1. says

    “the language pack (which currently only offers English-Spanish translation or vice versa)”


    call me when it can do a language most people don’t know

  2. Natira says

    How about translating those pictogram signs? No Smoking is easy, but what about Don’t Tease The Wombat?

  3. topher says

    Interestingly enough, 3 days ago google launched another translating thing which is a-mazing. I spent like 2 hours yesterday translating everything into everything and having perfect english, french, chinese and spanish coming out of it.

  4. stingo says

    Although I believe that iPhones are for dummies (BlackBerry user here), I have to admit that this is a cool app.

    @topher Google Translate was introduced in 2007.

  5. Marc says

    Does it matter that the allegedly Spanish-language signs they were “translating” were not right?

    “LO TRADUCE EL TEXTO” is something that an Anglo learner would say, but no Spanish-speaker would say. Yet the sign would need to read this way in order for the translation program to correctly produce “It translates the text.”

  6. Paul R says

    I’ve had a droid app for about six months that will translate anything I say into my phone (English to six foreign languages and in reverse as well). It both says it and has it appear on the screen. That seems more useful to me.