and John McCain still mean more, and always will mean more, to him than any of those who’ve suffered as a result of his contributions to bigotry and discrimination in our society.

  5. nic says

    go away, you horse-faced reprobate. i am at a loss for words to describe your infamy. your disregard for human rights and equality is unforgettable and unforgivable.

  6. Disgusted American says

    The GOP will ALWAYS HATE Gay people as long as thier Base are Inbred Wackjob Religious Nutz…….Ol’ Kenny might as well speak to a wall..he’d get a better response.

  7. Stevetalbert says

    It’s good that he is doing this, but definitely won’t atone for helping create an environment where gay teens feel they have no other purpose than to kill themselves. He will always be looking at the political calculus. Sorry, but he must be trying to impress some young twink who is more into giving back to the community,, than in actually giving anything.

  8. Stevetalbert says

    And let’s not even start talking about how he has helped adopt policies that have set our country back decades and generations because that is off topic.

  9. JEFFREY in the Bronx says

    I’m so upset that respectable media actually gives this man a platform. The magnitude of damage he’s inflicted in our community is far reaching, and now that he’s decided he wants to be one of us, somehow he gets a pass. Nobody in the media is holding him to task for all he did to us. disgusting. upsetting. Gosh, I’m SO angry I’ve lost the power to cuss.

  10. Z says

    And now Mehlman’s raising money for AFER, the group behind the Olson/Boies marriage case. I hope they have an elaborate disinfecting routine for that very dirty money before they put it in the bank.

  11. Glenn says

    Hey, if he raises some bucks for the cause, great, but he will never be anything other than a traitor in my book. Way too little, way too late.

  12. justiceontherocks says

    I’m usually first in line to say forgive and forget. Not in this case. The penance does not nearly make up for the crime.

  13. mcNnyc says

    NEWSFLASH: Ken Mehlman and BRIAN ELLNER…yes that BRIAN ELLNER who was so close to being NY’s EMPIRE STATE PRIDE’s ED are to receive awards from…
    Congratulations Kenny boy and Brian!!

  14. says

    In last campaign cycle he was still maxing out donations to anti-marriage equality republicans. Pam Spaulding already reported on it and had the actual dollar amounts and names.

  15. Rich says

    Let’s put aside the anger and use our brains for two seconds, huh? Our goal is to convince people who are now against us to be for us, right? So, what are we doing? As soon as someone who used to be against us is now for us, we push (actually shove) him away because he used to be against us. Let’s treat new allies like friends rather than like enemies, or it will prevent any other former enemy from ever wanting to become our friend in the future.

  16. Patric says

    Rich, I think that many of us here are more than willing to welcome to the struggle for marriage equality those who have opposed us in the past. I’ll cite as just one of many examples Republican former longtime New York State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who for years was the single biggest impediment to the advance of any LGBT rights legislation in New York but who, somewhat amazingly, in his retirement now supports marriage equality. I welcome his support. Ken Mehlman is in a completely different category than these others, though. He played a particularly significant role in the decision to win an election by appealing to homophobia and enshrining anti-gay discrimination in the constitutions of about half of the states. All these years later we are still profoundly impacted by his crimes as we have no realistic prospects of achieving marriage equality (or, in many instances, even civil unions) in those states due to the anti-gay provisions now included in their constitutions. AND, what’s more, he CONTINUES to donate thousands and thousands of dollars to some of the worst Republican homophobes in Washington. In these circumstances, I just think you’re flat out wrong. If Karl Rove were to come out for marriage equality, I’d say the same thing.