1. Todd says

    Good on him. And, that’s exactly the right message.
    Now, as for the runaways this might encourage.
    Well, that’s to think about some other time.
    But I do love the thought behind his words…and that he did it.

  2. Matt26 says

    First of all it is wonderful there are cities and mayors who welcome LGBT people to be a part of the society.
    BUT I think the ultimate goal is to make the whole world to be a place where LGBT people are accepted the way they are.

  3. ratbastard says

    Coming from a guy who was born in NYC and raised in NY and Boston [Bloomy was born and grew up in Boston and is mayor of NYC] this Bloomberg is a real piece of work.

    And unfortunately gay bashing and other types of violent street crime are a serious issue in NY. If you are financially well off, your family is well off, you have connections, then yeah NYC is The Poo…a great place to live, again, especially if you’re young, pretty, and have the dough. It’s a difficult and expensive place for everyone else. I hope hizzoner is welling to set up safe, clean and well funded facilities for all the homeless gay youth and others he’s encouraging to come to the big city.

  4. Sam says

    Or…you could just move to Boston or DC where you can marry the person you love.

    And likely LA, Chicago and San Fran before New York ever gets it together.

  5. Paul says

    Although I applaud his efforts to promote acceptance I seriously doubt teenagers, unless from extremely well off families, can afford to live in any part of NYC.

  6. Keith says

    I appreciate the sentiment, but according to recent statistics aren’t about 30-40% of all homeless people in NYC LGBT youth, and for whom many are prostituted, hooked on drugs, and otherwise abused? While NYC can certainly be a very accepting place in very specific neighborhoods, you cross the wrong street at the wrong time of day and the story could be very different. Of course, this is true in most large cities, but especially true in NYC.

  7. blah says

    nice and all but he didn’t clear NY streets of snow this past storm so his future political ambitions are toast

  8. ratbastard says

    He squeaked out a 3rd term win and can’t get away with running for a forth. And no mayor of NYC is going to get elected to a national office. He could be appointed to some federal position. I don’t understand why he’d bother; he’s worth 20 billion and spends most his time at his Bermuda estate. He even flies there on weekends in his private jet.

  9. John says

    I don’t understand the hostility against Bloomberg here. The majority of the commenters on this board seem to be bitchy queens that immediately look for the most negative aspect to any story.

    I’ve been a New Yorker for 10 years. Growing up as a gay kid in the bible belt, it was a place I aspired to move. I worked hard, went to grad school and moved to NYC. Its a safe and welcoming city. Is it expensive to live here? Yes. But there are ways to make it more reasonable and nonetheless, its important for gay kids to know that there are safe and accepting cities where they can move.

    For those of you that think the are vast areas of the city that aren’t safe – I would challenge you to visit NYC. Its the safest big city in the US.

  10. Anthony says

    All these posts you people make me SO ANGRY! Can’t anyone just be happy that this man is saying to kids “hey, don’t give up, there are places out there that WANT YOU”. But no, our community has become so bitter, so angry, so ready to nit pick and jump down anyone and everyones throats – even those that are trying to help us – that nobody ever takes the time to sit back and say “huh, cool thats a step in the right direction, that was nice”. No wonder we get nowhere and have no rights because we belittle even those who are TRYING TO HELP US. Sheesh.

  11. blah says

    anthony and john

    his easy lip service bought u both easily

    people are still bitching about his failure to properly and swiftly clean ny streets of snow this past storm so he had to do something easy PR wise

    some pr person probably told him the gays are easy to please and ta da no effort on his part to do anything and your ready to lick his ass

  12. JeffNYC says

    “people are still bitching about his failure to properly and swiftly clean ny streets of snow this past storm so he had to do something easy PR wise”

    Silly Blah–do you really believe this is the case: Working-class NYers are mad at Bloomberg because of slow snow removal…so he makes a video inviting gay youth to come to the city?


    To make angry NY’ers LIKE HIM again?!?


    I don’t that could even make sense to an idiot like YOU.

