1. Beef and Fur says

    It’s great they are reading the Constitution considering that so many of them have never heard of the document before or are even mildy familiar with it’s contents.

  2. brenda says

    They aren’t reading out the original constitution, no.

    The Republicans agreed not to read out the sections that refer to slavery and African-Americans and foundational injustice to racial minorities found in the constitution’s original forms:

    You see: these crazies are “originalists” when it suits them. They SAY they are for the original reading of the constitution. But then they exempt themselves from the passage that they disagree with, that shames them, or that expose the racist history of the USA when American slaves [all of whom were of African descent] were, in the words of the constitution, three-fifths of a person:

    “[The original Article I, Section 2:] Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.”

    The dishonesty and lack of integrity of these Republicans is not surprising.

    I wish all of these bigots would light themselves on fire and hurry up and




  3. justiceontherocks says

    Let’s see, Obama has a Hawaii birth certificate and the state sent a notice of live birth to the Honolulu newspaper. What foresight on the part of all these folks to set this conspiracy in motion 40+ years in advance.

    Why don’t they just say they don’t like having a “ni##er” in the White House?

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    The Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth is not a birth certificate (it’s an affidavit), but the State has recently decided to [someday] release O’s birth certificate and that should settle it. But what’s taking so long? I could stroll down to the courthouse and get mine today if I didn’t already have it.

  5. shannon says

    These are the same people if you said something about their religion they would fall the hell out@! But it is nothing they can do so get used to it!

  6. justiceontherocks says

    The certificate of live birth is prima facie evidence of the facts stated on the certificate. Its existence settles the matter for any sensible person. The Obamas have something better to do than appease people who make ridiculous claims.

  7. CKNJ says

    Birthers and all that support them are, contrary to what they believe, utterly unpatriotic and bigoted pieces of sh*t. We can’t even get on a plane without showing full id’s do any of these freakish morons birthers think the entire US government structure could be fooled into allowing a non-natural born citizen to not be vetted properly???

    Go take your meds, you fools, and then sit down and STFU already, you are using up valuable oxygen that someone worthwhile could be breathing!

  8. CKNJ says

    That last part aimed at the birthers, just in case someone thinks I am telling the good people of Towleroad to do that…

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    A birth certificate must be signed by a doctor or midwife, whereas the Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth can be sworn by a parent or even Aunt Gertrude. The difference is that the medical practitioner has no ulterior motive, but an anchor baby in the family is a valuable thing to have (or conjure-up via affidavit).

    The Constitution is not a menu; you don’t get to pick the parts you like today but maybe not so much tomorrow. Imagine when the Supreme Court rules that DOMA is unCONSTITUTIONal (that word is not just an arbitrary collection of letters, you know). Will you be okay with the IRS and maybe your state’s Attorney General saying “well, we don’t like that part of the Constitution in this matter, so we’re going to ignore it, therefore DOMA is still constitutional to us”? No, you won’t. So if the Constitution says the President has to be a citizen then there should be unassailable proof that s/he is, and the Hawaii Certificate of Live birth just doesn’t meet the requirement. Some people still respect the Constitution even when we don’t like the results — because that knife cuts both ways.

    GW Bush said that the Constitution is “just a God damned piece of paper” and when you regard it that way too then you’re on Bush’s level. Congratulations.

    Do you not recall that McCain’s campaign got a bipartisan bill through congress (unanimously or nearly so, I believe) to affirm that their guy was a citizen and eligible to be president even though it absolutely wasn’t needed (McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone — a US territory at that time — in a US military hospital, and both of his parents were US citizens and furthermore his father was a Navy admiral)? Why were McCain’s people so smart to anticipate an impossibly futile challenge while Obama’s people knew Daddy-O was Kenyan and there were widely-known rumors O wasn’t really of Hawaiian birth? I don’t know, so let’s see the birth certificate and clear it up once and for all. Anyone who wants to see my birth certificate can do so for free and a certified copy costs a couple of bucks, so what’s the deal with Obama’s?

  10. anon says

    I’m sure there would be a serious outrage if they quoted the now defunct portions of the constitution referring to slaves as 3/5ths human. There are endless forums around the country on constitutional issues, just look at C-Span. However, the “hidden” constitution of court precedents makes such issues well outside the expertise of the average citizen, and allows people to grandstand on issues when the actual rulings are much narrower than they otherwise appear. Remember that Lincoln threatened to arrest members of the SC who disagreed with his war policies.

  11. Dave says

    Hey Anastasia…. Barack Obama is The President Of The United States and you are simply an idiot.

  12. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @Dave: I never said Obama wasn’t President, but he may not be a Constitutionally-qualified President. His birth certificate *should* clear that up, though. Ignore the Constitution at your peril; I’d rather see it respected now so it will still be in force when WE need it.

    Notice how I consistently make my point based on reason and without the trite ad hominem name calling? Please try again when you have a point.

  13. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @INDYTOWN: You have nothing to say and so you say nothing, but thanks for playing anyway.