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Bartering Hate: Westboro Baptist Church Trades Picket of 9-Year-Old's Funeral for Time on Radio Stations

Westboro Baptist Church won't be picketing the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green — they've bartered their hate for time on two radio stations:

Phelps-roper Shirley Phelps-Roper said radio stations in Phoenix and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, offered to give the Topeka church airtime to discuss its views in exchange for its members not picketing the girl's funeral.

Phelps-Roper said she and three other church members would be in Tucson for  Friday's funeral of U.S. District Judge John M. Roll, who also was slain on  Saturday.

She said the Arizona law, which prohibits protests at or near funeral sites, would be of little consequence to herself or other picketers, who planned to be at least 1,000 feet from the church where Roll's funeral will take place.

Said Phelps-Roper: "Until our testimony is complete...there's not any power -- no law, no human -- in this country that's going to be able to shut us up."


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  1. NO NO NO NO NO!!!



    Sorry for yelling but bartering? Really? How about the press just ignores them for once?

    Posted by: Houndentenor | Jan 12, 2011 1:45:24 PM

  2. I'd rather put up with them on the air and let them be ignored rather then to let them defile a little girls funeral.

    Posted by: Pekemo | Jan 12, 2011 1:51:36 PM

  3. And here I thought WBC and their ilk weren't allowed in, or their speech/ideas allowed in Canada.

    Posted by: cd | Jan 12, 2011 1:53:07 PM

  4. Andy, did you accidentally put a picture of Michelle Bachman with this article?

    Posted by: kansastock | Jan 12, 2011 2:08:16 PM

  5. Hold on for a second boys and girls.
    They may have an agreement with the radio station,but they still have to get into the country.
    And they are banned according to the Gov't.
    Now if they due their retoric remotely by phone and say something that goes against our hate laws.The radio station will either have to edit or be held partially responsable for giving them a forum.

    Posted by: griffin1573 | Jan 12, 2011 2:17:47 PM

  6. As much as I appreciate the fact that these crazies will now be far away from the funeral, it does seem quite wrong to give them air time in exchange. It's like giving a treat to dogs who act up, just to shut them up. It only teaches them that they have to act up more to get what they want. Actually, WBC are just like these dogs.

    Posted by: Austin | Jan 12, 2011 2:26:03 PM

  7. Houndentenor is exactly right, its time for everyone, everywhere to just ignore these monsters. No more articles, reposts, interviews, ever. Enough.

    Posted by: David | Jan 12, 2011 2:26:59 PM

  8. I feel sorry for this woman, she was abused and brainwashed by her father from birth...

    Posted by: Kayla | Jan 12, 2011 2:29:29 PM

  9. Wait!!!! We're being held hostage by the WBC??? Huh???!!!! We're being held hostage by a HATE GROUP! I am outraged that any radio station would give in to their demands.

    Posted by: Dr. Curt | Jan 12, 2011 2:56:36 PM

  10. If not for the hate I bet ole Shirley would be a HOOT!

    I hope more radio stations give her an open mic to speak her mind. The more she, and those like her, speak publicly and freely the better off the gay community will be. Shirley and Fred can accomplish more for gay rights, gay visibility and compassion toward the gay community in one hour than HRC, GetEqual, GLAD and all the gay rights activists in the country can do in one year.


    Posted by: TampaZeke | Jan 12, 2011 3:05:03 PM

  11. I missed something here, wht's in it for WBC to picket the funeral of a 9 year old girl? do they resent her because she listened to a democrat...i'm sorry, i dont get it.

    Posted by: TOM | Jan 12, 2011 3:26:22 PM

  12. Well-intentioned, but a horrible precedent.

    Posted by: BobN | Jan 12, 2011 3:33:34 PM

  13. I don't feel sorry for her for one second. She could have been abused by her father, but she's how old now? At what point does she become culpable for her own actions?

    No. Plenty of people have lived horrible early lives and didn't grow up to be reprehensible hate mongers like this vomitous mass of flesh. She and her father, along with the rest of her teeming brood, deserve every bit of criticism they get.

    And I agree... ignore them.

    Posted by: The Milkman | Jan 12, 2011 4:08:58 PM

  14. You don't cut deals with Terrorist...and these monsters make it really hard to be a gracious person, and not wish that someone gun them down, en mass.

    Posted by: booka | Jan 12, 2011 4:26:14 PM

  15. Shirley, your "testimony" is over, your time used up, your hate show old qnd tired. All you have left are reruns. You're the "Last of the Summer Wine" on the preaching circuit. :|

    Posted by: ophu | Jan 12, 2011 5:26:14 PM

  16. I hope there is a very special place in Hell for these assholes.

    Posted by: jaragon | Jan 12, 2011 5:39:52 PM

  17. The WBC are the lowest of low people. For anyone who wonders how crazy they can get, a couple of years ago Louis Theroux did a documentary on them called "The most hated family in America".

    The whole family is so brainwashed by the Shirley's father they have no morals and believe everyone besides them needs to be punished. Honestly until I saw them I didn't believe such people realy existed in our society.

    Posted by: just Jack | Jan 12, 2011 6:06:55 PM

  18. No one should afford these sub-human trolls a public forum. Let them picket the funerals from two blocks away if they must. The families will be well-protected from their hate.

    The hearts of those radio stations are in the right place even though I don't agree with the idea. I do not agree that society should ever "bargain" with wbc. We should never negotiate with evil.

    Posted by: Tone | Jan 12, 2011 6:12:03 PM

  19. wbc becomes a winner everyone caved into their threats.the new az law would have kept them away but now they time to spew hate over the air waves. if they had protested it would have shown the world for what they are as crazy as the shooter. and shirley gets to look like the witch every day.

    Posted by: walter | Jan 12, 2011 7:39:05 PM

  20. Rather they have to show their ugly hatred in public than have a cozy, shielded public forum to spew their bullshit. I understand these stations who are opening up their mics believe they're protecting the mourners, but that's what the Angel Action counter protest was planning to do. This is a bad precedent to set, indeed.
    Deeply disgusting.

    Posted by: clambot | Jan 12, 2011 9:05:11 PM

  21. Well I don't call them "The Church of Media Whores" for nothing...its all about the attention.

    Posted by: Leesa Nixon | Jan 13, 2011 1:37:03 AM

  22. The trade of protesting for air time is total proof that what the satanists from WBC really want is publicity

    Posted by: Augusto | Jan 13, 2011 1:37:46 AM

  23. Tuesday evening, NBC aired a report about the funerals and it was extremely telling in one BIG way:


    In other words, they gave WBC zero publicity! Thank you NBC for helping to keep these asshats from getting any more mentions on national news. Now if the rest of the media would follow suit...

    Posted by: johnny | Jan 13, 2011 8:54:15 AM

  24. I know just how to get under their skin. They love that they are so hated because they claim that "Jesus said his chosen will be 'hated by all men." But, what if we all didn't hate them? I don't hate them. I find them laughable and stupid, and possibly illiterate with how they are screwing up the Bible. Obviously, if they aren't hated by everyone, then that means that they won't be chosen, in their minds, at least.Their organization is based around fear going to hell, and they believe hatred will prevent that. Show them we care.

    Posted by: carolyn | Apr 10, 2011 7:15:09 PM

  25. 60 years ago these people would have been the Gein family. So let them get on TV if it keeps them from digging up and eating your dearly departed or gutting the local innkeeper. At least you can switch channels.

    Posted by: Lye Tuppadoobie | May 16, 2011 2:05:56 PM

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