  13. NotoriousDSG says

    @Anthony and John:

    Talk is CHEAP! If Bloomberg truly cared about the lives of LGBT youth, he would fully fund their meager support system in the city budget!

    Yes, NYC is a great place to live, especially if you have a graduate degree and can afford the rent.

    But until our community sees it as in their own interests to take care of those who are homeless through no fault of their own, then all his nice words in a video are worse than meaningless, they’re INSULTING to every lgbt kid who’s sleeping on the street tonight in NYC!

  14. alexInBoston says

    Yeah welcome them to you city in the dead of winter, after you have cut funding to GLBT Youth Centers, you’ve allowed the state/city to cut or limit or reduce AIDS housing funding etc… Yeah nice welcoming!!!!

  15. ratbastard says

    Oh brother….YES, there are actually whole neighborhoods [which are the size of medium to large cities in and of themselves] that are violent and dangerous to live in for anyone, gay or otherwise. The showcase borough of MANHATTAN is not the same as the Bronx, Queens, parts of Brooklyn [some sections of Brooklyn are ‘Hip’, even comparable to nice Manhattan neighborhoods]. Then of course there’s good, ol’ Staten Island. NYC is HUGE, parts are really, really nice, parts are typical middle class, parts are violent, urban ghettos. You want to live in the nice parts, and/or the hip parts, especially if young, and that costs $. This is of course easier to do if you have a good education, good post grad degree, good job, and/or family wealth and connections. If you are raising a family, NYC is not a desirable place to live unless you have sizable disposable income. Unless you want nasty commutes living in outer Queens or the Bronx.

  16. alexInBoston says

    per and spoken by Carl Siciliano E.D. of the Ali Forney GLBT youth center:
    “Two days after slashing support to homeless youth programs in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has the gall to release a video telling LGBT youth that ‘It Gets Better.’ Mayor Bloomberg, your cruel and reckless cuts to the meager support system for homeless LGBT youth in New York City just made things for them much worse! On January 1st, Bloomberg cut support for outreach to homeless youth in half, cut most drop-in centers for homeless youth by a third, and cut support for the two LGBT homeless youth drop-in programs in half. In New York City there are over 1,000 LGBT youth suffering on the streets every night without access to safe shelter. The drop-in centers and outreach are their only support. Homeless LGBT youth are at incredible risk of suicide with 62% reporting that they have considered or attempted suicide.

    The LGBT community needs to recognize these cuts as an attack against our most vulnerable youth, and against us as a whole. We pay just as much taxes as anyone, and there are far too few City-funded programs that support our most vulnerable youth. If we can be treated like this in a city with as strong an community as NYC, how will our youth ever get their fair share of the resources they need and deserve? I cannot speak strongly enough about what a horror it is to have LGBT youth who have been discarded by homophobic parents flock to us for help, and to have to counsel them to sleep in the subways because there are not nearly enough beds for them.”

  17. Zlick says

    I thought the initial comments were a little bitchy, too – but was willing to give NYC locals the benefit of the doubt that weren’t being sufficiently chill and appreciative.

    But if this is indeed coming a couple of days after such huge cuts to LGBT youth services in NYC, then it seems the big part of the story was to be found “buried” in the comments section. This vital piece of info should have been part of the main story.

    As for the more general picture of gay kids escaping to the big, accepting cities along the coastlines – it’s not like San Francisco or L.A. are cheap places to live either (although I suppose L.A. is warmer than NYC if you have to live on the streets – yikes.)

  18. name: says

    Didn’t they just cut funding in NY for homeless gay teens and aren’t there numerous gay bashings and murders and don’t they keep voting down gay marriage and ……

  19. monkey says

    …yes, NYC is in general more accepting…BUT…. as a good friend of a group of friends who were bashed 1 block from their front doors in Chelsea, NYC is not the Utopia he would like to pretend it is.

  20. says

    I appreciate that Bloomberg is putting the word out for equality and acceptance. However, it is true that there have been a string of homophobic attacks in Manhattan neighborhoods recently. As always, violence is never the answer and shedding light on the issues at hand can only help make things better.