1. Craig says

    For God’s sake, why does it matter if she’s a lesbian or not? In this day and age? Can’t we look beyond that yet? If she is, fine, if not, fine?

  2. Vince in WeHo says

    Gay or straight, Oprah, I still love you. Thanks for all the great book recommendations!

    That being said, there are WSW who don’t identify as lesbian and there are MSM who don’t identify as gay or homosexual, whether it’s denial, the disdain of labels or a combination of the two.

    By the way, is it me, or are media types using the antiquated term “the homosexuals” more often than not lately?

    Oprah should really devote a whole hour to a sit-down with both John Travolta and Tom Cruise. I don’t why. (I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.)

  3. Terry says

    I was hoping Ms. Winfrey would do one of those “It Gets Better” videos. But since she’s freaked out at the whole idea of being gay, that’s apparently not ever going to happen.

  4. Joey Y says

    Um, Terry, you clearly didn’t pay attention to anything. She made it crystal clear that it’s not even close to being freaked out with the idea of being gay. It’s about her honestly saying she’s not, and for YEARS people basically saying she’s a liar. It’s like some annoying bitch trying to turn you straight and constantly going on about how “you MUST be straight, you’re just saying you’re gay.” I guess some people are never satisfied unless everyone is like them, or even if they aren’t, they have to say they are, eh Terry?

  5. Anthony says

    She didn’t say she was freaked out, quite the opposite. She said, essentially, if I were gay I wouldn’t hide it because I don’t live my life by hiding. Meaning, being gay is not something one should hide, and it’s not something she imagines she would hide if she were. I’m not sure how you got “freaked out” from that. Not everyone is a homophobe.

  6. Terry says

    I’m sorry, my bad, I read this incorrectly. My fault. Sorry. My apologies to everyone here and Ms. Winfrey.

  7. Austin says

    The constant harrassment towards some celebrities who have demonstrated and clearly stated that they are straight is truly juvenile and annoying. Craig, up above, said it best. Gay? Fine. Straight? Fine. What business is it of ours what sexuality they define themselves with? Isn’t the “hands-off” approach what we as the gay community ask for for ourselves???

  8. David says

    It’s way more interesting if Oprah isn’t gay because it’s that whole 19th Century passionate friendship thing that I think is really lovely and frees up lots of (heterosexual) people. A person’s primary relationship can be a same-sex friendship that is non-sexual and it truly doesn’t make them a lesbian. These relationships used to be valued and given a place in the social order, now you’re a liar and a weirdo if you’re best friend is the most important person in your life, no you must conform to our small-minded gay/straight dichotomy.

    How boring.

  9. scar2 says

    I’m very close with my gay best friend & we do take trips together without our boyfriends. I don’t understand why people find it weird that she & Gayle are close & not be lovers. Fact is, Oprah has always been supportive of the gay community. She even disagrees with Obama about gay marriage. Also, people forget she played Ellen’s psychiatrist on that coming-out episode & subsequently got the most hate-mail ever in her career. I’ll miss her show.

  10. jtramon says

    Okay. I’LL be the first to say it.

    I’M Sick of Oprah!

    Oh, that and I hope they give Nate berkus her spot. (drooooool)

  11. Bobo says

    I’m not a big fan of Oprah’s show, nothing against her personally, just don’t think it is that informative or interesting. That aside, I really like Oprah Winfrey! I think she truely is a genuine person…maybe I’m naive? Also, I have a very close relationship with someone who I have known for over twenty years, although she is a woman and I am a man, it is possible to feel that passionat about someone who is not a sexual partner. The woman who I have known, both lesbian, and heterosexual are capable of forming very close bonds with other woman who are not sexual partners, and I think woman tend to be more outwardly affectionate, and nuturing in their friendships with other woman, then men; certainly among the heterosexual men I have known.

  12. johnny says

    Oh, Oprah-girl, we know you aint gay. It’s just fun to hear Kathy Griffin make jokes about it.

    Just sayin’.

  13. NoSleep4Sam says

    I totally agree with David. My best friend is a straight guy and people constantly tell him “oh you must be gay, you just don’t know it.” When he is totally straight. Even my parents realized one day “He really is straight, isn’t he?”

  14. RDUB says

    Cool Oprah, we get it. I’ve been hooking up with my best friend for a couple of years now and he swears up, down, and sideways that he’s not gay. Define yourself however you’d like, it’s your right…I guess. 😉

  15. Noprah says

    If she was a lesbian I don’t honestly believe she would be open about it, and certainly not in the 80’s when she came up. The fact that she has a prop of a BF and obviously a GF of some kind in Gale, makes it real easy for the lesbian rumors to persist. You don’t get to be the richest woman on earth by always telling the truth.

  16. InscrutableTed says

    Why doesn’t she ever talk about Steadman the way she talks about Gayle?

    That’s why people think she’s gay. It’s not the intense relationship with Gayle. It’s the minimal relationship with Steadman.

    But yeah, I can see why she’d value her friendship with Gayle so much. When you have that much money and fame, it must be hard to know who your real friends are, so you value the ones you can trust.

  17. Kyle says

    She’s not the richest woman in the world. Christy Walton is the richest with 22.5 billion. Oprah is relatively poor with only 2.4 billion.

  18. steve says

    I love the way she calls for a tissue – she simply shouts into the darkness “TISSUE PLEASE” as if someone is going to jump and bring her one.


  19. Former Intern/Gopher says

    “Tissues please!!!” That moment tells the whole story. Oprah ain’t a nice lady.

  20. Mike In Philly says

    My negatives comments about Ophra were removed. Why ? Since when does this blog censor their comments? Cowards. You just lost a reader.