1. Brian in Texas says

    He’s cute obviously and he’s out now; but what about the music?…The first single was mediocre at best, not really single material IMO. This song is much better, but not great. Glad to see him out and about though!

  2. michael says

    sigh. pant. ohmigoddess. Ricky, please marry me over all these previous proposals above by guys who don’t love you nearly as much as I do! I love kids, Puerto Rico, old Menudo records and I believe in world peace — that should put me at the top of the list, eh?

  3. topher says

    Amazing actually. Before he was out I didn’t find him appealing at all. Sure he was hot, but so were all the others. But now that he’s out and proud, oh my gosh, that’s THE most appealing thing I could find in a guy, and this STUD with his movements and leg kicks and hips and tight pants and lips… I mean, he’s just too much to handle!

  4. Toto says

    Ugggh This song is hoooooooooorible! My god I only got 1 minute into it before I got that embarrassed awkward feeling like when you accidentally walk in on someone taking a dump!

  5. SKOC211 says

    Like a fine wine he just gets better with age. Damn he’s FINE.

    As for the song: meh. I like Cyndi’s song “Shine” a lot more….

    But still. My God the hotness!!

  6. AJ says

    WOW he has aged like vintage wine. He is amazingly sexy. As far as the music goes, he could sing the phone book and be just as sexy, but I’m shocked that every major talented producer of gay techno wasn’t pounding down his door. Or Lady Gaga. Or someone. And what was with the audience clapping WAY out of tune? LOL

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