Boston Archdiocese Says Catholic Schools Won’t Turn Away Gay Families

You may recall that last May, St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham, Massachusetts refused admission to an 8-year-old boy whose parents are a lesbian couple. The Archdiocese of Boston said then that it was conducting a review of school policies. It has now released a new set of guidelines, the Boston Globe reports:

Stpaul The Archdiocese of Boston, under fire from all sides after a parochial school withdrew an admissions offer to the child of a lesbian couple, yesterday released a new Catholic schools admissions policy that said parochial schools will not “discriminate against or exclude any categories of students.’’

However, the policy, which was distributed to pastors, parishes, and school administrators by e-mail, said school parents “must accept and understand that the teachings of the Catholic Church are an essential and required part of the curriculum.’’

Said Michael B. Reardon, executive director of The Catholic Schools Foundation: “From the perspective of the foundation, the key part of this is that it does not exclude any group of students, and it promotes what is essential to Catholic education, which is inclusivity."


  1. candideinnc says

    This is all well and good. But the passage that says the Catholic Church has a policiy of “inclusivity” is simply untrue. The Pope specifically banned gay support organizations. Their idea of inclusion is acceptance of what we like, rejection of what we don’t. They are entitled to this, but PLEASE don’t call it inclusion.

  2. Danny says

    In other words, your kids can come to our schools but we reserve the right to continue teaching things that may contribute to a kid’s committing suicide.

  3. justiceontherocks says

    The roman church should not own this school. It should have been confiscated for back taxes or to compensate the thousands of US victims of abuse by priests.

  4. pete N sfo says

    What we need is a talented, gay person to start a kick-ass set of charter schools that make this one look like the blip that it is.

    Lots of parents put their kids in these schools b/c they think they’re better than public. Parents better assume that the kids will go to a Katholic Univ as well b/c this decision clearly shows that having been indoctrinated in discrimination toward gay people will not be a positive on future school applications.

  5. says

    I think this is fair. We all know the Catholic Church’s position on GLBT. If you choose to send your kid there, you are choosing to expose them to teachings that misrepresent GLBT. If you don’t want to do it, send your kids elsewhere.

  6. GregV says

    I know a lot of “Catholics,” teachers in Catholic schools and adults who went to Catholic schools as kids and/or send their kids to Catholic schools now. I can’t think of a single one of these people who actually believes in what could reasonably be considered Catholic doctrine. It’s all an elaborate game they’re all playing along with for reasons like “I want my kid to believe in something, no matter what it is.”
    The teachers pretend, for example telling their pupils the official lines like birth control is evil, and then going home to have sex on birth control, which in reality they consider not evil but essential. With all the pretending and posturing, the kids’ ability to think constructively is stunted.
    They pay no mind to the ugly history of this system and to the decidedly biased and EXCLUSIVE indoctrination they provide.
    I cannot count how many of my friends, regardless of orientation, tell me they were intellectually stunted and psychologically (and sometimes physically) harmed in catholic schools.
    One friend told me he thought he was diseased because he had wet dreams, another tells me he was scared to look down when he was in the shower and an older man says he was abused at Catholic school because he was left-handed. And the history of Catholic schools’ treatment of native peoples and of sexual abuse is appalling (which shouldn’t be surprising in a system that teaches people how NOT to think too much.)
    Why would ANY parent, regardless of orientation, choose to send their kids to be indoctrinated within such a system?

  7. JTlvr says

    As a gay man who went to Catholic schools and was abused, there is absolutely no way any of my money is going to support that organization. It’s nothing more to me than an international pedo and money laundering crime ring.

  8. lis says

    This is completely reasonable. If you want to send your children to a Catholic school, it is assumed you have at least the very basic understanding of what the Catholic church believes.

    I, personally, would have no problem if they made the rule that only members of their church could attend the school. Either be of the church, or don’t.

  9. X says

    The parents really ought not be sending their children to a place that teaches them corrupt values re: gays. If they teach that gays and gay relationships/families are evil/bad, what else are they teaching?

    And actually these questions are rhetorical since I know what they’re teaching. If the families want to raise their children with morals, I’m sure they can find other institutions besides the Catholic Church or schools to help them. Let’s hope Catholicism catches up with the good truth about gays faster than it took them to catch up with Galileo and Copernicus.

  10. Wren says

    With all due respect to this website, stop posting these non-stories about Christian schools discriminating already. If the KKK wants to spew hate and discriminate against African Americans, or the Nazi party against Jews, or the Catholics who pray to their imaginary friend Jesus against gays, then so be it. If you don’t like the tenets of their wacked out club, then don’t join it. Really, can we read about something else please?

  11. BobN says

    I think this is great. On the street, as they say, most Catholics are fine with gay people, gay couples, gay couples having kids, etc. It’s only the hierarchy and the Vatican that objects so vociferously.

    This policy will put the children on same-sex parents in roughly the same position as the children of divorced parents. Sure, they may hear a few lessons we wish they wouldn’t hear, but I would assume that the same-sex parents at home would more than balance that out.

    As for the other kids, especially the closeted gay ones, it’s far, far better to see classmates with same-sex parents than to see them excluded from even attending school.

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