1. Dave says

    This is what a Republican used to sound like in the prior to 1980. He left the GOP in 07’to become an Independent and in doing so has maintained his integrity as a public servant. Thank you Mr. Governor!

  2. says

    The other action he referred to is: “Tomorrow I will rescind the so-called E-verify Executive Order. However well intentioned it may have been, it has caused needless anxiety within our Latino community without demonstrating any progress on illegal immigration….an issue I strongly believe must be solved at the Federal level.”

    E-verify relates to the order by the previous governor, Don Carcieri, which required the state and businesses to check the immigration backgrounds of workers using the electronic program E-Verify.

  3. Greg says

    Also, Linc was the SINGLE Republican to vote against the Iraq war–even Hillary voted for it. He was also one of two Republican senators to vote against the ban on flag burning.

    Linc is a good guy.

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