Anne Hathaway to Play Lesbian Aunt of Kurt Hummel on ‘Glee’

Anne Hathaway is getting her long-hoped-for role on Glee:

Hathaway "We just finalized a deal with Anne tonight to come onto the show," creator Ryan Murphy told PEOPLE on Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards, where Glee was named best comedy or musical for the second straight year. 

"She's already created [her role]," Murphy said. "She wants to play the lesbian aunt of Chris Colfer. Because everyone needs a lesbian aunt." 

Hathaway, 28, isn't the only star to seek a guest spot on the show. Plenty of others pitched Murphy on Sunday. "They always do," he said. "I can't even think of who. But it's so sweet. I think they support the show because it's about the arts." 

If you missed Chris Colfer's Golden Globe acceptance speech in which he speaks out against bullies, check it out here.


  1. SteveC says

    We hear over and over that audiences are too conservative to accept openly gay actors in straight roles. If that is the case then we need to let Hollywood know that it is unacceptable to cast straight actors in gay roles.

    Anne Hathaway is a competent actress. Why does she feel the need to steal work from a lesbian actress (who according to Hollywood will not be accepted if she plays straight.)

    I expect better from Ryan Murphy!

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Stevec – since Anne created the role, I really don’t think she can be blamed for stealing it. She has been a priceless advocate for the LGBT community, and she apparently loves her gay brother very much. It rather makes sense that she would want to create such a role for herself.

    Ryan Murphy was correct about the need for a lesbian aunt. I had one and she made my youth bearable and fun.

  3. Joe says

    Anne is clearly going after (another)emmy, but this time one that gets her on the primetime telecast and wins her new fans.

    Smart move for her (especially after Love & Others drugs went by unseen). Smart move for Glee (who gets to have a major star on their show).

  4. says

    Stevec — it’s absurd to suggestion only gay people should be able to have gay roles, just as it would be absurd to say only straight people should be able to have straight roles. Calm down there on the revolutionary front. The person who brings the most to the role should get the part. I’m confident if that were the case today, we’d have more than enough gay actors portraying characters in movies and on TV.

  5. SteveC says

    “it’s absurd to suggestion only gay people should be able to have gay roles, just as it would be absurd to say only straight people should be able to have straight roles.”

    However we hear over and over and over again (including from members of our own community – Jane Lynch; Richard Chamberlain; Rupert Everett) that audiences will not accept gay actors in straight roles.

    I don’t care if Anne Hathaway is gay-friendly and protective of her brother. If she is working in an institutionally homophobic industry then she should not be contributing to the problem by taking roles from lesbian actors.

    It’s turning into a situation that openly gay actors will not even be considered for gay roles. How is Anne Hathaway helping to address Hollywood’s homophobia by playing gay?

  6. gregv says

    @Steve: Gay actresses play straight all the time. There is no evidence that audiences won’t accept them in their roles, other than a few highly-publicized comments without any solid evidence to support them.
    Look at the seven “best actress” categories at these Golden Globes (for comedy, drama, supporting, etc.).
    Of those seven, less than half (i.e. three at most — and I’m not even sure about the real-life orientation of a couple of them) are straight women playing straight women. One is playing bi, one is playing gay, one is playing asexual, and one is a gay actress playing a straight role.
    Ryan Murphy has had on his GLEE show gay cast members and guest stars playing straight roles (Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Victor Garber) straight playing straight (Matthew Morrison, Lea Michelle, Kristin Chenoweth), gay playing gay (Chris Colfer) straight-playing-gay (Darren Criss) gay playing still-undetermined (Cheyenne Jackson) unknown-to-me playing still-undetermined (Max Adler), unknown-to-me playing bisexual (Heather Morris, Naya Rivera), etc. etc.

    It would be outrageous to me if any casting director ever thought it was his business to even question an actor’s REAL-life orientation. The best actor for the part should get it, period.

    Anne Hathaway will be a wonderful addition to the show.

  7. Tom says

    Anne is an incredible ally for our community. She is young,outgoing, and popular with the generation that is going to be making our laws in a few generations. I think it is a great thing that she wants to play such a role and anyone who takes issue with it needs to look at reality. There are, believe it or not, more straight actors and actresses than gay ones. Therefore there are going to be straight folk playing gay roles. Sexuality is no more a reason for someone to automatically get a role than it is for someone not to get a role.

  8. Anna says

    @stevec That’s ridiculous! Neil Patrick Harris, the guy from white collar and Amber Heard are all gay and are great and accepted in their straight roles. If a few people disagree they’re prejudicial and they’re wrong, just like you are being towards Anne, who’s a great actress and will be awesome on glee!

  9. J says

    I didn’t know Anne hathaway’s brother was gay.

    I’m not happy about her being in Glee anyway.Never been a fan of her.I find her annoying and I’m sick of seeing her everywhere

    It would be nice if the show would feature some unknown actress instead.